Chapter 1156: Overlord Legion's Recent Developments

There were a few dozen Overlord Legion members here, and Xiang Shaoyun only knew about half of them. The other half were unfamiliar faces that had joined after he had left. However, they all knew Xiang Shaoyun. His past accomplishments when in the academy and his role during the competition between the four academies had fully etched his name in their hearts.

During his time at the academy, he was already one of the top three disciples, his strength only behind Baili Yixiao and Zhan Wushuang. But during the competition of the four academies, he alone faced the top disciples of all four academies and defeated all of them, including the owner of the legendary Primal Chaos Physique. His fame had thus spread all over the four academies. Even some ancient organizations had come to learn of his name.

It was only natural that the members of the Overlord Legion would look at him with so much reverence.

After catching up with them for a bit, Xiang Shaoyun called Tuoba Wan'er over and introduced her, "This is your sister-in-law, Tuoba Wan'er."

Tuoba Wan'er blushed when she heard the way Xiang Shaoyun introduced her. However, bliss filled her heart.

"Greetings, sister-in-law," greeted the Overlord Legion members.

"Hello," she returned the greeting.

"These are my brothers from my time at the Dragon Phoenix Academy. They frequently train at the Desert of Despair," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Tuoba Wan'er knew that Xiang Shaoyun was a disciple abandoned by the Dragon Phoenix Academy, so she didn't have any good impression of the academy's higher-ups. However, she definitely had a different opinion of his brothers.

"Overlord, why are you here?" Zhuge Zhantian asked curiously after giving the 49 riders a glance.

"Oh, your sister-in-law's home is here, so we're visiting. It's quite a surprise to see you guys here," said Xiang Shaoyun after a slight hesitation.

"This is the Desert of Despair. How is her home here?" asked someone in confusion.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't answer. After all, the Holy Hall was a hermit organization isolated from the world. Few people knew of them, so it wouldn't be proper for him to tell them about it.

At this time, Tuoba Wan'er said, "My home is somewhere in the desert. If you guys are interested, you can come visit. I'll gladly have you guys as guests."

"Excellent! We would be honored to visit our sister-in-law's home," said someone.

A different person agreed, "Yes, let's go with the overlord and help make his return even more glorious."

All of them were still very young, and they thought that Xiang Shaoyun was returning to ask for her hand in marriage. Thus, they wanted to join in on the excitement.

Zhuge Zhantian was a tactful person. He said, "Stop messing around. It would be rude for so many of us to barge into our sister-in-law's home. We still need to return to the academy and update the mission status."

He was trying to remind them not to mess around. Tuoba Wan'er was merely extending an invitation out of politeness. Everyone came to a realization. They seemed to have gotten too ahead of themselves.

"It doesn't matter. If you have the time, feel free to visit anytime," said Tuoba Wan'er generously.

She was the princess of the Holy Hall, someone with a paramount position in the Holy Earth Hall. It wouldn't be hard for her to invite them in.

Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that Tuoba Wan'er would be so open about it. He said, "If you are free, just come visit. But your sister-in-law's place is a bit special, so be sure to not run your mouth needlessly after the visit."

When they saw that even Xiang Shaoyun was inviting them, they stopped refusing. After a short rest, they joined the procession of 49 riders and headed toward the Holy Earth Hall.

Along the way, Zhuge Zhantian walked with Xiang Shaoyun. Even so, he still consciously stayed half a step behind, abiding by his identity as a subordinate. Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help asking about the Overlord Legion, Ouyang Chuanqi, Han Chenfei, Tang Longfei, and Lady Shura.

Ouyang Chuanqi had replaced Xiang Shaoyun as the leader, but he still insisted on staying the deputy commander instead of calling himself the commander. Even so, he still did everything a leader should. He had started expanding the Overlord Legion and had led the legion on numerous missions outside the academy, successfully solidifying the legion's unity.

Han Chenfei became the best assistance. She helped Ouyang Chuanqi lead the Overlord Legion, and with her identity as the academy's number two beauty, more and more people joined the legion.

Tang Longfei did not stop doing his duties just because there were two new deputy commanders. Rather, he cultivated even harder. He had a good relationship with the brothers and sisters of the legion and had everyone's respect.

Lady Shura had remained low profile, spending most of her time cultivating at the goldmen territory. She very rarely participated in the legion events, but each time she showed herself, it was obvious she had grown stronger. 

People like Shang Jifeng, Shou Xie, Ma Qihao, and the others whom Xiang Shaoyun knew were also doing well. Few people dared to easily provoke the legion.

Now, the Overlord Legion was one of the three strongest factions within the academy. This was completely different from the past when they were looked down upon by everyone. From what Zhuge Zhantian said, their batch of disciples were already starting to produce Soul Foundation Realm experts.

Apart from the few geniuses in the academy, most of the disciples were in the Dragon Ascension Realm and were working hard to catch up. Everyone was growing at a decent pace. 

Two dark horses had also appeared out of nowhere, catching up to the other geniuses. They managed to catch the eyes of the academy higher-ups and caused all the other disciples to exclaim in admiration.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't too interested in any other news as he only cared about those close to him. So long as they were doing well in the academy, all was good for him. He had been afraid that those who held a grudge toward him would move against the Overlord Legion, but it seemed it wasn't an issue.

"Overlord, how have you been for the past two years?" asked Zhuge Zhantian curiously.

When he had first met Xiang Shaoyun, he had thought himself capable of seeing through Xiang Shaoyun. But now, he felt like a layer of mist was enshrouding Xiang Shaoyun, making him impossible to see through.

One could say that for a reason unknown to Zhuge Zhantian, a sense of reverence was automatically surging out of his heart when he met Xiang Shaoyun again. Thus, he was curious just what Xiang Shaoyun had experienced within the past two years.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "I regained what belonged to my father and continued what he was doing before. I am now based in the Western Desert's Celestial King Province and leading the Ziling Sect. Feel free to come visit with our brothers when you have the time. I will have my door wide open for you."

"That's good to hear. I'll definitely visit with our brothers in the future," said Zhuge Zhantian.

Xiang Shaoyun gave Zhuge Zhantian a simplified rundown of his recent experiences, letting Zhuge Zhantian know that the past two years hadn't been easy for him at all. As they talked, they arrived at the Holy Earth Hall's entrance.

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