Chapter 1149: Weapon Possession

The person referring to Xiang Shaoyun as the holy son-in-law was none other than Old Urchin. He was coming from an unknown direction, and his body, not exactly sturdy, carried an extraordinary aura that made him look tall and lofty.

"Old man, if you had waited any longer, I would have died," said the badly injured donkey.

Old Urchin appeared beside the old donkey in a flash. Looking at the depression on the donkey's body, he roared furiously, "Who is the brazen fellow who had beaten you into this shape?"

"Cut the nonsense. Apart from that fellow over there, who else could it be?" said the old donkey as he looked at Jin Junyi.

Tuoba Wan'er also shouted, "Grandpa Urchin, you need to help the holy son-in-law."

"Don't worry, young lady. With me here, they won't be able to create any trouble," said Old Urchin as his gaze locked onto Jin Junyi.

An aura of a late-stage Saint burst out of him and crashed forth toward Jin Junyi. His figure dashed forward as he aimed his palm at Jin Junyi's chest. Jin Junyi had already braced himself for an attack, but he still felt that he wouldn't be able to avoid the strike.

Just as Old Urchin's attack was about to land, the old lady who had remained silent rushed over. A terrifying dragon phantom shot out of her staff and roared as it pounced on Old Urchin.


The dragon phantom was incredibly powerful. Wherever it passed, space itself was crushed. It instantly arrived behind Old Urchin. Old Urchin could feel a strong sense of threat, and he was forced to turn around and slam his palm at the incoming attack.

His palm was incomparably powerful, instantly crushing the dragon phantom. The impact of the collision rippled out like a tsunami, shaking their surroundings. Jin Junyi took this opportunity to quickly move away.

As for the old lady, she faced Old Urchin and said, "Whoever you are, involving yourself in this matter is a mistake. Get lost if you're smart, and I won't make things difficult for you."

Old Urchin raised his brow and said, "You think you can fight me just because of that weapon in your hand? You might as well come at me together."

"This is an honorable challenge, and the Ziling Sect has lost. They are now mine. Are you trying to go back on your words?" said the old lady.

"That's right. The five rounds have ended, and your Ziling Sect has lost. Submit obediently. Stop this pointless struggle," said Jin Junyi smugly.

The other Dragon Society members also started shouting, asking for the Ziling Sect to abide by the agreement. As for the people from the Ziling Sect, they continued shouting about the Dragon Society breaking the rules, and they were unwilling to submit.

Xiang Shaoyun stood up and stopped his side's shouting. He faced the old lady and Jin Junyi and said, "You guys were the ones who had set up the rules. Now, it is our turn to set up the rules. You can piss off and return to the Dragon Society, or we can fight to the death."

Since the other party had broken the rules, it was pointless to say anything about the honorable challenge. He might as well go full hostile against them. In any case, Old Urchin was displaying enough strength to face both the old lady and Jin Junyi.

"That's right. Bring it on. Have a good fight with your Grandpa Urchin. You dare injure my donkey? You are truly gutsy," said Old Urchin as he charged at Jin Junyi.

The old lady had kept her eyes on Old Urchin. The moment he moved, she swung her staff. Jin Junyi was naturally not going to sit around and do nothing. He took out his weapon and also swung at Old Urchin.

Old Urchin had extraordinary strength, and it wouldn't be hard for him to defeat Jin Junyi. However, the dragon staff held by the old lady was incredibly powerful, forcing him to constantly be on guard.

Even when facing two opponents simultaneously, Old Urchin still looked like he was having an easy time. Moreover, he was continuously giving Jin Junyi a beating, occupying the obvious advantage.

"You dare hit the donkey? This is for him!" said Old Urchin as he struck Jin Junyi's chest with his palm after dodging yet another attack from the old lady.

Jin Junyi couldn't dodge the attack and was sent flying away. His chest caved, and his blood splattered everywhere.

The old lady grew anxious. She roared, "Dragon Monarch, please give us a helping hand!"

As she said that, she threw out the dragon staff. A valiant power emerged from her weapon as the staff went through an astonishing change. An imposing figure appeared before Old Urchin, emanating a powerful sense of oppression that caused even Old Urchin's face to turn grave.

The figure was blurry, and his face couldn't be seen clearly. However, he was emanating a thick draconic aura as though the lord of dragons had descended. He was someone with unparalleled combat strength.

"Weapon possession!" Old Urchin exclaimed with a frown.

One needed to be at least a Great Saint to possess a weapon. He still wasn't strong enough to face such an opponent.

"We greet the Dragon Monarch!" greeted the Dragon Society people as they knelt down.

The figure was none other than the Dragon Society's society master, the Dragon Monarch. He was the strongest existence within the Dragon Society, someone who had remained in seclusion for many years. It turned out that the Dragon Society had come prepared.

"Rise," said the blurry figure. He looked at the old lady and asked, "Why are you calling for me?"

"I ask the Dragon Monarch to deal with this person. We are not his match," said the old lady.

"Fine," answered the Dragon Monarch before reaching out toward Old Urchin.

A dragon paw tore through space; its sharp claws seemed capable of slicing through everything.

Old Urchin was no pushover. He sneered and said, "A mere projection is trying to act tough before me? Die!"

A round hammer appeared in his hands and was swung at the dragon paw. Two different energies collided, creating numerous cracks in space. A chaotic mess of energy ran berserk. 

The people on the ground retreated far away in fear. The Dragon Monarch did not hold anything back. Both him and Old Urchin soared high into the sky, and an intense battle unfolded.

Although Old Urchin was strong enough to put up a fight against the Dragon Monarch, it wouldn't be easy for him to achieve victory. In fact, any carelessness on his part would result in heavy injuries.

"What else do you have, Ziling Sect? Submit immediately, or all of you will be slaughtered," demanded the old lady, a vicious glint in her eyes.

She flew over and stopped above the Ziling Sect's side. She pressed down on them with a sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator's aura, forcing them to tremble and kneel. Not even Xiang Shaoyun could withstand her pressure. Just as his knees were about to hit the ground, a gentle white radiance enveloped and protected him from the pressure.

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