Chapter 1158: Marriage

Tuoba Wan'er blushed deeply when she heard the hall master's words, not daring to even meet his eyes anymore. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he had thick skin, but even he felt some heat rising to his face. Those words were a tad bit too blunt. Fortunately, apart from them, only the first elder and Old Urchin were present. If there were more people, they would probably find some hole to hide in shame.

The hall master did not continue on the same topic. He looked at Old Urchin and said, "Old Urchin, you have been slacking in cultivation."

Old Urchin hurriedly replied in panic, "Please forgive me, hall master. I will definitely work harder."

"You have a playful nature, so I allowed you to travel around with Wan'er. But that does not mean you can neglect your cultivation. Now that you're back, just stay around for now. You need to temper your nature somewhat. The tempering will help your cultivation," said the hall master emotionlessly.

Old Urchin's face collapsed as he said, "There is no need for that, right? My cultivation has never stopped growing."

"You're happy with this kind of growth speed?" asked the hall master. He decided, "No negotiation. You may all leave. I want to spend some time with Wan'er."

At that, the first elder, Old Urchin, and Xiang Shaoyun retreated from the main hall.

"Wan'er, have you suffered after following that kid?" asked the hall master.

Tuoba Wan'er answered, "No. The holy son-in-law treats me kindly."

"Be honest with your grandpa. From what I see, he does not seem the type to stay away from trouble. In fact, he looks like a player," said the hall master confidently.

Even Tuoba Wan'er felt embarrassed on Xiang Shaoyun's behalf. She said, "I think it's fine. He is sincere and treats me well."

"Girl, you are too kind. You're still speaking for him here? If it wasn't for the upright aura he has around him, I would have crippled him the moment I saw him," said the hall master. "Now that you're back, stay. Don't even think of leaving anytime soon. You need to complete the task I gave you earlier."

"Grandpa, I don't think we should do that. The holy son-in-law has a lot of things to do," said Tuoba Wan'er, who didn't dare to outright refuse the request.

"Nothing is more important than creating a successor for the Tuoba Clan. No negotiation," concluded the hall master imposingly.

Tuoba Wan'er wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say. She knew her grandfather well. The moment he decided on something, it would be hard to change his mind. She could only wait and talk again at a later time.

Xiang Shaoyun went to where the Ziling Sect and Overlord Legion members were and spent some time with them. He told them what to watch out for while they were here so that they wouldn't get into any trouble unknowingly. He didn't have the time to babysit them.

The people from the Ziling Sect and Overlord Legion took this opportunity to properly experience the atmosphere within the Holy Earth Hall, so they didn't stay in their rooms. 

Xiang Shaoyun returned to the residence arranged for him and Tuoba Wan'er. The residence was filled with beautiful memories of their past.

For the next few days, the entire Holy City was bustling with activity. The hall master was going to personally oversee the marriage between Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er. News of it spread rapidly to every corner of the Holy Earth Hall, and many organizations based in the Holy Earth Hall visited them with gifts.

In the Holy Earth Hall, the Holy Hall people were basically royalty. Nobody dared to slight them, and everyone needed to fawn on them. Thus, the coming wedding would be grand.

Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that he would actually undergo a proper wedding ceremony during his visit. He thought of a different person whom he wanted even more to have a wedding ceremony with.

But since he was already here, there was no way he could say no. After all, he also loved Tuoba Wan'er, and they had already held their engagement ceremony. It was only right that they complete the wedding ceremony now.

The entire city was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, every single resident celebrating the royal wedding. Seated in a luxurious carriage pulled by eight dragonblood horses, Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er were paraded around the Holy Earth Hall once again.

Those lucky enough to come with Xiang Shaoyun rejoiced at the fact they could witness his wedding. They would be able to brag about their attendance for their entire life.

On the wedding day, Xiang Shaoyun was dressed in formal attire, looking handsome and noble. Tuoba Wan'er was akin to a fairy, every move of hers capable of tugging at one's heartstrings. When the two stood together, it was as though they had both descended from the heavens and were a match made in the heavens, gracing the mortal world with their presence. 

Everyone in the city cheered endlessly, giving their most heartfelt blessings to Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er.

Holding Xiang Shaoyun's hand, Tuoba Wan'er asked, "Holy son-in-law, are you happy?"

Xiang Shaoyun glanced at her and said, "Of course. Why do you ask?"

"Won't you feel guilty toward the other sisters?" asked Tuoba Wan'er with a complicated look in her eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun gently wrapped his arm around her shoulders and said, "Silly girl. The heavens are blessing me for allowing me to get a wife as beautiful as you. Today, we won't think of anything or anyone else. This is a day for only the two of us. I only worry that you will suffer by my side."

"With those words, any suffering would be worth it," said Tuoba Wan'er with a smile.

Looking at the beautiful face right before him, Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help but plant a kiss on her cheek. They were currently in a parade going around the city. Everyone was looking at them, and when they saw Xiang Shaoyun kiss her, their excitement reached a boiling point. Everyone cheered even louder.

"Well done, holy son-in-law. One more, come on," someone shouted. The others also followed along.

Tuoba Wan'er's face turned red, and she lowered her head shyly, not daring to look at anyone.

"Sure, sure, I'll do it. Just don't forget me in the future," replied Xiang Shaoyun, in a good mood.

He then planted yet another kiss on Tuoba Wan'er's face.

"Well done, holy son-in-law. We won't forget you. You're a real man worthy of our princess," shouted someone.

The crowd continued cheering; joy and excitement filled the wedding. 

Hovering high above them was the hall master, who was watching on as everything happened. A pleased look covered his face as he muttered, "At least this kid is decent. If he doesn't know how to appreciate Wan'er, I'll chop him into pieces."

"I heard from second brother that this kid is a hard worker. He is also decently connected, having the assistance of the white tigers, the angels, and some other weird but capable cultivators. His organization is decently sized, but they are currently suffering from internal troubles and outside aggression," said the first elder.

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