Chapter 1184: Return

One year. One full year had passed, and Xiang Shaoyun had yet to leave the ancestral pond. The Xiang Clan's higher-ups all believed that there was no hope that he could still return. That day, Xiang Youjing and about 10 other people came to the ancestral pond. Among the group were several of the oldest ones in the clan and Xiang Yangxuan, who was firmly against Xiang Shaoyun. Each of them came with a different emotion.

"It has been an entire year, yet he still hasn't left. Looks like Yangxuan was right. He is probably someone who had obtained the ancestor's inheritance," said one of the old men with a sigh.

"Like I said, he had merely obtained some inheritance by luck. That was how he knew the ancestor's secrets. How can he be the ancestor's reincarnation?" said Xiang Yangxuan smugly.

Initially, he also wondered if Xiang Shaoyun could really be the ancestor's reincarnation. But regardless of whether it was true, he still couldn't let this young man continue growing. He felt too threatened by him. With Xiang Shaoyun failing to leave the ancestral pond, he felt relieved. So long as Xiang Shaoyun died there, the grudge between the two of them would end.

"Why don't we open the seal and check? He might still be alive," said a different old man who was unwilling to accept that Xiang Shaoyun was dead.

Even if Xiang Shaoyun wasn't the ancestor's reincarnation, he was still someone who had obtained the ancestor's inheritance. Letting him grow would only benefit the clan. Also, if he was really dead, wouldn't it mean that Xiang Dingtian's inheritance was lost forever?

"It doesn't matter if we open the seal. We won't be able to go far unless we use some god-grade equipment. But that's not worth it. We might even cause the ancestral pond to lose its power," said someone else.

A few more people also expressed that they did not wish to unseal the pond. Xiang Shaoyun should only rely on himself.

After thinking in silence for a bit, Xiang Youjing said, "Let's leave."

Of all the people present, his feelings were the most complicated. On the one hand, he had hoped that Xiang Shaoyun was the ancestor's reincarnation. In that case, he would be able to hear more about his father from Xiang Shaoyun. On the other hand, he did not really want Xiang Shaoyun to be the ancestor's reincarnation. Who would enjoy seeing some young descendant of a branch family climbing above them?

But when Xiang Shaoyun really did fail to come up from the ancestral pond, he felt somewhat regretful. 

The group left while shaking their heads, sure that Xiang Shaoyun had failed. They had barely taken a few steps when thunder rumbled loudly around them. 

Space cracked, and lightning energy started wreaking havoc around them. The area was flooded with abundant lightning energy, as though a lightning calamity was about to descend. Then, an opening appeared in the air, and more thunder rumbled around them, as if the child of lightning was arriving. 

The Xiang Clan elders turned around, and their eyes flickered with astonishment at what they saw.

One of the older elders trembled and cried out, "Ancestor Xiang Dingtian has returned!"

He dropped onto his knees and prostrated himself, showing a full display of sincerity. Although the others hadn't lost themselves like them, they all still bowed deferentially.

As for Xiang Yangxuan, he turned pale with fright and exclaimed, "Impossible! How can you survive the ancestral pond?" This was too much for Xiang Yangxuan to accept. The person who had appeared from the ancestral pond was none other than Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun had only finished tempering all his bones after spending an entire year improving them. Each of his bones was now comparable to a saint weapon in toughnessand he had reached a certain peak in how far he could push his bones.

One could say that he now had an entire frame of saint bones. Even his flesh and organs had gone through some sort of baptism. One could say that he had forged a saint body in advance. Regular Sovereigns would no longer be able to harm him easily with their attacks.

One could say that Xiang Shaoyun had experienced an unimaginably difficult tempering during the year he was in the ancestral pond. The torture he had gone through wasn't something anyone could endure. 

After withstanding the tempering, Xiang Shaoyun's entire body had become filled with lightning energy. His hair had also turned purple. Of the nine powers he cultivated, the lightning power took the obvious leading role.

One could say that Xiang Shaoyun could now erupt with a combat strength much higher than before by relying on a single lightning star and his lightning bone. In fact, from now on, he could display so much strength with lightning that people would believe it even if he claimed that he was a pure lightning cultivator.

Xiang Shaoyun's appearance had further improved from the tempering. Any woman would be attracted by his wild and unrestrained bearing. The boundless and overbearing lightning energy made him look incredibly valiant, as though he was a magnificent child of lightning.

"You may all rise," said Xiang Shaoyun with a confident smile.

"The heavens are blessing us! Our Xiang Clan has finally received another chance to rise to the peak!" said the old man who had knelt down earlier in excitement.

But the moment he made his exclamation, the other elders donned odd expressions on their faces. Everyone knew that Xiang Dingtian was known for being extremely warlike. If the clan was to rely on him to rise again, would the tragedy from 10,000 years ago also repeat?

From their expressions, Xiang Shaoyun could see what they were thinking. He smiled and said, "I alone will not be enough to help the clan rise again. Everyone needs to put in the work. Also, I might remember my memories from my previous life, but I am now Xiang Shaoyun. I will only be Xiang Shaoyun."

He was speaking the truth. Not only did he remember his previous life, but he also remembered the life before it. He felt that there must be a reason for him to exist in this life. Perhaps there were much more important tasks waiting for him to complete.

Thus, he wasn't too interested in completing Xiang Dingtian's ambitions. At the very most, he would take his revenge against his enemies from his previous life to blow off some steam. 

When the elders heard what he said, their expressions relaxed.

"After passing the trial, I believe that Xiang Shaoyun is the reincarnation of the ancestor," said Xiang Youjing after some hesitation. He then looked at Xiang Shaoyun and called out respectfully, "Uncle!"

He had essentially acknowledged Xiang Shaoyun's identity.

"You don't have to be too courteous. Just call me Shaoyun or Overlord," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"That's right. Youjing, we should just call him Overlord. As for seniority, it's enough for us to keep it in our hearts," said an old man.

The others quickly voiced their agreement. It was really a tad bit too hard for them to actually address Xiang Shaoyun as their ancestor.

Xiang Shaoyun's gaze landed on Xiang Yangxuan, who was hiding behind everyone else. "So, do you have any other tests?"

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