Chapter 1150: The High Priest Arrives

Xiang Shaoyun was fully prepared to crush the jade slip given to him by Scarlet Flame Monarch. He was still young and did not intend to die this early. But before he could, someone interrupted, protecting him and the people around him, completely negating the old lady's pressure. The newly appeared energy was akin to the sun's radiance, so radiant that nobody could keep their eyes open.

The old lady had an ominous feeling and hurriedly retreated while shouting, "Who is it! Show yourself!"

"Not only are you trying to harm our Child of Light, but you still dare speak such conceited words?" an aged voice resounded in the sky. A pure and white radiance descended from the sky, and several figures appeared.

When everyone saw who the newcomers were, their faces were covered with astonishment. Eight angels with snow-white wings and a halo on each of their heads appeared before them. Behind the angels were two humans dressed like monks. The group was led by an old angel who wasn't particularly tall. There was a serene aura about him, as though he was a friendly neighboring grandpa.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw them, a wide smile bloomed on his face. He muttered, "We're saved!"

Ever since the battle devolved into a fight between Heaven Battling Realm experts, Xiang Shaoyun felt extremely helpless. He was unable to do anything and could only watch as Jin Junyi harmed those on his side, and watch as the old lady invited the Dragon Monarch to take on the entirety of the Ziling Sect. He had been sinking deeper and deeper into despair.

With the high priest and the other angels coming here, he finally felt like there was hope in ending this conflict favorably. The high priest was absolutely an expert who could make the Dragon Society retreat to avoid heavy losses.

When the old lady spotted the angels, a look of astonishment covered her eyes as she asked, "What is the meaning of this, foreigners? This is an affair between humans. Are you really going to intervene?"

The angels ignored the old lady and headed straight for Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun also stepped forth and greeted them in excitement, "High priest, why did you come personally?"

"Child of Light, it has only been several years, yet you've already grown to this level. You are indeed worthy of being our envoy. The responsibility of guarding our future can only lie on you," said the high priest with a gratified smile.

Back then, he had invested heavily in Xiang Shaoyun. For example, the saint equipment and the Dazzling Sky Sword Technique were all extremely rare saint-grade items. He naturally hoped to see Xiang Shaoyun grow into someone capable enough to help the angels in the future. And now, he saw that his investment had been worth it.

"You overpraise me, high priest. If you had come any later, I would have moved on to the afterlife," said Xiang Shaoyun with a bitter smile.

"Do not worry, Child of Light. We're here, so we will solve this problem for you," said the high priest.

"I'll have to trouble you. I only need them to leave," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He knew the angels were kind and probably wouldn't commit mass murder. Thus, he opted for a softer approach.

"No problem," said the high priest. He then looked at the old lady, his wise eyes shining with a white radiance. "Leave. Do not make things hard for our Child of Light, or we won't stay still. We of the angels do not enjoy war, but that does not mean we will show mercy to our enemies."

Slowly, a portion of his aura unfurled from his body and pressed forth toward the old lady.

The aura felt extremely dangerous, and her expression changed greatly. She exclaimed, "Great Saint!"

The so-called Great Saint referred to someone who had reached ninth-stage Saint Realm. Prior to this, nobody knew the high priest's cultivation level. But from the aura he was releasing, the old lady could feel that he was a Great Saint, someone terrifyingly powerful. His strength wasn't surprising. As an eight-winged angel and the strongest angel expert, he wouldn't be able to keep the peace of his race without some strength.

The old lady retreated without hesitating and shouted, "Are the angels really making us your enemies?"

"If you keep uttering all this nonsense, I'll proceed to purify all of you," said the high priest.

While the old lady was hesitating, a draconic figure descended from the sky. It was none other than the Dragon Monarch. The high priest looked at the Dragon Monarch. A curtain of absolute calm covered his wise eyes, as though he was not worried at all.

At this time, Old Urchin also descended from the sky and shouted, "Hey, don't run. Let's fight 3,000 more rounds!"

He looked somewhat sorry with his clothes torn and a decent amount of bloodstains on him, but fortunately, he had not suffered many injuries. Even so, from how he looked, he was obviously the one at the disadvantage during the fight. However, he was actually brazenly chasing after the Dragon Monarch. It was unknown if he was simply thick-skinned or completely fearless.

"We will stop," announced the Dragon Monarch.

"Hehe, so you're finally scared of this Saint? If you dare act cocky in front of me ever again, I'll first kill you before snatching your weapon," said Old Urchin smugly.

However, the Dragon Monarch didn't spare him a glance. Rather, he looked at the high priest and said, "I will show the angels respect. We will no longer intrude upon the Ziling Sect's territory. Let's go."

From the aura the high priest was emitting, the Dragon Monarch knew very well that his projection wouldn't be a match. Thus, he had to make a quick decision. With the Dragon Monarch making the choice to retreat, it became apparent that they had to return empty-handed. Many were unreconciled, but it was still smarter to leave since the other party had so many helpers.

Xiang Shaoyun stepped forth and said, "Hold on. You can't leave yet."

"What is the meaning of this? Don't think that we're really afraid of you," said the old lady as he shot Xiang Shaoyun a glare.

They had already conceded. What else did the other party want?

Xiang Shaoyun said, "You need to pay 20 million high-grade spirit crystals before leaving."

"Twenty million high-grade spirit crystals? Why should we pay?" asked the old lady unhappily.

"If you agree to a bet, you must accept it when you lose. Since your Dragon Society has lost, you owe us 10 million high-grade spirit crystals. As for the additional 10 million high-grade spirit crystals, it is the penalty for breaking the rules," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

The other party had gone far too overboard. If he didn't do anything, the Ziling Sect's prestige would drop.

"Don't push it! Your side was the one to first break the rules, but now you want us to pay? Dream on!" the old lady refused vehemently.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the high priest and said, "High priest, I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you again."

One had to admit that Xiang Shaoyun was quite a ruffian, using the high priest to bully his opponents once negotiations failed. However, he was merely repeating what the Dragon Society had done to them. He believed that the Dragon Society would not do anything stupid.

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