Chapter 1186: Widow Issues

Ji Honglei was a famous widow in the clan. Not only was she beautiful, but she also had a decent background. In the past, she was married to an important descendant from the Xiang Clan's main branch. That descendant also had an astonishing talent in cultivation. Alas, he had died early.

There was a saying that a widow living alone could easily give rise to many issues. Thus, Ji Honglei had requested to avoid all affairs involving the clan and be relocated to the clan's fringe. However, things had a way to turn out contrary to what one wished in life. It wasn't easy for her to just live a calm life.

There would always be some arrogant Xiang Clan members coming to harass her, trying to make her theirs. After all, the clan had been in seclusion for many years. Although they had slowly started going to the outside world in recent years, they had failed to bring an outside woman back to the clan.

Thus, a beautiful young woman like Ji Honglei was very rare in the clan. When she became a widow, some of the restless men in the clan could no longer hold themselves back. Of them, someone named Xiang Libie harassed her the most. He was basically a lunatic that wouldn't give up as long as he didn't achieve his goal.

He had a decent talent in cultivation. Unfortunately, he had a bad character and was not well-liked in the clan. Otherwise, he would have become an important individual in the clan. He was a ninth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator as someone not even 200 years old. He had very high hopes of reaching the Heaven Battling Realm before becoming 500 years old.

In the past, Ji Honglei was a peak Sovereign surpassing him in strength. Thus, he had never dared to cross the line too much with her. But when he became a ninth-stage Soul Foundation Realm expert, he gained the ability to defeat Ji Honglei using his lightning power.

With newfound confidence, he visited Ji Honglei's residence again. This time, he didn't even bother complying with the most basic of etiquettes and charged into the residence uninvited.

"Honglei, where are you? I'm thinking about you," said Xiang Libie. From how he was shouting in complete disregard of anyone's feelings, it was clear how boorish he was.

Ji Honglei, wearing a crimson outfit, revealed herself. She held a red sword in her hand as she glared at him and asked, "What are you doing here? Are you looking for more beatings?"

"I will not give up before conquering you beneath my crotch!" said Xiang Libie as he licked his lips.

"So it turns out your strength has grown. No wonder you dare to come again. But if you really dare to cross the line with me, the sacred elders won't spare you," said Ji Honglei, becoming visibly worried.

Even when Xiang Libie was only an eighth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator, she could only barely suppress him. Now that he had reached the ninth stage, she no longer had the confidence to prevail over him.

"The sacred elders will not be bothered about the affair between us. Just be obedient and become my woman. I can end your lonely nights," said Xiang Libie bluntly.

"Bring it on. I will not hold back today. Let's create a big mess and see if the sacred elders will ignore you," said Ji Honglei, who decided to throw caution to the wind.

"What's the point of acting like this? I, Xiang Libie, am completely worthy of you," said Xiang Libie.

"I am a widow. I have my own bottom line to protect," said Ji Honglei.

"Bottom line? Screw the bottom line. Let me tear your bottom line apart," said Xiang Libie as his eyes turned red.

Just as he was about to make a move, an overseer arrived in a rush, forcing him to stop his action.

"Ji Honglei, come out. I have something I need to tell you," said the overseer.

Ji Honglei felt relieved. She hurriedly rushed outside the residence and asked, "What is it for you to come here personally?"

The overseer replied, "Something good. Come with me. The little ancestor is appointing you as his butler. You will be in charge of managing his household."

"Which little ancestor?" Ji Honglei was confused.

Xiang Libie was also growing curious.

"Xiang Shaoyun is the little ancestor, the one who had recently returned to the clan. Not everyone in the clan is aware of this yet, but all the sacred elders have approved of this. It is truly enviable that you have earned his favor," said the overseer with a look of envy.

Xiang Shaoyun was someone who had survived the ancestral pond's baptism. He had the strongest Lightning Bone Physique, and it was only a matter of time before he grew into one of the strongest in the clan. Serving under him, Ji Honglei would receive his protection and some other benefits. Her status in the clan would change entirely.

"Him? Sure. I'll go with you," said Ji Honglei, overjoyed.

She had long known about Xiang Shaoyun and knew he had entered the ancestral pond. A year had passed without updates, and she had thought he had gotten himself killed.

To her surprise, he was still alive and had become the clan's little ancestor, which she hadn't seen coming. But when she recalled how he was Xiang Dingtian's reincarnation, everything no longer seemed so surprising.

When Xiang Libie saw that Ji Honglei was about to be brought away, he shouted, "Overseer Xi, who is that little ancestor? How can he make Honglei his butler?"

"Hehe, just go back and ask around. You'll know. He is the rarest talent to have appeared in our clan in 10,000 years," said the overseer with a smile. He then moved away with Ji Honglei.

"Wait a minute. I'll go with you and see for myself just who this little ancestor is," said Xiang Libie.

"My affair has nothing to do with you. Please leave," said Ji Honglei firmly.

"That's not true at all. I'm your man," said Xiang Libie with a cold smirk. His words alarmed the overseer.

Ji Honglei snapped, "How shameless are you? How can you say something like that?"

"Hehe, I was merely telling the truth," said Xiang Libie, who doubled down on his shamelessness.

"Screw this!" Ji Honglei could no longer control herself and was about to attack.

The overseer hurriedly said, "Just come together. Let the little ancestor make his choice."

The overseer was smart enough to tell who was the liar. But since he didn't want to keep Xiang Shaoyun waiting, he decided to have Xiang Libie tag along. In any case, Xiang Libie probably wouldn't dare to be so impudent in Xiang Shaoyun's presence. After all, Xiang Shaoyun was residing in the district only sacred elders could live.

Soon, they arrived at Xiang Shaoyun's residence. Sure enough, both Ji Honglei and Xiang Libie were stunned when they arrived. They both knew very well the kind of status an individual residing here would have.

After bringing the two into the grand hall, the overseer said respectfully to Xiang Shaoyun, who had his eyes shut in rest, "Little ancestor, Ji Honglei is here."

Ji Honglei saluted Xiang Shaoyun and said gently, "Honglei greets the little ancestor. Honglei hereby pledges her undying loyalty to the little ancestor."

Before Xiang Shaoyun could say anything, Xiang Libie shouted, "This won't do. You're my woman. How can you serve him?"

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