Chapter 1169: How Audacious Of You

"The Xiang Clan?" Xiang Shaoyun raised his brow.

Inwardly, he thought, They're here this fast?

Xiang Zong had died before him, and he still had Xiang Zong's possessions in his hands. He hadn't even had the chance to browse through the loot, yet the Xiang Clan was already here for him.

Since they were already here, he had no choice but to meet them. He said, "Let them in."

Waiting outside the sect was a group of five. Three of them were men, and two of them were women. The group was led by an old man with white hair and a rosy complexion. His wavy white hair exuded incredible grace, and his face was as rosy as a young man's. Every now and then, his eyes flickered with a hard-to-detect radiance.

There was also a middle-aged man who looked steadfast. He was dressed in a gold outfit and emanated valor as though he was a tiger one would not dare to look straight at.

The other man was youthful and handsome. He had his head held high and his chest puffed out arrogantly as he stood there with his sleeves fluttering about. He was clearly a young man with extraordinary talent in cultivation.

One of the women looked like a sweet young married woman. Her figure was extremely bountiful, and her fair skin looked incredibly tender. The other woman was a beautiful young lady who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. She constantly looked everywhere, her pair of big eyes brimming with curiosity.

"Come in," invited a person of the Ziling Sect.

The five strutted into the sect arrogantly.

"This place is really nothing special. Look at how messy everything is," said the beautiful young lady with a pout.

"What do you expect from a small place like this? Look at this. The buildings are all over the place with zero concern for aesthetics," said the young man with scorn.

"That might be the case, but there are still several decent formations here. These formations are enough to gather a decent amount of ambient energy," said the middle-aged man.

"This mountain range is quite decent. If the sect is moved deeper inside and a major energy gathering formation is constructed, this will make for a good cultivation location," said the young married woman.

The Ziling Sect guide who was showing them in had an unsightly expression when he heard their comments.

Where did these idiots come from? Our Ziling Sect is a tier-7 organization. We are no regular organization. How ignorant, thought the guide.

When they reached the grand hall, the old man said, "Have your sect master come out and greet us."

The person showing the way was stunned. He erupted in anger.

"Who do you think you are? This is the Ziling Sect, not your home. You are demanding that our sect master come out to greet you? How audacious of you!" berated the guide furiously.

He had held in his anger for a while. He could no longer take their arrogance. The people from the Xiang Clan were stunned. They had not imagined that a tiny guide would be bold enough to berate them like this. Was he unaware of just how noble they were?

"Open your eyes wide before you open your mouth. Do you know who we are? You won't be able to bear the consequences if you delay calling your sect master out," snapped the young man.

If they were at their Xiang Clan, blood would have spilled already.

"I don't care who you are. Get lost from our Ziling Sect right this moment, or I'll start calling for people. This is not the place for you to strut around arrogantly," said the furious guide.

This was their territory. Outsiders had no right to bark off commands left and right. The Ziling Sect had undergone numerous tribulations and had even driven the Dragon Society off. With great difficulty, they had finally obtained some peace. These people had appeared out of nowhere and started looking for trouble. This was too hateful.

"You're courting death," the young man was furious. He raised his hand and was about to attack.

"Who dares be impudent in our Ziling Sect?" the turtle's voice rang out.

"Anyone acting impudent shall be chopped into pieces and be used as turtle feed," the toad's voice rang out.

"Why turtle feed instead of toad feed?" questioned the turtle furiously.

"Because turtles love feasting on the flesh of scoundrels," replied the toad.

"That makes sense, I guess, but toads also love feasting on scoundrels," said the turtle.

Their conversation caused the faces of the five outsiders to sink.

"Sacred elders, you have arrived just in time! They are demanding that the sect master personally comes out to greet them. They are insufferably arrogant," said the guide with a bow.

"Um. Well done. We don't need to be courteous toward people like them," praised the turtle.

"I will report your contribution to the young sect master later," said the toad.

"Many thanks, sacred elders," said the guide joyfully.

"People of the Ziling Sect, you are being really impudent!" berated the old man, his eyes narrowed.

He then unleashed his aura as a third-stage Heaven Battling Realm expert, trying to crush the guide to death. The guide trembled in fear, staggered, and nearly fell on the ground.

The turtle helped him up and stood forward. Facing the eruption of the old man's aura, he roared, "Are you trying to die?"

The toad also stepped forth and locked onto the outsiders. Both the turtle and the toad released their aura, revealing that they were both second-stage Demon Saints. This was rather shocking.

They were still first-stage Demon Saints not too long ago. Only two years had passed, and they had taken another step forward. They truly had excellent talent in cultivation. With the flux goldthorn energy, they had been able to advance rapidly. As they had originally been stuck at the Demon Sovereign realm for a very long time, the moment they had broken through, they had advanced rapidly.

"Are you trying to use your advantage in numbers against us?" shouted the middle-aged man as he took a step forward.

An aura of a second-stage Heaven Battling Realm expert erupted from his body.

"Exactly. That is what we're doing," Duo Ji's voice rang out.

He then rushed out of the grand hall and stood alongside the turtle and the toad. He wasn't a second-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator yet, but he had still grown much stronger than before.

"The three of you are still not enough to stop us," said the old man.

"Count this old bull in, then," a loud voice rang like a bell as a sturdy middle-aged man rushed over. He similarly emanated the aura of a Saint.

Finally, a gloomy expression appeared on the faces of the old man and the middle-aged man. They had not imagined that the Ziling Sect actually hid so many Saints. It seemed they had underestimated the sect.

"You can either step in or piss off. Your choice," Xiang Shaoyun's voice rang out from within the hall.

"You are the sect master?" asked the old man.

"The sect master is not around. I'm his son," answered Xiang Shaoyun.

"Do you know who we are? You're actually being so disrespectful to your elders?" said the old man, frowning.

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