Chapter 1164: Captured

Xiang Shaoyun spent almost a month finishing the formation layout. He was extremely meticulous with the placement of every single spatial stone, spiritsense stone, and void stone. Any mistake in placement would result in the formation malfunctioning.

He had exhausted too much of his mental power to the point even his saint soul was tired. After returning, he had to rest for seven days before recovering to his optimal condition.

Tuoba Wan'er's belly still looked normal, but she now emanated the charm of a mature woman, one that could still bewitch any man. After spending three days with her, Xiang Shaoyun decided to return to the Ziling Sect and construct the formation on that side.

Tuoba Wan'er knew that Xiang Shaoyun was busy. She was happy that he had accompanied her frequently. Thus, she did not make him stay. She only repeatedly reminded him to quickly finish the formation so he could easily visit the Holy Hall. She hoped that he would return before the baby was born.

Xiang Shaoyun naturally agreed before he took his leave from the hall master. The hall master didn't make him stay either. As far as the hall master was concerned, Xiang Shaoyun was far less important than Tuoba Wan'er and the baby in her. It no longer mattered much if he stayed.

Xiang Shaoyun felt gloomy when he saw the hall master's attitude. And thus, he prepared to leave with his 49 riders. He wanted to return as quickly as possible and complete the formation on his sect's side. Only then could they proceed with connecting the two formations.

With his group of people, Xiang Shaoyun traveled at high speed. With the map given to him by the first elder, he was able to easily return without any guides. As he started the return journey, he suddenly had a bad premonition. He kept feeling like someone was tailing him, causing him to constantly feel ill at ease.

He urged everyone to move faster. At the same time, he fully spread out his senses, trying to search for the concealed person. However, he found nothing.

"No one? Impossible. I was probably not meticulous enough," muttered Xiang Shaoyun when he thought of a different possibility.

Right now, only those at the Saint Realm and beyond could escape his senses. The other party was probably hiding in the void to avoid his senses. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun slowly sent his senses into the void high in the sky.

He had a saint soul and the memories of two lifetimes. Thus, he knew how to make use of his saint soul. Sure enough, the moment his senses entered the void, he found something.

"Have I been discovered? Fine. Time for you to surrender." The expert in the void reacted almost immediately. He tore through the void and swooped down on Xiang Shaoyun like a massive bird.

The cultivator was an extremely strong Heaven Battling Realm expert, not a regular Saint. His aura was completely locked onto Xiang Shaoyun, making it so that Xiang Shaoyun couldn't even budge.

Not even his saint soul could rush out of his body. The other party's aura was too powerful, causing him to suffocate. The 49 riders with him couldn't move either. It was as though a massive mountain was pressing down on them, putting them in a completely passive position. 

The expert grabbed Xiang Shaoyun and rapidly flew away.

Who is this exactly? thought Xiang Shaoyun. He couldn't move, but he still maintained his rationality and calmed himself.

He tried to see who the other party was with his senses, but the person was completely wrapped in a powerful aura that his senses couldn't penetrate. Even so, the expert gave him a sense of familiarity. Thus, he was confident he must have met him before.

It's not Di Batian, right? exclaimed Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

But he quickly threw that thought away. If it was Di Batian, he would have been killed, not captured. After flying for an unknown amount of time, they finally stopped somewhere.

"I have the person you want. How do you want to handle him?" asked the kidnapper. Someone was hovering cross-legged before them.

"Just hand him over to me and consider us square," said the cross-legged person.

"Hmph. If we're still not square, you guys won't have it easy either. Don't treat us like we're five-year-olds," said the kidnapper with a cold snort.

"We are merely making use of each other. Just hand him over," said the cross-legged person.

"He has earned the trust of that old fogey. You better handle this well, or all of us will be in big trouble," said the kidnapper.

"Don't worry. He will no longer reappear in this world," said the cross-legged person coldly.

"Ok. You can have him. Do as you see fit," said the kidnapper as he tossed Xiang Shaoyun over before flying away.

Xiang Shaoyun was now in the hands of a new person. However, he still couldn't move and was carried away in a different direction at full speed. After an unknown amount of time, Xiang Shaoyun was thrown heavily onto the ground.

The fall was quite heavy and managed to disorient him. His body had always been strong, but it was evidently not strong enough to withstand the might of a Saint. In fact, if the other party hadn't been holding back, the fall alone would have killed him.

"You really look like him. Zixuan wasn't lying," muttered the person.

Xiang Shaoyun finally got a clear look at the other party's appearance. It was a middle-aged man with a square face. Wearing a hemp garment, the man was dressed plainly, yet he emanated a sort of aura that made it clear he wasn't ordinary.

"Zixuan?" The name felt familiar to Xiang Shaoyun, but he couldn't remember where he had heard it.

"It doesn't matter if you remember him. What matters is that you're in my hands now. Let me see just what you have in your memories," said the man, sneering as he reached out to Xiang Shaoyun.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't sit back and do nothing. His soul clone rushed out with the Yin Mother Sword in hand and swung at the man.

"Trying to read my memories? Over my dead body!" Xiang Shaoyun roared furiously and unleashed an attack that tore through the sky as it headed toward the other person.

His attack surpassed the might of an ordinary Saint. Even a second-stage, or even a third-stage, Saint would not be able to withstand his attack. Xiang Shaoyun was confident he could defeat the other party with his attack. If the attack failed, he would be the one to die.

The sword tore through the sky like a rainbow, carrying the might to split the heavens and the earth, to shake all beings in existence.

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