Chapter 1148: The Arrogant Jin Junyi

Jin Junyi was a fifth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. With his strength, he could easily defeat Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad. The three hung on bitterly and were pushed back again and again as blood flowed out of their mouths. Xiang Shaoyun wasn't any better off. He was protected by them, but he could still feel the terrifying energy crushing down on him. The power gave him a feeling of helplessness.

Damn it! He's too strong, thought Xiang Shaoyun. He was about to take out the jade slip given to him by Scarlet Flame Monarch and summon him back to deal with Jin Junyi.

But after some hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun decided against it. He still had some other trump cards he could use.

Within the Ziling Sect's group, Tuoba Wan'er said to the old donkey, "Grandpa donkey, please help them!"

Unsurprisingly, the old donkey advanced in the same leisurely manner he always moved. Even so, he still instantly appeared before Duo Ji and the others, blocking a vast majority of Jin Junyi's power.

"Another Demon Saint?" Jin Junyu exclaimed in surprise.

He had not imagined that the Ziling Sect would still have so many trump cards. However, this old donkey was still weaker than him.

"You better know when to stop, or you'll piss my master off," said the old donkey in his attempt to wrap an enigmatic layer around himself.

"Who is your master?" Jin Junyi indeed started hesitating.

The donkey replied, "Just a forest savage, not someone worth mentioning."

Jin Junyi frowned. He withdrew much of his aura, reducing the pressure on Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad. They hurriedly brought Xiang Shaoyun back to the midst of their 300 riders. Only the donkey was left standing there facing Jin Junyi.

"Let's fight the final round. Will it be you and me?" asked Jin Junyi.

"You're pushing it! You have obviously broken the rules, and now you're insisting on carrying out the last round? Don't be too shameless!"

"That's right. Our sect is already victorious. Don't get too excessive, Dragon Society!"

"We might as well fight them to the death. Why should we be taking this from them?"

"With the sacred elders not being their matches, do we have any hope?"

The Ziling Sect people resentfully rained down curses, but they also felt extremely helpless. Before absolute strength, they seemed so insignificant.

"You're trying to talk about rules? Fine, I'll give you another chance. All of you can come at me. If you still lose, we'll follow our initial agreement. What do you think?" said Jin Junyi confidently as he pointed at the donkey, Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad.

He intended to take on four opponents by himself.

"The deputy society master is mighty!"

"The deputy society master is mighty!"

The members of the Dragon Society cheered when they heard Jin Junyi's words. Even Xiang Shaoyun was at a loss for what to do.

"Looks like we really have no other choices," said Duo Ji with a bitter smile as he looked at Xiang Shaoyun.

With a resolute look, he stepped forth and stood beside the donkey, making it clear that he would rather fight to the death than concede. The turtle and the toad exchanged glances before following suit.

"Toad, use your toad technique and kill him with your stench later," said the turtle.

"What do you mean kill him with my stench? I'm going to swallow him alive," said the toad. "But I think it's better to beat him to the ground with your turtle punch instead."

"My turtle punch?" replied the turtle. "Yes, my turtle punch specializes in beating bastards."

Jin Junyi's face sank when he heard them speaking frivolously. He said, "Are you done talking? If you're done, I'll be sending you to the afterlife."

"No rush. Let us talk tactics first," replied the turtle.

"That's right. Old bastard, since you are bullying your juniors, it will be too unfair to not even let us talk tactics," said the toad.

"You think dragging this on will change your fate? Get up here with me!" said Jin Junyi coldly as his body rippled with power. He locked onto the donkey, Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad, planning to drag them into the sky to proceed with the battle.

"Wait. My master will be fighting you," said the donkey.

"Your master is here?" asked Jin Junyi with a solemn look after a momentary stun.

A person with a Demon Saint for a mount would not be someone to be underestimated. That was why Jin Junyi had been worried about the donkey's master appearing. Anyone would have some fear for the unknown.

"Hehe, what do you think?" asked the donkey, smirking.

Jin Junyi spread his senses around but discovered nothing. Noticing that he had been lied to, he flew into a rage out of humiliation. "You dare fool me? If you don't submit, I'll slaughter all of you!"

He was thoroughly infuriated. He stopped caring and attacked the old donkey. A golden palm crushed forth with the might to topple mountains and overturn seas. The donkey found himself unable to avoid the attack in time.

"Move out!" Duo Ji shouted as he, the turtle, and the toad attacked Jin Junyi from three different directions. They aimed to slow him down so that he wouldn't be able to kill the donkey.

"All of you, get lost!" Jin Junyi roared as he flicked his other arm, sending a powerful chain toward Duo Ji and the others. Instantly, space itself cracked as an overbearing power spread in all directions. 

Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad were too low in cultivation levels compared to Jin Junyi. With a single attack, all three were sent flying away while coughing blood.

The old donkey was also having a terrible time. He forcefully blocked the palm attack, but a depression still appeared on his body, and his blood flowed out madly. He was only a third-stage Demon Saint, still three stages lower than Jin Junyi in terms of cultivation. All the Ziling Sect people despaired when they saw all four of their Saints gravely injured after one move.

"Xiang Shaoyun, surrender, or all of you will die," demanded Jin Junyi as he stood there valiantly like a war god.

Four Saints was not a low number. Not even their Dragon Society had many Saints. Thus, Jin Junyi hoped that they would submit rather than die.

"Do I really have no other choices?" muttered Xiang Shaoyun in despair.

"Who dares to kill our holy son-in-law?" Suddenly, a frivolous voice rang out in the air.

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