Chapter 1157: Holy Hall Master

The Holy Earth Hall was akin to an entirely different world located underground. They occupied a large territory and were self-sufficient. They lived in isolation, with cultivation being their way of life. One could say that they all stood aloof from worldly affairs.

When the people from the Ziling Sect and Overlord Legion arrived with Xiang Shaoyun, they felt their horizons widen. They knew that everything was possible in the world, but this was still their first time visiting an actual underground organization. Everything was full of novelty for them.

When they arrived, a large group approached them. The group was valiant and majestic, causing them to instinctively make way. They all knew that these newcomers were definitely the Holy Hall's guards, people with a high status in this underground world.

When the group came before Tuoba Wan'er and Xiang Shaoyun, they got off their mounts and knelt down on one knee. They greeted, "We welcome the princess and holy son-in-law back to the Holy Hall."

The people from the Ziling Sect and Overlord Legion were all shocked. Princess? Holy son-in-law? The two terms appeared in their brains, stunning them.

"Rise. Let's return," said Tuoba Wan'er with a noble grace.

And thus, the Holy Hall's guards led them back toward the Holy Hall. Just the presence of Holy Hall guards was eye-catching enough. With the addition of the 49 riders and the young geniuses from the Overlord Legion, the procession looked even more extraordinary.

When the group reached the Holy City, an even larger group of people was waiting there. They were lined up in an orderly manner as they welcomed Tuoba Wan'er and Xiang Shaoyun. It was not until they saw this welcome that the people from the Ziling Sect and Overlord Legion were sure of Tuoba Wan'er's status as a princess.

They couldn't help but gasp inwardly, The young sect master(overlord) is really amazing. He even managed to steal their princess. I feel like prostrating myself before him in admiration.

But when they recalled the remarkable potential Xiang Shaoyun had, they all felt that he was good enough for someone like Tuoba Wan'er. 

At this time, the first elder led the other elders to respectfully welcome Tuoba Wan'er and Xiang Shaoyun into the main hall.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw the first elder, he found that the first elder looked even younger than before. The occasional sharp gleam that would flicker in his eyes made it hard for one to guess just how high his cultivation level was.

"Young lady, son-in-law, the hall master awaits," said the first elder with a bow.

"Grandpa has left seclusion?" exclaimed Tuoba Wan'er with an expression of pleasant surprise.

"Yes. He ended seclusion two years ago," replied the first elder.

"Why didn't anyone tell me? It has been years since I last saw grandpa," said Tuoba Wan'er gloomily.

"The hall master did not want to distract you," said the first elder.

"Forget it. Holy son-in-law, let's go meet grandpa," said Tuoba Wan'er. She was in a good mood, so she couldn't be bothered to get overly worked up over something minor. She had the first elder arrange the accommodations for the Ziling Sect and the Overlord Legion. These people still weren't qualified to step into the main hall.

The first elder immediately got someone to make the arrangements while he himself led Tuoba Wan'er and Xiang Shaoyun to the main hall.

Old Urchin wanted to slip off with the donkey, but the first elder noticed what he was trying to do and berated, "Second brother, come in as well. The hall master wishes to see you."

Old Urchin said sullenly, "I have a stomachache. Can't we meet after a few days?"

Old Urchin was fearless, but he seemed rather scared of the hall master.

"Sure, up to you," answered the first elder indifferently.

"Erm...I think I'll just go with you," said Old Urchin helplessly.

Shortly after, they arrived at the main hall. The main hall was still as gorgeous and luxurious as ever, radiating a majestic grace that could give any regular person a sense of inferiority. Someone was seated on the main seat. Just by sitting there, it was as though he was the center of the entire hall. He gave off the feeling that he was the master of everything and that nothing mattered except for him.

He had the appearance of someone about 30 years old. His eyebrows were thick, and his eyes were as bright as the sun and moon. His figure was akin to a lofty mountain, his stature like someone standing atop a star, radiating an imposing aura.

When one looked at him, one would inevitably find oneself completely taken in. He was too imposing, too valiant. He was someone who attracted the admiration of any woman and the reverence of any man.

Xiang Shaoyun had never felt this sensation from anyone apart from his master. The only difference was that his master was blind and no longer cared about his physical appearance, so his master did not appear as attractive as this man. This man was none other than the master of the Holy Hall, Tuoba Wan'er's grandfather. If Tuoba Wan'er was to stand beside him, people would probably think that they were siblings.

"Grandpa," Tuoba Wan'er's voice of pleasant surprise broke the silence as she rushed toward the main seat.

She then jumped into the man's arms, joy all over her face.

Xiang Shaoyun was shocked as he thought, Is he really the hall master? He's so young?

"Haha, Wan'er, my darling, your grandpa misses you dearly," said the hall master with a hearty laugh.

"That is definitely a lie, Grandpa. You didn't even tell me you left seclusion," grumbled Tuoba Wan'er.

"I saw that you were having a lot of fun outside, so I wanted to give you more time. In any case, I'll always be here waiting," said the hall master.

"I don't care. You need to compensate me," Tuoba Wan'er nagged.

"Sure, sure, anything you want," said the hall master with a pampering tone. He looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Why are you not introducing me to your husband?"

Before Tuoba Wan'er could say anything, Xiang Shaoyun stepped forth, saluted respectfully, and said, "Xiang Shaoyun greets Grandpa."

He was saluting him with the etiquette of a hall master's junior, not subordinate. After all, he was Tuoba Wan'er's husband.

"Haha, good, good. You're quite a decent kid," said the hall master as he scanned Xiang Shaoyun with a look of praise in his eyes.

His clone had fought Xiang Shaoyun before, so he knew that Xiang Shaoyun cultivated many powers. He had thought that it would be hard for Xiang Shaoyun to reach far, but not only had his strength continued growing, he had also grown rapidly. Thus, the little prejudice the hall master had toward him fully dispersed.

More importantly, Xiang Shaoyun was smart enough to come visit with his granddaughter. His attitude wouldn't be as good otherwise.

"Thank you, Grandpa," answered Xiang Shaoyun.

"Um. You may be at ease. Wan'er, now that you're back, let's complete the wedding ceremony. You should also start to consider giving birth to a fat baby that can take over my position. Hahaha," said the hall master in excitement.

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