Chapter 1185: Official

Xiang Yangxuan did not have a good opinion of Xiang Shaoyun. In fact, Xiang Shaoyun could feel a deep sense of hostility from him. Thus, it was time to settle the bill. 

An expression as ugly as the expression of someone who had just swallowed a fly appeared on Xiang Yangxuan's face. Xiang Yangxuan couldn't think of anything to say.

At this point, even if he could prove that Xiang Shaoyun wasn't Xiang Dingtian, he still wouldn't be able to change Xiang Shaoyun's status. After all, he was the first person to have survived in the ancestral pond in over 10,000 years. This fact alone made him valuable to the clan. Thus, he didn't even know what he could say. 

Ultimately, Xiang Yangxuan could only bow silently. He said, "Greetings, little ancestor. I did not mean to be prejudiced against you. I was merely thinking of the clan."

From this, one could see that Xiang Yangxuan was someone who would be willing to change when required.

One of the older elders from Xiang Yangxuan's branch said, "Overlord, spare him this once. He was merely thinking for the entire clan and didn't mean to offend you."

A few more people also spoke out for Xiang Yangxuan. After all, Xiang Yangxuan was one of the most remarkable ones of his generation and had a chance of being the next patriarch. Therefore, he was not someone without status in the clan. They couldn't allow him to be brought down because of one mistake.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said in a carefree manner, "I only feel that he doesn't believe in me. Regardless, I am but a tiny junior in the clan. Who am I to question anyone here?" 

In some way, Xiang Shaoyun's words were his way of venting some of his anger. He wanted to see just how the clan would deal with Xiang Yangxuan.

"It's not that serious, Overlord," said one of the older ones.

Losing Xiang Shaoyun's loyalty would be a great loss to the clan. Thus, they had to choose between Xiang Yangxuan and Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Youjing said, "Yangxuan showed disrespect toward the Overlord. Based on our rules, he committed the crime of disrespecting one's elders. Depending on the severity, punishment varies from being expelled from the clan to staring at the wall in contemplation for five years. In consideration that Yangxuan was acting in the clan's best interests, he will be punished to stare at the wall in contemplation for 10 years."

For a Saint, 10 years would be over in the blink of an eye, so staring at the wall was an extremely light punishment. However, it was more than enough for Xiang Shaoyun. Within 10 years, Xiang Shaoyun would be able to grow fully and take the time to establish a firm footing in the clan. Afterward, nobody would dare to disrespect him.

"Yes, first elder," said Xiang Yangxuan, not daring to disobey. The punishment seemed light, but it was greatly unfavorable for him in terms of competing to be the next patriarch. Thus, his hatred for Xiang Shaoyun deepened. 

Then, Xiang Shaoyun followed the group back to the grand hall.

Only after asking about the current patriarch did Xiang Shaoyun find out that a Xiang Clan Rebirth Realm expert had brought the patriarch away from the clan. The two had gone to search for an opportunity for the patriarch to reach the Rebirth Realm. It had been a few years since they had left. As of now, there were still no updates. But since their soul slips hadn't dimmed, it was clear that the two were still alive.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and stopped asking questions. He approved of the foundations the clan had retained after their fall. However, they were still somewhat lacking compared to those actual super organizations.

Xiang Youjing summoned all the clan's important individuals and allowed them to learn of Xiang Shaoyun, which was his way of legitimizing Xiang Shaoyun's status in the clan. With the patriarch missing, it would be unwise to let everyone in the clan know about him. Thus, only the important individuals were made aware.

Every single one of these important individuals was stunned when they saw Xiang Shaoyun. A young lad like him had suddenly turned into their little ancestor, which could only mean that there was something special about his identity. They found it hard to accept him, but their expressions changed after they heard from Xiang Youjing that Xiang Shaoyun had survived the ancestral pond's baptism.

"No way. Did he really survive the ancestral pond's baptism? That would be amazing if right!"

"After so many years, is our clan finally welcoming another strongest Lightning Bone Physique? No wonder all the sacred elders were gathered together. This little ancestor is going to overturn the heavens."

"So which branch is he from? He is so young. He probably has the best talent in our clan in over 10,000 years."

"Xiang Shaoyun? I don't recall hearing about him at all. Is he someone the clan had hidden away until today?"


They started cheering. Learning of his survival had allowed them to look at Xiang Shaoyun in a completely new light. Many of the top talents present were envious of this heaven-defying talent.

"Due to the little ancestor's unique identity and the absence of the patriarch and the guardian, he will be excluded from any management roles in the clan. However, you still need to accord him the etiquette of a senior when you see him in the clan. Show him no disrespect, or you will be dealt with in accordance with the clan rules," warned Xiang Youjing solemnly.

Nobody dared to disobey him, and they answered, "Yes."

Xiang Shaoyun was given an independent residence similar in rank to the residences of the sacred elders. It was located deep in the clan, a place a regular person wouldn't be able to reach.

With that, Xiang Shaoyun obtained the authority to leave and enter the clan as he wished, becoming one of the clan's most important individuals. He felt somewhat melancholic when he realized how fast everything had changed.

"Little ancestor, we have carefully picked some servants to help take care of your residence. Please take a look at them," said an overseer respectfully.

Behind them were dozens of people, the majority being women. They all looked at Xiang Shaoyun with yearning, hoping that they would be selected. Xiang Shaoyun scanned the crowd and found that most of them were King Realm cultivators, and there were a few Emperors mixed in. Inwardly, he thought, A day will come when the Ziling Sect becomes this powerful. If I can make that happen, Father will be pleased.

He said to the overseer, "Get Ji Honglei over here and have her be my butler. She will handle the servant selection."

He then entered the residence's lounge. He did not know why he selected Ji Honglei to be his butler. Perhaps it was because she was the only one he knew in the clan, or perhaps he had developed some sympathy for her.

In short, he simply believed that she would be a good choice. As for whether some bad rumors would arise from it, he did not care. After all, he wouldn't stay here for long. He still needed to take care of his sect. Also, his child was probably already born. Little did he know that picking Ji Honglei as his butler had indeed created a tiny storm in the clan.

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