Chapter 1176: Equipping the Blood-Soaked Robe, the Overlord's Recovery

Within the Xiang Clan were eight worshipped statues. Each statue represented a valiant hero who had once appeared in the clan, a person capable of looking over the entire world with disdain.

The first statue was the first patriarch of the clan. With an astonishing talent in cultivation, he had tempered his bones into the lightning bone through perseverance alone, forging the bloodline unique to the Xiang Clan. As a Rebirth Realm God, he was someone who had turned the Xiang Clan into a super organization.

The second statue was the third patriarch. This was someone who had made his name during his youth. His tyrannical might had spread in all directions as he had singlehandedly expanded the clan's territory by several times, even having an entire province named Xiang Province after the clan. Stories of his exploits were something the Xiang Clan descendants talked about to this day.

The third statue was the eighth patriarch. At the time, the clan was declining. This patriarch had led the clan to a new height, bringing the clan back to the right path and eliminating many of the clan's enemies.

As for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh statues, they also represented the different outstanding ancestors who had contributed greatly to the clan. As for the eighth statue, it represented Xiang Dingtian, a person shrouded in controversy.

He was exceptionally talented in cultivation and was the strongest in the clan during his generation. He also had the intelligence and wisdom of his ancestors, which allowed him to recruit capable individuals from all over the world. He was the one who had once again brought the clan to the very peak of the world.

However, Xiang Dingtian was too ambitious. Not satisfied with dominating the Western Desert, he had wanted to dominate the entire dominion. He had thus led the powerful Xiang Army into numerous wars. Ultimately, he had provoked too many powerful enemies, resulting in the clan's near destruction.

He had thus become someone who the future descendants of the clan would constantly argue about. In fact, when this statue was erected, many people in the clan had objected. Ultimately, someone had suppressed all voices and had the statue erected.

Within each statue, there would be some belongings or even the blood essence of the person the statue represented. Within Xiang Dingtian's statue was a certain item of his that had soaked in his blood essence.

When Xiang Shaoyun stirred his bloodline and activated his lightning bone, the item in the statue flew out and rushed toward Xiang Shaoyun. The item was none other than a badly damaged, blood-soaked robe.

As Xiang Shaoyun gazed at the incoming blood-soaked robe, a gentle look appeared in his eyes, and he muttered, "So you survived. Good."

He then grabbed the robe and draped it over him. A resonance formed between the blood essence in the robe and the blood in his veins, instantly transforming the aura around him. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber appeared in his hand, and a thick battle intent radiated from his eyes as he roared, "The Xiang Army will never be defeated, kill!"

His sonorous voice rumbled all over the clan.

An indescribable sensation rose in all the Xiang Clan disciples as they all shouted uniformly, "The Xiang Army will never be defeated!"

A massive uproar erupted within the clan. This was the slogan of their clan, one that had been passed on for generations, one that had been etched into the very bone of every single Xiang Clan member. This slogan was where they derived their motivation from, the source of their warlike temperament.

Xiang Chenge, Xiang Qianren, Xiang Fengchen, and the others around Xiang Shaoyun were completely stunned. They could all sense a certain power recovering within their bloodline, a power they couldn't suppress even if they wanted to. When they looked at this man before them, they had an illusion that they were before the presence of their ancestor, giving them an urge to prostrate before him.

Xiang Zixuan and Xiang Lingyu, who were the weakest of the bunch, were already on their knees. What they saw before their eyes was not only an ancestor but also a unique and unrivaled war god. They had no way of defying him. At this time, numerous figures rushed over from all directions, including Heaven Battling Realm experts.

"What happened exactly? Who activated the ancestor's statue?" shouted someone.

At this time, Xiang Shaoyun's blood was reaching boiling point. It was as though he had returned to the Rebirth Realm, turning into the real Xiang Dingtian. He gazed at the newcomers with a cold expression that disdained the entire world.

"Before the presence of this Overlord, why haven't you gotten your asses down here yet? What are you waiting for?" demanded Xiang Shaoyun with a high and mighty attitude.

His imposing aura had exceeded the Heaven Battling Realm, and his words were akin to an imperial edict that pounded on the hearts of everyone present. Even those Heaven Battling Realm Saints in the air descended from the sky, fear rising involuntarily in their hearts.

One of them was an old man. As a Great Saint, he could withstand Xiang Shaoyun's aura. He pointed his staff at Xiang Shaoyun and shouted, "Who are you? You dare pretend to be our ancestor? You deserve death!"

As he spoke, he unleashed his strength as a Great Saint. Strands of lightning energy danced about his staff as he swung it at Xiang Shaoyun. This Great Saint was Xiang Youjing, the current first elder of the clan. He had an extremely high status in the clan, and even the current patriarch had to show him respect. He was also Xiang Zong's ancestor. He had always loved Xiang Zong greatly, but unfortunately, Xiang Zong had been killed.

"Ignorant old man," said Xiang Shaoyun with scorn.

With a casual swing of his Overlord Skyslaying Saber, he released an ordinary and mediocre slash that actually contained an indescribable power. The slash destroyed Xiang Youjing's attack.

Xiang Youjing's eyes flickered as he stabilized his footing. He shouted, "Come clean. Who are you? Otherwise, I'll take you down even if I have to die today!"

At this time, the other Saints had also broken free of their suppression and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun.

With the image of Xiang Shaoyun holding the Overlord Skyslaying Saber in one hand and wearing the bloody robe around him, it was as though the statue of their ancestor had come alive.

"I-is this Ancestor Xiang Dingtian? Has he come back from death?" someone exclaimed in alarm.

"They look exactly the same. The saber and the robe are definitely real. Both were the ancestor's belongings when he was alive," said someone else.

"There is no mistaking this. His aura and his bloodline give me an intimate sensation."

"Ancestor, please accept this descendant's respects."


Even the Saints kneeled down before him. They were all sure that Xiang Dingtian had returned to him.

"You have all gone crazy. He is definitely not Xiang Dingtian. Look at him. How can Xiang Dingtian be so young? He is fake! Let me expose him!" said Xiang Youjing, who couldn't accept this fact. He attacked once again.

The space before him warped as his staff instantly reached Xiang Shaoyun's chest. He was trying to kill with one strike, and it was obvious he showed no regard for their ancestor, Xiang Dingtian.

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