Chapter 1189: Di Batian Reappears

Xiang Shaoyun took the materials Xiang Youjing gave him and, satisfied, left with the new Saint bodyguard assigned to him. When he was leaving, the people from the clan urged him repeatedly to protect himself well and grow strong as quickly as possible so that he could help the clan leave seclusion.

Although the clan already had some people moving around in the outside world, they still didn't dare to fully reappear as a clan. They were afraid that the many powerful organizations of the world would go after them if they did.

They needed the backing of more powerful experts capable of protecting them from any invasion before they would dare to end their seclusion. Xiang Shaoyun understood what they were thinking. 

Before leaving with his assigned guardian, Xiang Chenge, Xiang Shaoyun had replied firmly to Xiang Youjing that he would definitely grow stronger and would return frequently.

Xiang Chenge was the one who had brought Xiang Shaoyun back to the clan. And now, he was leaving as Xiang Shaoyun's guardian. One ought to admit that the world worked in mysterious ways.

Xiang Chenge was a seventh-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. Someone with his strength would probably be enough to keep Xiang Shaoyun safe. Xiang Youjing had also given Xiang Shaoyun a jade slip as insurance.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't wait to return to the sect. Initially, he had wanted to first visit his newborn child at Holy Hall, but he was also afraid that the sect would be too worried about him. Thus, he decided to return to the sect before visiting the Holy Hall.

During the journey, he asked Xiang Chenge, "Do you feel mistreated being sent out with me?"

"You must be kidding, Overlord. I'm honored to be able to follow you and see the outside world," said Xiang Chenge earnestly.

The Xiang Clan had been in seclusion for a very long time. Thus, Xiang Chenge didn't have many chances to travel. Therefore, he was more than happy to come out with Xiang Shaoyun.

"So the clan really wants to end the seclusion badly?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"Who would want to hide in a shell forever?" said Xiang Chenge with a sigh.

"In that case, I will help the clan end their seclusion sooner. The world shall witness the might of our Xiang Clan," declared Xiang Shaoyun confidently.

"With the strongest physique of the clan, you will be able to do it, Overlord," said Xiang Chenge.

They traveled while chatting. It wouldn't take them too long to reach the sect. A year ago, the Xiang Clan had kidnapped Xiang Shaoyun. After the incident, Duo Ji had left for the Wumo Pass while the turtle, toad, and taurus had remained to take care of the sect.

The three Demon Saints were only in charge of the sect's safety, while Pang Tongyuan was in charge of all the other strategic decisions. Fortunately, the sect had been running smoothly prior to Xiang Shaoyun's disappearance. Otherwise, Pang Tongyuan would have had a hard time running the sect with his frail body.

As the sect grew, more and more people joined them. They now looked more like a tier-7 organization. Everyone in the sect thought they would continue growing smoothly and steadily.

Unfortunately, a crisis arrived. Di Batian had returned to the sect. He brought five people with him. Among the five, two were familiar faces, Di De and the beautiful woman. The other three were new faces.

Each of the three exuded an extraordinary aura, looking like someone who had transcended the mundane world. A bright saintly radiance covered their bodies and made it hard for one to look straight at them.

None of the three was weaker than Di Batian. In fact, one of them was emanating the aura of a Great Saint. Just by being there, his presence overshadowed everyone else. The three were none other than the experts Di Batian had invited from the Di Clan. They were naturally here to deal with the silver-winged owl and Xiang Shaoyun. They did not attack immediately but hid in the void and spread their senses throughout the sect. 

"I thought you said there was a Great Saint silver-winged owl in the Ziling Sect? Why can't I sense the owl?" questioned the Great Saint from the Di Clan.

Di Batian frowned and said, "I'm not sure. Perhaps it hid or just happened to be away."

"I can only sense three tiny Demon Saints. Just one of us is enough to flatten the entire sect if this is all they have. I really don't understand how they chased you out. This is an embarrassment," said a Di Clan Saint.

Di Batian replied, "If this is all they have, do you really think they could have driven me away? Those three Demon Saints are all new. The other experts have probably left. That little bastard had probably borrowed those helpers using his father's influence."

"If that is the case, you should have returned earlier to retake the sect. Everything will be fine after you connect the clan with the sect through teleportation formations. There is no need to make us come here. What a waste of time," said the Saint unhappily. It was obvious that Di Batian didn't have the full support of the helpers he had brought.

Di De couldn't watch on anymore and spoke up on behalf of Di Batian, "Elder Xun, do you really think that Batian is that useless? And do you really think he would give up on an organization he had spent 10 years developing if it wasn't for the appearance of opponents stronger than him?"

"Whatever you say, a loser is a loser. With us here, let's get everything done. Come on, time to start," said Elder Xun.

"Ok. I will personally retake this place. If any other experts appear, please assist me, lords," said Di Batian. He then charged toward the sect with the beautiful woman.

He unleashed his aura as a sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator, engulfing the entire Ziling Sect in a massive storm. He then thrust a palm attack toward the grand hall. Instantly, the attack struck, creating a massive explosion.

About half the main peak collapsed. Even this was the result of Di Batian holding back. If he was attacking with all his strength, he could flatten the entire peak. 

The people from the Ziling Sect were all alarmed.

"Who is it! You dare attack our Ziling Sect? Audacious!" the turtle, toad, and taurus appeared.

"This sect master has returned. People of the Di Sect, what are you waiting for? Come and welcome your sect master's return," demanded Di Batian from high above the sky.

He was filled with confidence and was no longer afraid of the silver-winged owl. An uproar erupted in the sect. The older members recognized the newcomer. He was none other than Di Batian, the previous sect master. Their expressions turned complicated.

"I-it's the previous sect master! H-he's back!" someone cried out.

"What previous sect master? He is nothing but a traitor. Since he dares to come back, he can forget about leaving with his life," said someone else.

Soon after, Di Batian shot him a glance. Some sort of force closed in on him and lifted him into the sky. Glaring at him, Di Batian roared, "Die!"

He was completely helpless against Di Batian. He was crushed into mincemeat.

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