Chapter 1172: Storm Against Storm

"Thank you for the praise. But it's not really smart of you to offend the Xiang Clan. You should know well that we are essentially only envoys," said Ji Honglei.

She thought to herself, This young man is really quite amazing. His domineering unyieldingness is basically the same as that ancestor.

At that thought, some emotions rippled in her heart.

Xiang Shaoyun replied with a stern tone, "So is the Xiang Clan going to leave seclusion? Bring it on."

In truth, he currently had no chance of winning against the Xiang Clan. But there were things that he would have to face sooner or later. Perhaps he would have to even expose his actual identity.

"You are a descendent of the Xiang Clan, and that isn't something you can change. In that case, why don't you return and recognize your ancestors? That will be the same as returning to your roots. I believe your father will also be willing to accept this offer," said Ji Honglei.

"If my father was here, he would have probably killed all of you directly," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly. "Just wait. It won't be long before those two get their asses down here and leave with you two."

He then returned to the hall coldly. Right after entering the hall, his soul clone flew into the sky. His soul could assume both a corporeal and an incorporeal form, which was a big advantage he had over others. He was going to back up his people fighting in the sky. He would not allow any mishaps to happen.

High in the sky, the turtle battled Xiang Fengchen. The two were evenly matched, and the battle was intense. The turtle had a slightly lower cultivation than Xiang Fengchen. However, the flux goldthorn energy had granted him an enhanced offensive prowess that completely erased the gap between them.

Xiang Fenchen was a late second-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. He had thought that he could easily suppress the turtle. Only now did he realize just how wrong he was. The lightning power he was immensely proud of failed to break through the turtle's shell, causing him to feel rather helpless.

On the other hand, the turtle's punches were incredibly powerful. Each punch was extremely destructive and caused space itself to crack, forcing Xiang Fengchen to fight with his saint weapon. It would take them quite a while to decide on a victor unless both were willing to fight with their lives on the line.

As for Xiang Qianren, he alone faced three opponents and still held the upper hand. He did not cultivate the power of lightning. Rather, he focused on the power of wind, granting him an advantage in speed over his opponents. 

An endless storm of wind blades assaulted the toad, Duo Ji, and the taurus, forcing them to retreat again and again. If it wasn't for the toad blocking a vast majority of the attacks, Duo Ji and the taurus wouldn't have been able to survive Xiang Qianren's attacks.

"You are not enough against me. Time for your defeat," said Xiang Qianren. The more he fought, the more aggressive he became.  He transformed into a gust of wind and appeared behind Duo Ji, trying to first defeat Duo Ji.

A terrifying whirlwind appeared around Duo Ji, threatening to tear him apart.

"Dream on!" The toad reacted rapidly. He transformed into his main form, opened his massive mouth, and unleashed a suction force that pulled Duo Ji over, saving him from death.

Xiang Qianren did not give up on his attack. He sent six whirlwinds out, unleashing havoc in all directions as he tried to kill the toad, the taurus, and Duo Ji.

The entire battlefield turned into a world of unimaginably powerful chaotic storms. The toad managed to protect himself with great difficulty, but he could no longer help Duo Ji and the taurus.

Both Duo Ji and the taurus hurriedly retreated, their bodies covered in numerous new wounds. If they were even a tiny bit slower, they would already be mincemeat.

"A tiny Ziling Sect dares to be so brazen? I will teach all of you a lesson today!" said Xiang Qianren as he rushed the toad. Trying to finish him off, he crossed his arms and combined two whirlwinds to create an even more powerful whirlwind.

But the moment he created the whirlwind, an indescribable power abruptly appeared and shot toward him. Despite his quick reflexes, he wasn't able to react in time and was caught in surprise. The attack struck his back, splitting his skin and causing blood to flow. He was actually injured by the power of wind he was most familiar with.

"Which rat is this? Show yourself!" roared Xiang Qianren, pushing his defenses to the maximum.

At the same time, he used his senses to scan his surroundings in search of the hidden opponent. Alas, he couldn't find anything no matter how he tried. More terrifying wind attacks appeared behind him, and they weren't any weaker than his wind attacks. They forced him to defend himself with full strength.

However, the attacks were only meant to distract him. An even more powerful attack appeared and shot toward him from elsewhere. He had no way of guarding against it, and the attacks forced him to retreat repeatedly. His clothes were ripped apart. If this continued, it would only be a matter of time before he was left completely naked.

"Bastard! I refuse to believe I won't be able to find you!" Xiang Qianren was furious. With a roar, a pair of swords appeared in his hands. He started swinging them madly.

Storm of Destruction!

It was as though a natural calamity had descended, creating absolute chaos in his surroundings. The overbearing destruction was powerful enough to flatten a city. This was the strength of a Heaven Battling Realm cultivator, an overwhelmingly powerful strength.

Xiang Shaoyun, hidden, transmitted to the toad, the taurus, and Duo Ji, "Go help the turtle and end the fight as quickly as you can. Let me deal with him."

He no longer dared to hold anything back. Since he wanted to temper the strength of his saint soul, real combat like this was necessary. His wind star stirred, pushing his saint soul to a combat-ready state. Wind currents started spinning around him, forming a powerful storm.

"Kill!" Xiang Shaoyun roared with elevated battle intent. He squeezed all power he could from the profundity of wind, pushing the speed of his wind to its limits and creating numerous destructive wind blades that collided with Xiang Qianren's storm.

The two storms clashed, tearing space itself apart and bringing the two combatants into the void. The chaotic energy currents in the void turned even more chaotic with the inclusion of their energies.

The longer the battle lasted, the better Xiang Shaoyun's condition. His grasp on his power constantly improved while Xiang Qianren was forced to retreat repeatedly. Eventually, Xiang Shaoyun's storm swallowed Xiang Qianren and ultimately transported Xiang Qianren's body to an unknown destination. 

Xiang Shaoyun blankly stared ahead for a very long time.

"I couldn't have banished him with a storm, right?" muttered Xiang Shaoyun to himself.

He did not waste any time thinking about it. Instead, he tore the void and returned to the battlefield. He knew that Xiang Qianren would only be seriously injured at most, and it was unlikely that he had banished Xiang Qianren. After all, someone at the Heaven Battling Realm could already move in and out of the void as one wished.

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