Chapter 1175: Arriving at Xiang Clan

An overcast atmosphere enveloped the Ziling Sect. Their young sect master had been kidnapped right before their eyes, and none of them could do anything. This was too humiliating.

"This won't do. I'm going to go find the sect master. Only the sect master can save the young sect master," said Duo Ji with his teeth clenched.

He had previously heard from Xiang Shaoyun that Xiang Yangzhan was still alive. With his current strength, he was entirely capable of entering the forbidden Wumo Pass and searching for Xiang Yangzhan. He could only place his hope on the sect master.

"If even you are leaving, there won't be anyone left to supervise the sect," said the turtle.

"That's right. Tell me where the young sect master's father is at. We'll go look for him," offered the toad.

"I'm afraid you won't know that place even if I tell you about it. Also, it's very dangerous. A slight carelessness can get you killed. Just guard the sect and keep the sect safe. Someone with great fortune like the young sect master will be fine," said Duo Ji.

He then entered the sect and had a talk with Pang Tongyuan and Old Yao, telling them what to watch out for during his absence. They had to ensure that the sect remained stable during this period of time. The turtle, toad, and taurus could only continue their duties as sect guardians.

Demonic beasts like them placed extreme importance on oaths. The moment they agreed to do something, they would basically not change their mind anymore. The other Ziling Sect members were unaware that Xiang Shaoyun had been captured. They only knew that with the Saints around, they could be at ease.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer struggling. He wanted to see if the kidnapper was really bringing him back to the Xiang Clan. If that was the case, he didn't mind paying the clan a visit. After all, it was still a place he once stayed at during his previous life. He was also quite curious as to how that place looked now.

"Release me. I'll go with you. Not like I can escape anyway," said Xiang Shaoyun, who did not enjoy having his movement restricted by Xiang Chenge.

"Um. I doubt you can try anything with me here," said Xiang Chenge. He was not worried that Xiang Shaoyun would do something. He released Xiang Shaoyun and only kept his energy around Xiang Shaoyun like the others as he dragged them along.

When one reached Xiang Chenge's level, one would be able to travel quickly even without using teleportation formations. About seven days later, they arrived at a seemingly desolate place. Upon his arrival, numerous scenes surfaced in Xiang Shaoyun's mind.

Once, this was a place with an unending mountain range, a paradise fit for immortals. There were dragon veins on the ground, phoenix aura in the air, numerous spiritual herbs in the area, and saint-grade springs dotting the landscape. This was a cultivation paradise that any cultivator would yearn for.

A big city also used to be right beside one of the mountains. Back then, it was one of the biggest cities in the Western Desert and had an enormous population. Alas, all that was no more.

Xiang Shaoyun remembered that back when the eight major organizations attacked this place, the attacks of the Rebirth Realm experts had flattened the landscape. This place was the ruins of the previous Xiang Clan, with nothing but desolation left. No trace of their past glory was visible. The Xiang Clan was forced to live in seclusion not far from here. With the use of spatial techniques, the entire place had been sealed from the outside world.

"This is where our clan used to be, a place where we enjoyed boundless glory. Unfortunately, we lost everything because of one person," said Xiang Chenge with a sigh when he looked at Xiang Shaoyun, who was blanking out.

"10,000 years ago, our Xiang Clan was the overlord of the Western Desert. Even the Yu Clan was afraid of us. Before long, our Xiang Clan will once again dominate the Western Desert," said Xiang Qianren with a look of yearning.

"One day, I will reach the Rebirth Realm and lead the Xiang Clan to glory!" vowed Xiang Zixuan with his fists clenched tight.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled calmly and said nothing, but his current emotions were extremely complicated. In his previous life, he was valiant and bold, aiming to become the strongest overlord of the world. He had led the Xiang Clan and waged war everywhere. Ultimately, he had provoked too many enemies, resulting in the near destruction of his clan.

He found the hatred he had for the clan vanished completely. They all shared the same roots. What was the point in hating each other? 

Xiang Chenge brought them to a certain spot and activated the formation there. They all vanished into thin air.

The group reappeared in an old city exuding a thick ancient aura. It gave one an illusion that one had traveled back in time. Everything in the city looked like an antique. There were few pedestrians, but each person had a solemn and steadfast aura, as though everyone had undergone the baptism of blood.

With his sharp senses, Xiang Shaoyun realized that they had to be trained from a young age to develop such an aura. From these people, one could see that although the Xiang Clan had been in seclusion, they had not forgotten to constantly temper and train their descendants, granting each descendant a tough physique and strong faith since childhood.

They were currently within a place that was essentially a city within a city, a place that had existed since his previous life. This was a city constructed by the clan's first patriarch, a city protected by a powerful god-grade formation with earth-shattering power.

This formation was the reason why the eight organizations didn't dare to launch a direct offensive into the city during their invasion back then, and it had prevented the Xiang Clan from the fate of extinction.

When the pedestrians saw Xiang Chenge's group, they gave the group a salute before moving on with whatever they were doing. They weren't overly deferential, only giving a salute in accordance with the etiquette of meeting one's elders.

"Each disciple of the Xiang Clan is an iron-blooded soldier. Not a single one is a coward," declared Xiang Zixuan proudly.

He was obviously saying these words for Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun smiled calmly, not saying anything.

"Bastard, are you looking down on our Xiang Clan?" said Xiang Lingyu unhappily.

Xiang Shaoyun shrugged and said, "I don't really feel anything. It's not like I have that much of a relationship with the clan."

"Are you still not sensing the resonance in your bloodline even now?" asked Xiang Chenge.

"Are you referring to the lightning bone?" said Xiang Shaoyun as he released the power of his lightning bone, enveloping his entire body with a deep purple radiance. The instant he released the power of his lightning bone, a certain power within the clan stirred.

Deep inside the city, a statue abruptly emanated a powerful aura. A terrifying purple radiance emanated from the statue, flooding the entirety of the city, alarming the clan's many big shots. The people around Xiang Shaoyun were completely stunned.

"Th-this is the recovery of the ancestor's bone power!" Xiang Chenge exclaimed in alarm.

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