Chapter 1146: Shocking a Saint

"Is this really happening? Elder Jin Meng actually wasn't able to instantly kill that young sect master from the Ziling Sect?"

"Being the one who snatched the sect back, it looks like he really is quite capable. But I still feel like Elder Jin Meng will be able to defeat him soon."

"Worthy of being our young sect master. You'll definitely be able to beat him until he pisses his pants! Keep going, young sect master!"

"The young sect master isn't even using his full strength yet. Just wait until he gets serious. Not even a Saint will be his match."


The Dragon Society was voicing their support for Jin Meng, while the Ziling Sect was naturally voicing their support for Xiang Shaoyun. This was an important fight. If the Dragon Society won, the Ziling Sect would fall under them. On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun's victory would earn the sect more breathing space.

The old lady and Jin Junyi, who were observing the battle, were also staring at Xiang Shaoyun in shock and confusion. Not only did Xiang Shaoyun possess valiant combat strength, but he also cultivated numerous powers, completely toppling their worldview.

They had always known that someone cultivating several powers would not only fail to reach a high cultivation level but would also fail to extract so much strength out of each power with such high proficiency.

Xiang Shaoyun was not only proficient in the various powers but could also smoothly fuse them together. It was incredibly shocking. If Xiang Shaoyun was the owner of a Primal Chaos Physique, it might be acceptable. But since he was using the powers of wind and lightning as well, it was clear he didn't own the Primal Chaos Physique.

They had no idea just what kind of physique Xiang Shaoyun had. In fact, from their observation, it seemed like only the powers of wood, earth, and light remained unused. But just as they concluded that Xiang Shaoyun only cultivated six powers, he displayed a brand new power.

As Xiang Shaoyun collided with Jin Meng, Xiang Shaoyun’s hands draped downward. His clothes were already badly torn, and blood was flowing out from all over his body. He looked miserable.

Jin Meng was known as the First Fierce Sovereign, so he naturally had remarkable combat prowess. No matter how capable Xiang Shaoyun was, Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation realm was still much lower, so he wasn't able to speedily defeat Jin Meng. In fact, he was still at a slight disadvantage.

Even so, Jin Meng was definitely in a much worse position than everyone was thinking. He had not expected Xiang Shaoyun to control so many different powers and always catch him by surprise, causing him to suffer numerous injuries. He felt humiliated to have such a hard time against an opponent like Xiang Shaoyun.

"You're very capable. It's a pity your cultivation is all over the place. You won't be able to escape the fate of dying under my halberd," said Jin Meng as he brought his halberd down at Xiang Shaoyun again.

Abrupt Skyfall!

Xiang Shaoyun could feel that Jin Meng was using all his strength and unleashing an attack that would definitely be difficult to block. Xiang Shaoyun fully activated his gift of instincts in his attempt to look for an opening. Unfortunately, Jin Meng's straightforward attack had no openings to manipulate. He was left with no choice but to face it head on.

Profundity of earth.

He planted both his legs on the ground as he absorbed a huge amount of earth energy. Rocks and soil gathered and formed a massive stone statue before him. He was imitating Tu Hangsun.

"What? This kid knows the profundity of earth as well?" Tu Hangsun was alarmed.

Both the old lady and Jin Junyi were also stunned. Then, they thought of a possibility. Perhaps Xiang Shaoyun was cultivating nine powers. If that was the case, he could very well be someone with nine stars. If someone like him had actually focused on a single power, just how terrifying would he be?

They rejoiced that he had decided to cultivate so many different powers, which meant he wouldn't have much room for growth. It was publicly acknowledged that cultivating too many powers was the same as severing one's own path of cultivation.

Using the profundity of earth, Xiang Shaoyun formed a stone giant. However, Jin Meng was too valiant. He unleashed a bombardment on the stone giant, blasting off piece after piece of stone, not giving Xiang Shaoyun any chance to retreat. Finally, he cleared a path to Xiang Shaoyun. Just as his golden halberd was about to strike Xiang Shaoyun's head, Xiang Shaoyun vanished.

Not good! Jin Meng's pupils contracted as he cried out inwardly.

Xiang Shaoyun immediately reappeared in a completely unexpected position. He sent numerous terrifying palm attacks toward Jin Meng.

Major Slab Palm!

Meteor Fall!

Xiang Shaoyun unleashed the two techniques he had learned from the Holy Hall. Powering them with the profundity of earth, he unleashed a boundless might. After failing to block one attack, Jin Meng was completely nailed into the ground.

Xiang Shaoyun wanted to continue striking Jin Meng to death and end the battle, but how could Jin Meng die so easily? A powerful golden aura burst out, instantly weakening Xiang Shaoyun's attack by half.

Jin Meng flew out of the ground and roared, "Kid, you're dead. I am getting truly furious."

Right after saying that, he charged Xiang Shaoyun. His eyes shone as two silvery beams shot at Xiang Shaoyun. This was a rare eye technique that was extremely hard to cultivate. For Jin Meng to have cultivated even a technique like this, one could only say that he deserved to be known as the First Fierce Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't too far from Jin Meng, and an eye technique was the last thing he expected from Jin Meng. The beams struck his chest, nearly penetrating him as they assaulted him with intense pain.

If his body hadn't been tempered by the Limit Stimulation Technique, the attack would have dealt him a grave blow. After the successful first attack, Jin Meng pressed forth. Nine crescent moons appeared on his golden halberd and flew toward Xiang Shaoyun from nine different directions.

Nine Shadow Rings!

This was a saint-grade technique, a technique that could best display his strength. In fact, it was the technique he had relied on to kill those with higher cultivation levels. It was clear he was using it to deal a fatal blow to Xiang Shaoyun.

Alarm bells rang in Xiang Shaoyun's head as he sensed an intense danger coming from all around him. If this continued, he could very well die. His eyes turned cold, and his fist shone with nine colors. A fist with numerous stars swirling around it was thrown out.

Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist!

This technique would always be Xiang Shaoyun's trump card. Only this technique could display the might of his primal inception energy and unleash a stunning attack. 

Two energies collided with each other. The sky itself seemed to tremble from the collision. The observers moved farther and farther away from the battlefield, worried that a stray attack would strike them.

"This is...a combination of nine powers! Impossible!" the old lady cried out in alarm.

"This is definitely not true. He must have used some trick to temporarily display this power," said Jin Junyu, who was also starting to panic.

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