Chapter 1168: Soul Training in Void

Xiang Shaoyun safely returned to the Ziling Sect. After the incident with the Dragon Society, everything had calmed at the Ziling Sect. There was no other external aggression, giving them some breathing space. Under the lead of Duo Ji and Pang Tongyuan, the sect became on the right track. Only time was needed for the sect to recover to its former glory.

Gong Qinyin had left seclusion with a brand new level of cultivation. Instead of staying in the sect, she traveled through all the places under the Ziling Sect's jurisdiction. As Xiang Shaoyun had Aikai acting as her personal guard, he wasn't too worried about her safety.

The only person he was worried about was Scarlet Flame Monarch. Even now, he had not received any news from Scarlet Flame Monarch. That was the same for Ye Chaomu. There had been no updates from her ever since she had returned to Wuxie Valley.

As for the high priest, he had returned to the angel territory. However, he left behind a jade slip. Xiang Shaoyun was told to crush the jade slip when the day to construct the teleportation formation came. The high priest would then return and help him.

Xiang Shaoyun was too busy to think about all these things. His current focus was to connect the Holy Hall and the sect. After picking a spot, he got to work.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun spent two less days finishing up the formation. After his experience laying out the first formation, it was much easier for him to lay out the second one. He used all the materials he got from the hall master on the second formation.

"Looks like I need to gather my own materials if I want to lay out a new set of teleportation formations," said Xiang Shaoyun helplessly.

Now that the formations at both the sect and the hall had been completed, Xiang Shaoyun and the Holy Hall needed to break through the spatial node to use the formations. Only then would they be able to join the two formations. This was basically the two formations' finishing touch.

Xiang Shaoyun proceeded to place some spirit crystals on the formation. He was actually attempting to break through the spatial node himself. The formation started glowing, and a crack appeared in the air. His saint soul rushed straight into the crack.

Through the crack, he reached the void. Numerous currents of chaotic spatial energy could be found in the void. No ordinary person would be able to survive inside. A cultivator below the Saint Realm would be directly torn to pieces the moment they entered.

Xiang Shaoyun's saint soul was already able to emanate a rather formidable power. The power was strong enough to withstand the energy currents. Even so, breaking through the spatial node still wouldn't be easy.

Of course, his main goal wasn't actually to break through the spatial node. He wanted to train in the void. Most people would probably find this hard to believe if they heard about it. Spatial currents were extremely dangerous. Even a Saint had to be extremely cautious when dealing with spatial currents. 

Xiang Shaoyun's act of using his saint soul to train in the void was basically suicide. In both his previous lives, he had reached the Heaven Battling Realm. He naturally knew the danger of spatial currents. However, throwing himself at such danger was also a way to increase the speed in which he could reach the Heaven Battling Realm.

At the Heaven Battling Realm, one would gain the strength to fight the heavens. To fight against the heavens, one had to possess the might to upturn the heaven and earth. One should be able to use one's stars to borrow the power of the stars in the sky, gaining the strength to go against nature itself.

Xiang Shaoyun's saint soul did not have actual flesh. However, his soul and his body were inextricably linked. As he circulated all his energies, a nine-colored radiance started shining from his main body. The nine stars within him glowed brightly, and his clone borrowed the powers of nine different stars from the sky.

The nine different powers descended on him, giving him an incredibly divine appearance. The energies at his disposal became even more boundless, and the spatial currents could no longer harm him.

"Only after gaining the ability to casually manipulate these powers in the void would one be able to unleash the might a Saint should have. Let me give it a try," muttered Xiang Shaoyun as he cultivated with the powers converging in him.

However, he found himself unable to control all nine energies simultaneously. He could only control one at a time. This was the exact same situation as his main body. He would only be able to use more than one energy after fusing them.

"Since I haven't fused the nine energies, I can't use all of them at once. I can only use one at a time like usual," muttered Xiang Shaoyun as he started focusing on one energy.

Borrowing the power of the stars was basically a compulsory ability for any Saint. If one couldn't even use one's corresponding stars in the sky, one wouldn't be able to maximize one's combat strength.

Borrowing the power of one star, Xiang Shaoyun released extremely powerful attacks, introducing even more chaos into the midst of the spatial currents. He also gained the ability to use the power to tear the void apart, allowing him to enter and leave the void anytime he wanted. Gaining this ability to tear the void would greatly help him gain the ability to tear space.

Using the spatial currents as his opponent, he familiarized himself with the strength of his saint soul and tempered his saint soul's combat strength, building a foundation for when his main body finally reached the Saint Realm.

Currently, the gap between his main body and saint soul was too big. This wasn't exactly healthy in the long term. If a day came when his body could no longer contain his soul, he would be in big trouble.

Thus, he had to strengthen his main body as fast as possible. He also had to continue compressing his saint soul's power and not allow it to advance too quickly. After training with all nine energies one at a time, he tore open the void and returned to the Ziling Sect.

Although he was at second-stage Soul Foundation Realm, he already had the ability to enter the third stage. However, he was waiting for a good opportunity before breaking through. He was currently in no rush.

Xiang Shaoyun returned to the grand hall and called over all his trusted aides. When they gathered, Duo Ji was the first to speak, "Congratulations, sect master, for entering the Heaven Battling Realm."

The others might not know about Xiang Shaoyun's saint soul, but Duo Ji definitely knew. He was intentionally saying those words to strengthen morale. The others were all stunned. The look in their eyes when they looked at Xiang Shaoyun changed completely. They would never suspect that Duo Ji was talking nonsense. After all, nobody would dare to make such a lie before the young sect master.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "It's too early to be spreading that around." He looked at Qian Furen and asked, "Furen, how are the materials I told you to buy?"

Qian Furen stepped forth and said, "Replying to the young sect master, I have most of the materials gathered. But there are about a dozen materials that are hard to find. I have yet to receive any news about them."

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to praise him, someone jogged inside and said, "Reporting to the young sect master, some people claiming to be from the Xiang Clan are outside requesting to meet you."

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