Chapter 1160: I'm Not Willing

This was a pot of tea brewed with 10,000-year snow lotus and 10,000-year bellmilk spring water. Drinking even a single cup would extend one's lifespan by at least 100 years. It would also cleanse one's body and enhance one's energy.

Xiang Shaoyun had wanted to drink it, but he merely didn't dare to without any permission. Thus, it was naturally infuriating that the hall master told him the tea was for him only when the tea was almost finished.

Fortunately, there was still enough tea in the pot for two cups. Xiang Shaoyun no longer hesitated and poured two cups of tea for himself and drained them both. The moment the tea entered his mouth, a refreshing fragrance flooded his mouth. Strands of slightly chilly aura slid down his throat into his stomach. Like rain during a hot summer day, this process gave him an extremely comfortable sensation.

At the same time, strands of energy converged in his organs and limbs, sweeping his body clean of any hidden injuries and impurities. His life force and health improved, and nine strands of extremely pure energy entered all nine of his stars.

He did not dare to delay and immediately circulated his cultivation method. He started refining the energy in his body, not letting even a single strand go to waste. The hall master did not do anything. He sat there silently as he waited for Xiang Shaoyun to refine the energy from the tea.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Xiang Shaoyun found that his nine stars were growing rapidly, pushing him from initial second-stage Soul Foundation Realm to late second-stage Soul Foundation Realm. Even now, his stars were still growing.

He had not imagined that two cups of tea would be so powerful. He was both shocked and joyful. This was basically the hall master was showing him great favor. The higher one's cultivation, the harder further growth would be. The amount of energy one needed to accumulate would only increase. Even if Xiang Shaoyun's energy absorption speed was much faster, he would still need some time before he could advance.

This favor from the hall master had allowed his strength to greatly increase. He felt somewhat overwhelmed by the favor. Even after reaching the very peak of the second stage, his nine stars were still growing. He forced the stars to stop growing, and he started purifying and compressing the energy, further enriching his foundations instead of charging straight into the third stage.

When the hall master sensed he was compressing his energy, a look of astonishment flickered in his eyes. He thought, This kid's foundations are already extremely solid, yet he can still further compress the energy?

He knew very well how rich the energy within the tea was. A regular Soul Foundation Realm cultivator could easily advance three stages after drinking some. However, Xiang Shaoyun hadn't even advanced a single stage. Instead, he had compressed the surplus energy, which wasn't something anyone could do.

Most people wouldn't let go of a chance to break through when it arrived. But Xiang Shaoyun could do it, proving he was of extraordinary character.

After a long while, Xiang Shaoyun finally opened his eyes. He saluted the hall master in excitement and said, "Thank you for your grace, Grandpa."

He had reached the peak of the stage in one go, which was an incredible advancement speed that made him feel like he was dreaming. His body had also been further cleansed of impurities. A day would come when he successfully formed a filthless body as well. At that time, he would possess a pseudo-saint body. For a mortal to surpass mortality and become a Saint, one needed to forge a perfect body, to undergo a qualitative transformation in one's being.

"Why didn't you break through?" asked the hall master.

"The amount of energy is not enough for a proper breakthrough. I might as well use it to further solidify my foundation. I'll break through after accumulating more energy," replied Xiang Shaoyun honestly.

"Not enough for a proper breakthrough? Interesting," said the hall master with a smile.

He was now sure that Xiang Shaoyun's foundations were much more solid than he had thought.

"Grandpa, Wan'er had talked to you about me trying to construct a teleportation formation, right? I wonder if there are any required materials here," asked Xiang Shaoyun bluntly.

He did not wish to beat around the bush. He had to gather the required materials as quickly as possible and solidify the Ziling Sect's defenses. Only then could he be worry-free and focus on pursuing ultimate strength. And only with enough strength would he be able to protect his own people and not fear the provocation of any organization.

"We don't have to be in that much of a rush to talk about that. I have a question. Are you willing to stay together with Wan'er here at the Holy Hall?" asked the hall master.

Xiang Shaoyun did not know what to say. He was afraid that he would suffer after giving the wrong answer. 

But he couldn't run from this question, so he braced himself and said, "Wan'er is married to me. I will definitely take good care of her. My father had left behind his own organization. I want to inherit what my father left behind. I hope you can understand, Grandpa."

"I know, but that organization is not even one-third of the Holy Hall's strength. If you are willing to stay here with Wan'er, I will give you the hall master position. What do you think?" asked the hall master.

After a slight hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun replied firmly, "Grandpa, I'm not willing."

"Do you find the Tuoba Clan lacking? Or perhaps you don't really like Wan'er after all? You are merely toying with her," said the hall master with a furious tone.

An unprecedentedly powerful pressure smashed into Xiang Shaoyun's soul and chest, almost causing him to faint from suffocation.

He clenched his teeth and struggled as he spoke, "Th-that was not what I meant. Since Wan'er is married to me, she naturally has to follow me. My father's organization might be small, but I am confident I can grow it into something like the Holy Hall or even something bigger. I can protect her well."

He was not willing to live off a woman. He had his own ambitions. Although the hall master's offer was tempting, it wasn't what he wanted. He could not abandon what his father left behind, and he wouldn't abandon those he loved. He also wasn't willing to be tied up in the Holy Hall since it was not the kind of life he wanted.

"Hmph. You keep on saying that you love her, but you aren't even willing to make any sacrifices for her. Like others, you are a mere hypocrite. I might as well kill you right now so that Wan'er can get over you quickly," said the hall master. His aura surged, causing his surroundings to shake.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't withstand the ordeal and spat out a mouthful of blood, his figure slumping. His spirited appearance from before was nowhere to be seen.

"I'll ask you one more time. Are you willing to stay?" repeated the hall master.

With a resolute look in his eyes, Xiang Shaoyun replied, "A-apologies, but no!"

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