Chapter 1162: Really

The soul foundation was forged from extremely rare materials, whereas the Nether Soul Domain was incorporeal. When the two met, two entities that were entirely different yet similar started fusing. A massive transformation occurred.

The soul foundation was still the same soul foundation. However, it seemed to now contain some sort of ethereal power. Nobody could see through or understand that power. The terrifying saintly power within Xiang Shaoyun's soul foundation had been further enhanced as though his soul foundation was turning into a devilish soul foundation. His soul foundation was exuding an aura that gave one the feeling of reverence and fear.

Apart from that, numerous odd devilish marks had been imprinted onto his soul foundations. They were different from soul marks, but there were also some similarities. 

As for the Nether Soul Domain, it now existed within the soul foundation, having turned from incorporeal to corporeal. In the past, the Nether Soul Domain could only harm the people inside by forming chains with his soul power. Now, it could actually make use of the soul foundation to suppress the people within.

In other words, his Nether Soul Domain now contained the soul foundation, and his soul foundation now had some properties of the Nether Soul Domain. The two were now connected, allowing Xiang Shaoyun to use both of them in battle to achieve unimaginable effects.

He also found that his soul power was extremely abundant now that he had a saint soul, completely unlike someone who had just formed a saint soul. His soul power was so strong that the range of his senses had grown exponentially. He could clearly sense everything within its range. Even a single ant crawling on the ground far away could be sensed with incredible precision.

It was as though he had transcended the world, giving him a blissful sensation. Apart from that, the strength of his soul was also reflected in his stars, which had all grown, nearly pushing him into the third-stage Soul Foundation Realm.

However, soul power was no astral energy. It could slightly enhance his astral energy, but it was not enough to fully push him into the next stage. His soul took on a corporeal form and charged out of the cultivation room before soaring into the night sky. It was as though he could cross the horizon with a single step and enter the boundless void.

At this time, several gazes locked onto him from several different directions. He could sense that the onlookers were all Saints. He was slightly startled, and he hurriedly returned to his own body.

Although he had a saint soul, his physical body had yet to enter the Saint Realm. Thus, he was unable to fully do what a Saint could. At most, he would only be able to make use of some of a Saint's unique powers. He definitely didn't want to have his newly formed soul destroyed so soon after forming it. 

When his soul vanished, the different Saints were all shocked.

Has the holy son-in-law entered the Heaven Battling Realm? All of them wondered inwardly.

This was the Holy City, a city under the Holy Hall's jurisdiction. All these Saints were naturally the hall's Saint Realm elders. They had all sensed that the saint soul had belonged to Xiang Shaoyun, and the discovery greatly shocked them.

They all knew how young Xiang Shaoyun was and were well aware of his cultivation level. Thus, it was understandable why they were shocked to see him have a saint soul. They did not believe that Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation would skyrocket so suddenly. They all had the urge to find out what was actually going on.

"Nobody is allowed to disturb the holy son-in-law's cultivation," the first elder's voice sounded.

His voice reached the ears of these Saint Realm elders directly. Nobody else could hear him. The hall master was in his personal residence, and he had naturally sensed Xiang Shaoyun's change as well. 

A smile formed on his calm face as he muttered, "No wonder he is confident he can construct the teleportation formation. So it turns out he already has the confidence to form a saint soul. With that, it is the same as having a Saint Realm formation grandmaster."

In the cultivation room, Xiang Shaoyun's soul reunited with his body. He woke up from his meditation and ended the cultivation session. His soul was seated cross-legged in the middle of his soul foundation. Furthermore, because of the addition of his Nether Soul Domain, his soul foundation was completely concealed as though it didn't exist. This presented quite a peculiar scene.

Within the Nether Soul Domain, five ghostrunes were undergoing astonishing transformation. Due to the Nether Soul Domain's expansion and the thickening of the devilish aura within it, their strength grew rapidly after absorbing the energy in the domain. Their appearances were also changing slightly.

Now, they looked even more ferocious than before. Their heads had changed, and their wings had become thinner and longer, long enough for them to wrap their bodies into a cocoon. Within the cocoons, they seemed to be undergoing further transformations and awaiting the moment to break out.

When Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes, he felt more comfortable than he had ever felt. It was as though he could now sense any change happening in the world around him. He was no longer a mere mortal, capable of entering the human heaven unity at any time. These were the benefits of entering the Saint Realm.

"I can probably construct the teleportation formation now," said Xiang Shaoyun with a confident smile.

He then left the cultivation room and visited Tuoba Wan'er. He found her lying on the bed looking tired.

"Wan'er, what happened to you?" asked Xiang Shaoyun anxiously.

Tuoba Wan'er was a Soul Foundation Realm expert. Without any injuries, she wouldn't get sick. Thus, it was understandable why he was worried.

Tuoba Wan'er smiled and said, "Holy son-in-law, I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Look at you. How have the servants been taking care of you?" said Xiang Shaoyun furiously.

He had only entered seclusion for a month, and Tuoba Wan'er had been reduced to this state. He did not know what happened and could only direct his anger at some other people. The maids in the room were frightened. In their memories, Xiang Shaoyun was someone who was never angry.

"Holy son-in-law, they are not at fault," said Tuoba Wan'er, sitting up on the bed. She waved to the maids and sent them off.

Xiang Shaoyun sat down, held her hands, and said, "Wan'er, how are you? Don't scare me!"

The moment he touched her, an intense sensation assaulted him. It was as though a heavy impact had been subjected to his heart, causing his expression to instantly change.

When Tuoba Wan'er saw his change in expression, she shyly leaned against Xiang Shaoyun's chest and asked, "Did you sense it?"

"I-is this real?" asked Xiang Shaoyun as he held Tuoba Wan'er's shoulders.

Tuoba Wan'er nodded shyly and said, "Um. I have been feeling unwell. After some checking, I found that there is now a little fellow in my womb."

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