Chapter 1161: Consuming the Saint Soul Pill

"You can die, then," said the hall master murderously.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw the hall master's hand rise, he knew that there was no way out of this. The gap between their strength was too big, so any struggle would be meaningless. Thus, he shut his eyes and waited for death.

Goodbye, Wan'er, thought Xiang Shaoyun bleakly.

He had not imagined that he had just gotten happily married not long ago, and now he was going to die. He was not reconciled with dying like this. He waited and waited, but the palm did not arrive. He opened his eyes slightly and saw that the hall master had withdrawn his killing intent and was standing there with his hands clasped behind him.

"You would rather die than stay. Looks like you are extremely resolute in your decision. If I kill you, Wan'er will be unhappy. I'll spare you, so you need to treat her right. If she suffers even a bit, I won't spare you," said the hall master with a heavy sigh.

Xiang Shaoyun heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, Grandpa."

Not having to die was naturally the best result he could have hoped for.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to drag his injured body away, the hall master said, "I thought you had something to ask me? Are you leaving just like this?"

"I-I want to construct a teleportation formation and acquire a lot of materials," said Xiang Shaoyun after some hesitation.

"I can prepare the materials for you, but it won't be to make a connection between the angels and your place. Rather, it will be for a connection between your Ziling Sect and the Holy Hall," said the hall master.

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out. He had not seen that coming at all.

The hall master turned around when he didn't receive a reply, and asked, "What? Are you unwilling?"

Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly waved his hands and said, "No, I'm willing. This is more than I could have asked for."

He wanted to link the angels and the sect because he wished to obtain their support. Now, he was offered to establish a link between the sect and the Holy Hall. This was the same as losing and gaining something at the same time. He wouldn't actually lose out. In fact, he would profit greatly.

The Holy Hall wasn't weaker than the angels. Also, someone like the hall master was definitely no weaker than the high priest. If he could obtain the Holy Hall's support, the sect would be much safer than before. Of course, this definitely wouldn't be unconditional help. The hall master naturally had his own reasons for making the offer.

"After the two places are connected, I will have the Holy Hall assist you when needed. But at ordinary times, you can't allow anyone to come over. Only Holy Hall members are allowed to use the teleportation formation. That is my condition," said the hall master.

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and said, "No problem."

Like the angels, the Holy Hall did not wish to have outsiders casually entering their territory. This concerned their secrets.

"You need to know that after the connection is established, it also means that the Holy Hall is going to leave seclusion. At the time, you will be in charge of handling our external relationships," said the hall master.

"Sure, I'll do that," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"Fine. You can now get a Saint Realm formation grandmaster. We can construct the formation immediately afterward," said the hall master. He did not wish to talk too much and preferred to let actions prove one's worth.

"I have a formation grandmaster right here," said Xiang Shaoyun confidently.

The hall master raised his brow and said, "Are you talking about yourself?"

"Yes, it's me," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Are you stupid? Even if you know formations, with your strength, how can you lay out a saint-grade formation?" said the hall master.

"Just prepare the materials, Grandpa. You will know soon," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously before taking his leave.

Now would be the perfect time for him to use the saint soul pill. After reaching the second-stage Soul Foundation Realm, his soul power had reached a brand new level. His soul had also benefited greatly from the tea earlier. His soul was now at the very peak of the pseudo-saint grade.

He only needed to take one more step forward to complete a saint soul. At the time, his soul would be powerful enough to lay out saint-grade formations. That was the source of his confidence. 

Xiang Shaoyun returned to his residence, told Tuoba Wan'er about it, and entered seclusion.

In the cultivation room, he first nursed his body back to optimal condition. Fortunately, the hall master did not intend to harm him and had only slightly injured him. After circulating his energy for several rounds, all the injuries were healed.

Xiang Shaoyun started adapting to all the different energies in his body, and he adjusted his soul clone to an optimal condition. After he was sure everything was ready, he took out the saint soul pill.

The moment the pill entered his mouth, strands of medicinal power flooded his body and rushed toward his head. The strands were all pure and unadulterated soul power, and they constantly converged around his soul, allowing his soul to grow rapidly.

Xiang Shaoyun's soul power had long reached the pseudo-saint level. With the addition of the medicinal power, his soul started approaching the level of a true saint soul.

The saint soul pill was worthy of being a pill refined from saint soul fruit. It contained a boundless power that supplied Xiang Shaoyun's soul with an unending supply of soul power. His soul grew endlessly until it eventually broke through a bottleneck, becoming a true saint soul.

After his saint soul was completed, a terrifying aura erupted within the room. His soul foundation manifested by itself and interwove with the saint soul, its strength growing at an unprecedented rate. More soul marks were imprinted on the soul foundation, signifying that Xiang Shaoyun's comprehension of everything he knew had further deepened.

His Nether Soul Domain also appeared without his control. It expanded incessantly and even showed signs of fusing with his soul foundation. Even Xiang Shaoyun himself was completely stunned.

The soul foundation was mainly associated with the strength of his physical body and soul, while his Nether Soul Domain had always been an existence beyond his soul and body. It felt more like some sort of power that had been created out of his willpower, ethereal yet real.

Originally, the soul foundation and the Nether Soul Domain were two separate entities with no connections. Why were they showing signs of merging? Xiang Shaoyun did not know if he should prevent it or let it happen.

His devil blood started boiling, and a boundless devilish aura erupted from his body. The devilish energy combined with the Nether Soul Domain, and then the Nether Soul Domain and the soul foundation started merging.

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