Chapter 1190: Taurus' Death

Blood splattered everywhere from the sky, causing the Ziling Sect members to panic. They realized that Di Batian would not stop until he succeeded.

"This fellow is very scary. Toad, you'll be the vanguard," said the turtle.

"You're slightly stronger than me. You should be the vanguard and showcase your strength instead," said the toad.

"I'll kill him!" said the taurus. He was much more courageous than the two. With a roar, he transformed into his true form and charged Di Batian.

His two horns, which were akin to the sharpest of blades, pierced through the air and shot toward Di Batian. After becoming a Demon Saint, the taurus' confidence had grown greatly. He believed himself capable of facing all opponents.

He might be able to showcase his might when facing an opponent at the same cultivation level, and he might even be able to put up a fight against a second-stage Saint. But Di Batian was a sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. The taurus was too weak against such an opponent.

Di Batian glanced at the taurus with scorn and said, "A tiny taurus dares to stand against me? You overestimate yourself."

He reached out with his palm, instantly sealing the taurus where he stood. The taurus struggled to no avail. Di Batian was too terrifying.

"Activate the formations," shouted someone from the sect.

The formations activated, and strands of energy erupted to protect the sect's important places. As for the turtle and the toad, they also charged out. The turtle punched, and the toad used his devouring ability, the pair unleashing two entirely different and shockingly powerful attacks at Di Batian.

They were holding nothing back in their attempt to save the taurus. With the two working together, they could threaten even a fourth-stage Saint. The beautiful woman by Di Batian's side wanted to make a move, but she wasn't confident she could stop the two incoming attacks. She wore a solemn expression, and just as she was about to grit her teeth and take them on, Di Batian launched another palm attack.

With his overwhelming might, Di Batian instantly erased the two attacks. The sky above the sect cracked from the impact, and chaotic energy currents spread everywhere.

"Trying to save this taurus? You can't," said Di Batian with thick killing intent. He pulled his other palm back before unleashing more power at the taurus, trying to squeeze the taurus to death.

Squeezed by space itself, the taurus' body started deforming. He wailed in pain and struggled with all his strength. Alas, he still couldn't budge. In the blink of an eye, Di Batian crushed his massive body. Just like that, a brand new Demon Saint was killed. His blood dyed the sky red, filling the Ziling Sect people with fear. How were they supposed to contend against such strength?

"Where is the young sect master? Why is he still nowhere to be seen? Di Batian must be stopped, or the sect will be destroyed."

"M-maybe we should surrender. We really might die if we try to fight."

"You useless coward. The young sect master has been good to us. How can we surrender? Even if we have to fight to the death, we can't surrender!"

"The young sect master will definitely show himself. And there will definitely be other Saints showing up to stop this tragedy."

"We have survived even the Dragon Society's invasion. Di Batian will naturally leave with his tail between his legs as well."


Meanwhile, the turtle swallowed and said, "Shit. This fellow is too scary. Not even the two of us are his match."

"What should we do now? Do we fight, or do we run? You decide," said the toad.

Before the turtle could say anything, Di Batian's gaze focused on them. "Yield, and you'll be spared. Otherwise, die."

"You really think we're afraid of you? With this saint here, there is no place for you to act all cocky," said the turtle unyieldingly.

He then transformed back to his true form, revealing to everyone a gold-scaled dragon turtle. A boundless aura roiled out in all directions, making him look incredibly powerful.

In this form, the turtle could contend against even fourth-stage Saints. The flux goldthorn energy he emanated was not to be underestimated. The toad also stopped holding back. He transformed back into his goldmark toad form, and numerous golden runes protruded from his back and made him look incredibly valiant.

The turtle swung his paw and unleashed a punch powered by flux goldthorn energy toward Di Batian. In the wake of his punch, space cracked, and a blinding golden radiance flooded the sky, making it hard for anyone else to witness the battle clearly.

The toad also made his move. The golden runes on his back hovered into the air and bombarded Di Batian with golden chains. The two attacks were so powerful the sky itself seemed to overturn. The scene of the battle was akin to the wreckages of a natural disaster, a place that could strike fear in the heart of all the onlookers.

When the two Demon Saints worked together in such a manner, even a fifth-stage Saint would have to move out of their way. However, Di Batian was a sixth-stage Saint. He was far stronger than the two Demon Saints.

With a sneer, Di Batian pushed his palm forward several times, shattering the two incoming attacks before sending the turtle and the toad flying. He didn't want to waste more time, so he manifested two energy claws and grabbed both the turtle and the toad, dragging them toward him.

The two were far stronger than the taurus. After some struggle, they were able to barely escape Di Batian's clutches. However, Di Batian's strength was far beyond their expectations. He transformed into two and simultaneously attacked both the turtle and the toad.

His attack was straightforward and overbearing, instantly striking the two. They couldn't even do anything before they were sent flying. Blood flowed from all over their bodies, and they felt like their bodies were going to burst open from the strikes' impact.

Fortunately, their bodies had been strengthened by flux goldthorn energy. Unlike the taurus, they weren't killed instantly. Even so, they didn't have a good time. They slammed into the nearby mountain, causing the mountain to collapse. Even if they survived, they were probably now badly injured. 

Di Batian did not intend to give them any chances. He once again reached out to grab them.

"Little bastard Xiang Shaoyun, what are you waiting for? Show yourself, or I'll kill them," shouted Di Batian as he overlooked the Ziling Sect from the sky.

The people from the sect didn't dare to breathe too deeply. Everyone was afraid to catch Di Batian's attention. They were all waiting for Xiang Shaoyun to appear and turn the fight around. Alas, Xiang Shaoyun was still nowhere to be seen, and despair started sinking in.

"Who do you think you are? Our young sect master is not a person someone like you can call out as you wish," an overbearing voice suddenly sounded from the horizon.

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