Chapter 1147: We Lost This Round

The old lady and Jin Junyi were Heaven Battling Realm experts. Few things could actually shock them, yet they couldn't help but be shocked by Xiang Shaoyun's display. 

Nine different powers bloomed at the same time, stunning everyone present.

They could sense how extraordinary the combination of nine powers was, and they all started guessing what kind of dao Xiang Shaoyun cultivated. No word could begin to describe what they were currently feeling.

Jin Meng, who was facing Xiang Shaoyun, was naturally even more shocked. The power erupting from Xiang Shaoyun's fist gave him an intense feeling of danger. The overbearing fist energy crushed through his energy, forcing him to retreat again and again. He failed to fully block the incoming fist energy. A heavy strike slammed into his ribs, cracking his armor and sending him flying away like a bullet.

"So what if you're a peak Sovereign? I can kill you as easily as I kill a chicken," roared Xiang Shaoyun as he unleashed more attacks on Jin Meng.

His fists were powerful enough to punch a hole in the sky, powerful enough to kill any Sovereign. One nine-colored fist after another rained down, each carrying a berserk strength that seemed capable of blasting through space itself. In fact, the space around them was already showing signs of instability, and chaotic spatial energy was starting to swirl around them.

Everyone was filled with fear. Facing such overbearing fists, any one of them would have been reduced to mincemeat. Long Yugang, who had originally wanted to fight Xiang Shaoyun, paled from fright. The little confidence he had in facing Xiang Shaoyun was completely gone.

He is only a second-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. Why can he unleash such terrifying attacks? How is he doing this? thought Long Yugang in an unreconciled manner.

Cracks were appearing all over Jin Meng's armor, and Jin Meng was forced to withdraw his nine-layered soul foundation from the bombardment of attacks. If this continued, it would only be a matter of time before he was punched into pieces.

Just as Jin Meng was about to die, a sharp energy surged from him. An intense sense of danger overwhelmed Xiang Shaoyun, and he hurriedly retreated at full speed. Even so, an attack still sliced through his waist. He screamed in pain as blood poured out.

After putting some distance between himself and Jin Meng, who was heavily injured, Xiang Shaoyun saw that the weapon in Jin Meng's hand had transformed into a golden sword. The sword exuded a saint-grade weapon's aura, the same aura that sliced through his Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist and left a deep wound on his waist. If he had retreated any slower, he would have been killed.

"Good. Very good. You have actually forced me to this extent. Today, I will use you as a blood sacrifice for the sword my master gave me," said Jin Meng with thick killing intent in his eyes.

The golden sword was Jin Junyi's gift to Jin Meng to encourage him to reach the Heaven Battling Realm as soon as possible. The sword was also to serve as a trump card for him to protect himself.

Jin Meng had been saving this trump card for an opponent stronger than him. He was naturally displeased that someone like Xiang Shaoyun had forced him to take out this sword. He vowed to chop Xiang Shaoyun into pieces.

"The battle will end soon," remarked Jin Junyi.

When two evenly matched people fought, it would be hard to determine the result. However, a higher-leveled weapon was more than enough to help one gain enough of an advantage to turn the battle around. 

Although Jin Meng was already seriously injured, his battle intent rose to the peak as he held the golden sword in his hand. He furiously swung the sword at Xiang Shaoyun.

"Saint weapon?" Xiang Shaoyun muttered nonchalantly as a curved sword with a thick yin aura appeared in his hand. He met Jin Meng's sword with the curved sword.

Jin Meng's sword sliced through the air, flooding the air with boundless golden energy. His sword energy crisscrossed all around him, threatening to slice everything into pieces. The sharpness of his attack was something no Sovereign could deal with. Even an expert already a pseudo-Saint could only flee when facing this attack.

However, a casual swing of Xiang Shaoyun's sword actually unleashed a corrosive dark energy that instantly erased the golden energy. The dark energy cut through space itself, heading toward Jin Meng's head.

The sword attack moved at an incredible speed, so fast that the observers couldn't even see its trajectory. Just as Jin Meng was about to be killed, a golden figure tore through the air. It appeared beside Jin Meng and pulled him away from the sword.

Xiang Shaoyun's attack failed to hit his target, but it still created an incomparably terrifying scene. A crack over 10,000 meters long was left in the air, and chaotic energy currents were roiling from it. Jin Meng felt his entire body go cold when he saw the crack. If his savior was any slower, he would already be dead.

"This kid's weapon is too terrifying," said Jin Junyi, the person who had saved Jin Meng. When he looked at Xiang Shaoyun's weapon, he had a look of greed on his face. Who wouldn't want to possess a high-level weapon like this?

Xiang Shaoyun stopped attacking. He coldly looked at Jin Junyi and Jin Meng as he asked, "What is the meaning of this?"

This was supposed to be a battle to the death. Jin Junyi had obviously broken the rules.

"Yeah. What is the meaning of this? Are you reneging on your own words?" said Duo Ji, who had rushed over to stand guard beside Xiang Shaoyun.

The turtle and the toad also advanced, unwilling to give Jin Junyi any chance to lay his hands on Xiang Shaoyun.

"We lost this round," replied Jin Junyi nonchalantly.

Xiang Shaoyun said unyieldingly, "You broke the rules."

"We already let you have the victory. What else do you want?" asked Jin Junyi, his eyes narrowing.

"Since you broke the rules, consider this entire challenge your defeat. You can now piss off and return to your Dragon Society," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hmph. That's not for you to say." Jin Junyi coldly snorted and released the aura of a Heaven Battling Realm expert.

Instantly, a terrifying storm erupted, throwing their surroundings into chaos. Standing opposite him, Xiang Shaoyun, Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad felt the powerful pressure he was emitting. The pressure almost forced all of them to retreat.

"Don't even dream of being impudent before us!" roared Duo Ji as he unleashed his might.

However, it seemed unlikely that he alone could block Jin Junyi, who was several stages higher than him in cultivation. The turtle and the toad also didn't dare to wait around. They released their auras and joined hands to face Jin Junyi, protecting Xiang Shaoyun from harm.

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