Chapter 1155: You're Still Our Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that he would encounter his brothers from the Overlord Legion in the Desert of Despair. When he saw them in danger, he naturally had to help. As he sat atop Money, starfall lightning energy swirled around him, making him look like a child of lightning. Like a purple bolt of lightning, he charged into the battlefield.

The moment he attacked, he used the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique, sending out numerous lightning bolts. A thick saber intent tore through air and instantly separated dozens of bandit heads from their bodies. Scorched bandit corpses dropped everywhere, scaring the bandits into a panic.

"Yet another little bastard here to throw his life away. Kill him," said one of the bandit leaders as he charged Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun leaped off Money's body and said, "You'll deal with them, Money."

"Yes, boss. I'll teach them a good lesson," replied Money as he enlarged and swept through the battlefield.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he flew toward Zhuge Zhantian's group. He moved at an astonishing speed, leaving a path of beheaded bandits behind him. Not a single bandit could survive encountering him.

This greatly frightened the other bandits. They wanted to join hands against him, but they couldn't even catch his shadow. What could they even do against him? Xiang Shaoyun was far stronger than them. There might be many of them, but when Xiang Shaoyun was seriously trying to slaughter them, they were helpless. 

When the people from the Overlord Legion saw Xiang Shaoyun, they were overjoyed.

"I-is this the overlord? I'm not seeing things, right?"

"Yes, it's the overlord. He's actually at the Desert of Despair. This is great!"

"We're saved! These damn bandits tried to kill us? Let us work with the overlord and slaughter them all!"

"Haha, with the overlord here, who can be the match for us, the Overlord Legion? Let's kill, brothers!"


The Overlord Legion's morale rose as they attacked the bandits madly. Each Overlord Legion member was an Emperor among Emperors. They could all punch above their class. They were only at a disadvantage earlier because none of them could deal with Soul Foundation Realm experts.

With Money dealing with the Soul Foundation Realm experts for them, their pressure was greatly reduced. There were three Soul Foundation Realm experts among the bandits, the strongest being a third-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. This particular person was currently still near Zhuge Zhantian, and he was the actual leader of the Barbaric Desert Snakes.

"Whoever you are, stop right now, or I'll kill him," said the bandit leader coldly with Zhuge Zhantian in hand.

Zhuge Zhantian shouted, "Ignore me, overlord. Kill them all!"

He did not wish to see Xiang Shaoyun and the others fall in danger just for him.

"Shut your mouth! Don't you dare think that I wouldn't dare kill you!" snapped the bandit leader murderously.

Xiang Shaoyun frowned. His figure instantly vanished into thin air. All the bandits lost sight of him, causing the bandit leader to panic.

The bandit leader roared, "Show yourself, or I'll really kill him!"

As soon as the bandit finished speaking, Xiang Shaoyun's voice came from his back, "I'm here."

A finger sword flickered through the air, and a head was sent flying. 

Even in his last moments, the bandit leader still couldn't understand what had happened. He was a third-stage Soul Foundation Realm expert. How could he be killed so easily?

With the bandit head in his hand, Xiang Shaoyun soared into the sky and roared, "Your leader has been beheaded. Accept your deaths!"

His voice rumbled like thunder. All the bandits heard him, and when they saw the head in his hand, fear flooded their hearts. None of them had the courage to continue fighting.

"The boss is dead! We need to flee!" shouted someone.

With someone taking the lead, nobody was willing to stay. They fled in all directions.

Unfortunately for them, the 49 riders charged toward them at this time. Like wolves unleashed upon a flock of sheep, they started slaughtering the bandits. Not a single bandit was able to escape. All of them were killed.

Even those Soul Foundation Realm experts were killed by Money. After becoming a Demon Sovereign, Money had started refining the celestial horned dragonsnake's horn. His strength had grown rapidly, and like Xiang Shaoyun, he was now a second-stage Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun came beside Zhuge Zhantian. He was about to say something when Zhuge Zhantian knelt down on one knee and saluted him, "I greet the overlord!"

The other Overlord Legion members also rushed over, got down on one knee, and greeted, "We greet the overlord!"

They acted in a straightforward manner, making it clear that he was their leader. Those from the Ziling Sect saw it clearly, and shock filled their eyes. These were all extraordinary youths with boundless prospects. They would attract much attention wherever they went. All of them were actually showing such devotion to Xiang Shaoyun. This was incredibly hard to believe.

"How many secrets are the young sect master still hiding?" wondered the Ziling Sect people.

Ever since Xiang Shaoyun returned to the sect with a group of experts, he had surprised them again and again. They couldn't even begin to see his limits.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "You don't have to act like this, brothers. Stand up. You are only making things hard for me. I'm no longer your overlord."

He had left the academy for two years. Thus, he was very moved to see that these brothers still remembered him and were still willing to show him such respect.

"Overlord, even after leaving, you're still our overlord. This is something all the brothers and sisters agree with. Even Deputy Commander Ouyang agrees. You don't have to refuse our greetings," said Zhuge Zhantian seriously.

Xiang Shaoyun did not want to talk too much about it. He shifted the topic and asked, "Only you guys are here? Where are the others?"

"This is my idea. I was planning to have the brothers temper themselves here, but I did not expect to encounter such a powerful group of bandits. If it wasn't for your timely appearance, we would have probably all died here," said Zhuge Zhantian.

"All is good as long as you're fine," said Xiang Shaoyun as he started greeting the other Overlord Legion members.

Among them, some were familiar faces while some were new faces. Even so, all of them were looking at him with reverence.

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