Chapter 1143: Winning and Defeat at Both Sides

The taurus did not disappoint Xiang Shaoyun. After turning into his true form, he became a bull cast in gold that shone with a dazzling radiance. He charged into the sea of flame. Although the fire burned fiercely, it was still at a level he could endure.

After all, he had endured a period of torture from the turtle and toad. He had even suffered the flux goldthorn energy's torment multiple times. His body was as tough as a Saint, allowing him to endure these raging flames.

A powerful aura surged from the taurus as he charged through the flame before knocking onto Fen Shen and sending him flying far away. The taurus continued charging forward and slammed his heavy hoofs into Fen Shen, who was already seriously injured.

Sensing the danger, Fen Shen clenched his teeth and pushed his defenses to his limits. He gathered all his flame energy together, turning his immediate surroundings into a sea of fire. Additionally, he formed a ring of flame in his attempt to block the taurus' attack.

One could say that he was doing everything he could to save himself. His nine-layered soul foundation also entered its strongest state and exuded a powerful Sovereign aura. The soul marks on the soul foundation turned into a net that wrapped around him and protected him. 

The taurus stomped down with an overbearing might, crushing the flame ring, but the nine-layered soul foundation managed to slow his hoofs' descent.

"Do you think you can stop me? Die!" roared the taurus confidently. He exerted more might with his hoofs and shattered the soul foundation. A powerful torrent of gold energy crushed down and heavily injured Fen Shen.

"No! I don't want to die! Burn and destroy!" Fen Shen howled and fully unleashed his high-tier flame. His stars were also fully unleashed, resulting in a series of explosions as he attempted to create a situation where both he and the taurus would suffer.

Although the taurus was only capable of brutish attacking methods, he wasn't stupid. Instead of forcing himself to face Fen Shen's last-ditch attempt, he swiftly retreated before sending out a sound attack.

Fen Shen was already gravely injured. Furthermore, even his soul foundation had cracked. He had no way of blocking the sound attack and had both his body and soul destroyed.

"Nothing special at all," said the taurus with disdain before returning to the Ziling Sect's side.

The excitement level of the Ziling Sect reached a boiling point.

"Well done! Our Ziling Sect is the strongest! The Ziling Sect will be victorious!"

"Don't even think that we lack talent. Your Dragon Society is nothing compared to us!"

"That's right. Our Ziling Sect will not be defeated! Piss off, Dragon Society!"


The victory successfully lifted the sect's depressed mood. Naturally, those from the Dragon Society wore unsightly expressions. With a displeased expression, Long Yugang called out for the next combatant.

The new combatant was short. He looked like a dwarf, but he was, in truth, a hybrid of human and dwarf. He had a rather undesirable physical appearance, and his name was Tu Hangsun. He possessed the dwarven race's talents and abilities.

The sect's third combatant was Third Gold of the Golden Guardians. He was now basically a puppet under Xiang Shaoyun's control, but he still possessed a combat strength that couldn't be underestimated.

First Gold and Second Gold were naturally stronger, but Xiang Shaoyun had sent the two to escort the six angels back. They had yet to return, so they had to send Third Gold to fight instead. An intense battle erupted between Third Gold and Tu Hangsun. Unlike the first two battles that had ended relatively quickly, this battle dragged on.

Third Gold fought with a boundlessly powerful Buddhist technique. When he unleashed his nine-layered soul foundation, it was as though a fiendish Buddha had manifested. Numerous ancient symbols flew out, blasting numerous soil off the stone statue he was facing.

Tu Hangsun was proficient with the profundity of earth. He could borrow the power of earth all around him and wrap his entire body with earth. He turned himself into a stone statue as he fought Third Gold relentlessly.

"Hehe, fiendish Buddha? You're nothing. Die!" Hidden within the stone statue, Tu Hangsun howled with laughter as he sent numerous stones crashing down on Third Gold.

The sky became filled with rolling stones, each stone with the might to collapse a mountain. Tu Hangsun might have a small stature, but he had terrifying strength. Facing the torrential attack, Third Gold used everything he had and unleashed numerous stunning Buddhist techniques. The two continued exchanging attacks, landing one attack after another on each other. They grew more and more exhausted, and they both suffered more and more injuries.

The people observing the fight couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment, "This is how the battle between peak Sovereigns should be like."

The fight dragged on for an indeterminate amount of time. Eventually, Third Gold finally showed signs that he couldn't hold on much longer. Xiang Shaoyun frowned as an ominous feeling rose within him.

Meanwhile, Long Yugang smiled and said, "Old Sun specializes in drawn-out battles."

That was understandable. As someone controlling a large amount of earth energy, Tu Hangsun could continuously replenish his energy. Furthermore, he was also capable of unleashing numerous terrifying attacks, forcing Third Gold into a deadlock.

When Tu Hangsun saw that Third Gold couldn't hold on any longer, he sneered, "Time to end this!"

Earthshield Kill!

Abruptly, Tu Hangsun burst out of the stone statue. Like a rat, he shot at Third Gold from a completely unexpected angle. He was wielding a steel claw, and with the might capable of tearing space itself apart, he raked at Third Gold's neck.

Third Gold still had his attention on the stone statue. As his golden palm struck the stone statue, the statue burst apart. When he finally realized that something was wrong, a sharp pain assaulted his neck. His throat had been punctured by the steel claw, instantly killing him.

The victorious Tu Hangsun licked the blood on his steel claw and said, "Who else from the Ziling Sect wants to fight? I'll kill you as well."

"How arrogant. Wait there. I'll go kill you right now," shouted a certain brave Sovereign from the Ziling Sect's side.

But his figure was held in place by Duo Ji.

"The young sect master will decide the next combatant," said Duo Ji.

The stirring Sovereign calmed himself. He did not dare to go against a direct order.

"My apologies. Looks like our Dragon Society has achieved yet another victory. One more and we will be your master from now on," said Long Yugang smugly.

They had completely snatched the initiative, so it was understandable why he was becoming so complacent.

"Young sect master, let me fight the next round," volunteered the same Sovereign.

"I'll fight," said Xiang Shaoyun as he slowly strode forth.

In such a critical moment, as the young sect master, he naturally had to step up. In any case, he only had full confidence in himself. He wouldn't let anyone else shoulder the burden of a match this important.

Everyone in the Ziling Sect knew how strong Xiang Shaoyun was. Even so, they still looked worried when they saw him walking out. This was a battle to the death. A defeat would cost him his life.

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