Chapter 1159: 10000-Year Snow Lotus Tea and Bellmilk Spring

The wedding ceremony came to an end. After Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er entered their room, the doors of their residence were locked for three days and three nights. They would only be allowed to leave after that. This was a tradition of the Holy Earth Hall.

This was a tradition to ensure that the newly-wed couples could complete the noble mission of propagating the next generation as soon as possible. During the three days, Tuoba Wan'er let go of all her inhibitions and fully immersed herself in copulating with Xiang Shaoyun, trying her best to create a descendant for the Tuoba Clan.

After all, she had lost her parents to an accident at a young age. Her grandfather was the one who had raised her dotingly. Unfortunately, she was a woman and couldn't inherit the hall as per tradition. Thus, she wanted a son who could inherit the hall in her place.

Xiang Shaoyun knew of her thoughts, and he did not disagree. She had already suffered enough to be with him. He didn't mind having their child take on the Tuoba surname. In any case, the child would still be theirs.

On the fourth day, the two went to the main hall to greet the hall master and accept his well wishes. After finishing the ceremony, Xiang Shaoyun went to see his Overlord Legion brothers off. At this point, they had already stayed there for about half a month. It was time they returned to the Dragon Phoenix Academy.

"Overlord, are you really not going back to the academy?" asked Zhuge Zhantian.

That was what all their brothers wished to see happen.

Xiang Shaoyun patted Zhuge Zhantian's shoulder and said, "Everyone knows that I have been expelled. If they take me back now, it will be the same as slapping their own faces. Forget it. Go back and continue cultivating hard. In the future, come visit me at the Ziling Sect if you have the time, and I'll be happy."

They all looked disappointed to hear his reply. Without a doubt, Xiang Shaoyun was an extremely charismatic leader. All the Overlord Legion members missed him dearly.

"Ok. If in the future I'm left with no other place to go, I hope the overlord will take me in once again," said Zhuge Zhantian bluntly.

"My door will always be open for all of you," said Xiang Shaoyun earnestly.

With that, they ended the conversation. The Overlord Legion people started leaving under the lead of the Holy Hall people. Looking at their departing backs, Xiang Shaoyun thought, If I can also acquire their help, I wouldn't need to worry about the sect's future anymore.

His Overlord Legion companions were all the most remarkable geniuses the world had to offer. All of them would become pillars of their respective organizations in the future. At the same time, they were most certainly treated as treasures of their respective organizations. Thus, it wouldn't be easy to recruit them to his side.

Xiang Shaoyun returned to his residence and asked Tuoba Wan'er about the teleportation formation materials. He was trying to figure out just how much help the Holy Hall could give him.

"I spoke to Grandpa about this, but he wanted to talk with you alone," said Tuoba Wan'er.

"Oh? Is it proper for me to talk to him directly?" asked Xiang Shaoyun, feeling somewhat timid.

The aura around the hall master was too powerful. Even someone as confident as Xiang Shaoyun would lose his confidence before him.

"But that is Grandpa's request," said Tuoba Wan'er helplessly.

"Fine, I'll go meet Grandpa," said Xiang Shaoyun. He could only grit his teeth and face the hall master.

This time, the hall master did not meet Xiang Shaoyun at the main hall. Rather, they were meeting at his personal residence. In fact, this residence was only a short distance away from where Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er resided. 

The design of the residence was rather minimalistic and wasn't too luxurious. Even so, every single object in the residence seemed to emit a certain kind of aura that made them extraordinary. The hall master was seated in the courtyard and sipping tea. The tea's pleasant fragrance filled the tranquil courtyard.

Xiang Shaoyun came before the hall master and saluted respectfully. "Grandpa, Shaoyun is here to pay his respects."

"Sit," said the hall master with his eyes still closed.

Xiang Shaoyun did as told and took a seat beside him.

The hall master said, "Make a pot of tea."

Xiang Shaoyun took one look at the tea leaves before him, and his pupils contracted. He said, "I-is this the 10,000-year snow lotus tea?"

The snow lotus tea was a variant tea leaf that only grew in snowy mountains. It was extremely rare, especially for one that had grown for 10,000 years. One such lotus was comparable to a saint herb in value. Just a single sip would grant one immense benefit.

Xiang Shaoyun had read about snow lotus tea in some ancient records and was able to recognize it from the color, luster, and patterns on the leaves.

"However old it is, it is still a type of tea. Go ahead," said the hall master as he lightly tapped on the table, his eyes still shut.

Xiang Shaoyun did not say anything and prepared to do as told. But when he saw the water prepared, he exclaimed again, "Is this 10,000-year bellmilk spring water?"

The 10,000-year bellmilk spring water was extremely valuable. Even Saints would go mad from greed when they saw something like it. And yet the hall master was having him make some tea with it. Wasn't this too much of a waste?

He really wanted to keep the bellmilk spring water away as he thought he definitely had other ways to maximize the water's value.

"Cut the nonsense. Just do as told," said the hall master, becoming slightly impatient.

Xiang Shaoyun calmed himself and inwardly chanted some heart-calming mantra before he picked up the extraordinary-looking utensils before him. He was someone who had studied tea since his childhood. Although it had been a while since he last did anything tea related, his prior knowledge remained.

Since the water and tea leaves before him were too valuable, he was cautious with everything he did. Fortunately, his current cultivation level was no longer the same. His mentality and worldview had also changed. Thus, he could remain calm even when facing saint-grade materials. After all, he was someone who also possessed some saint-grade items himself. 

Soon, he finished preparing a pot of fragrant tea.

The tea was sparkling and translucent, emitting a pleasant fragrance. Just taking a single breath of the tea would give one the feeling that one was floating in the clouds. A tea so extraordinary was not something other organizations could casually take out.

When Xiang Shaoyun smelled the fragrance, he started swallowing. He could swear that this was the best pot of tea he had ever made.

He poured a cup of tea for the hall master and said, "Grandpa, please taste the tea."

The hall master did not hold back and took the tea.

A tea like this was incomparable to the most valuable of medicinal herbs. It would bring immense benefits to anyone. However, the hall master was completely indifferent after finishing the cup, and he said, "More."

Xiang Shaoyun poured another cup of tea for him.

The hall master acted the same and drained the cup of tea without expression.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun poured another cup of tea. This time, he had the urge to try the tea.

When the pot of tea was almost finished, the hall master finally opened his eyes and said, "The tea is nicely brewed. Why didn't you drink any? This pot of tea was supposed to be for you!"

Xiang Shaoyun almost fainted from anger.

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