Chapter 1142: First Fight's Failure

Not knowing his sect's Emperors didn't mean that Xiang Shaoyun was a failure as a young sect master. Rather, he had just regained control over the sect not too long ago. There were too many things to be done, and he couldn't spread himself too thin.

Prior to this, Devouring Ghost was the one handling all the sect's manpower. Now that Devouring Ghost had left on a trip searching for Saber Devil's inheritance with Du Xuanhao, Xiang Shaoyun no longer knew much about the situation of the Ziling Sect's Emperors.

In Devouring Ghost's absence, Duo Ji had taken on a heavy responsibility as an old servant of the sect. He was the one who had managed the entire sect, so he was also the best person Xiang Shaoyun could ask.

Duo Ji said, "Where is Yao Zhen?"

"Yao Zhen is here!" someone replied and charged out.

Yao Zhen was a peak Emperor with a solid foundation, an old member of the sect. However, instead of being one of the loyalists, he was someone good at saving his own skin. Thus, he had submitted after Xiang Shaoyun regained the sect and survived the purge. Despite his character, there was no doubt that he was the strongest Emperor in the sect.

"Fight for the sect. If you win, you will be rewarded with sovereign herbs and soul foundation forging materials. The sect will help push you into the Soul Foundation Realm," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

He had seen through Yao Zhen's strength, and he wasn't optimistic about this battle. Even so, rewards still had to be offered to strengthen Yao Zhen's desire for victory.

Sure enough, a look of desire appeared on Yao Zhen's face when he heard about the rewards. He promised, "I will defeat him and obtain the first victory for the sect!"

"Come and die," yelled Zhang Dongshen with disdain.

"Hmph. All who dare to provoke the sect shall die!" roared Yao Zhen as he charged and stabbed forth with his sword.

As he moved, Yao Zhen proved that he was a decently capable combatant. He had already reached the human weapon unity stage, and he attacked mercilessly with an extraordinary might. His sword stabbed through the air like a sharp rainbow.

His attack was strong enough to even threaten those in the Soul Foundation Realm. Unfortunately, it was far from enough to deal with a veteran Emperor like Zhang Dongsheng. With a sneer, Zhang Dongsheng swung his club forward.

An expert only needed a single glance to see the truth of things. The moment Zhang Dongsheng made his move, an indescribable pressure built around him and engulfed Yao Zhen. It was a type of pressure only a Sovereign was supposed to be able to create.

Yao Zhen felt a massive boulder press down on his heart, his aura instantly weakening. The club and the sword met, creating numerous sparks that flew in all directions.

The impact almost threw Yao Zhen's sword out of his hand. The space between his thumb and index finger was torn and started bleeding. He was forced to retreat rapidly and send numerous sword slashes forward to attempt to stop Zhang Dongsheng from advancing toward him.

It was a pity that Zhang Dongsheng was far stronger than Yao Zhen. Just by swinging his club around, Zhang Dongsheng crushed through all the slashes before pressing forth. When Yao Zhen felt Zhang Dongsheng's might, he started panicking. And when morale started dropping, winning became increasingly hard.

Zhang Dongsheng attacked aggressively, forcing Yao Zhen into the defensive. He howled with laughter and said, "You're acting cocky with only this much strength? Die!"

He then raised the club before bringing it down, unleashing a green radiance that manifested into a green wolf. The wolf pounced, smashed Yao Zhen's sword away, and bit at him.

"I con—" Yao Zhen was in fear and wanted to surrender. But the club came too fast and smashed his head apart before he could finish his words.

A bloody scene of red and brain matter unfolded before everyone. The people from the Ziling Sect wore overcast expressions. The high battle intent they had earlier dropped from this one defeat.

"The Dragon Society will be victorious! The Dragon Society will be victorious!" the Dragon Society roared.

As the morale of one party dropped, the morale of the other party rose. This was the effect of victory and defeat.

"Haha, I'm sorry, but it looks like we're grabbing the first victory," said Long Yugang with a haughty laugh.

Xiang Shaoyun narrowed his eyes and said, "This is only the first round. We still have four rounds. Taurus, you're up next."

After consuming the gold lunar liquid and suffering the training of the turtle and the toad, the taurus' strength had increased considerably. He was now at the very peak of the Demon Sovereign realm, only a step away from becoming a Demon Saint.

Xiang Shaoyun was confident the taurus would snatch a victory for their sect. In the form of a sturdy middle-aged man, the taurus walked out. His golden horns were still visible on his head. After giving Xiang Shaoyun a respectful bow, he stepped forth. All along, he remained silent, but that only made him seem stronger and loftier.

Long Yugang sneered and said, "Looks like the Ziling Sect is really out of people. They're actually sending out a bull to fight on their behalf. How lamentable. Fen Shen, it's your turn."

"Yes, young society master," answered a slim and tall man in a crimson outfit.

The tall and slim man was also a peak Sovereign. He was a flame cultivator and possessed a unique high-tier flame. Long Yugang was sending him out with hopes that he could counter the taurus' gold power with flame power and snatch another victory.

Fen Shen was not a man of many words. After transforming into a fireball, he charged the taurus. The fireball shone brightly like a sun, the piercing radiance causing everyone to shut their eyes.

Flaming Sunlight!

Fen Shen's unique flame burned like a raging sun, trying to burn even the world into ashes. His nine-layered soul foundation emanated an incomparably powerful pressure that crushed down on the taurus. The taurus narrowed his eyes as he sensed the intense flame that was causing his entire body discomfort.

"I hate fire! Roar!" the taurus unleashed a thundering roar that assaulted Fen Shen's heart with terrifying sound waves.

Fen Shen was affected by the sound waves, but he endured and continued attacking. He knew that a slight carelessness could very well lead to his death. The taurus transformed into his true form, turning into a bull that was as big as a tiny mountain. His body shone with a dazzling gold radiance as he charged Fen Shen.

Fen Shen had not imagined that the taurus would actually be brazen enough to face him head on. He shouted in excitement, "I'll refine you alive!"

He unleashed all his flame energy, creating a raging inferno that could burn everything. This was the might of a peak Sovereign, a might far beyond a regular person's imagination. Even Xiang Shaoyun was worried about the taurus when he saw the powerful flame.

The turtle sensed Xiang Shaoyun's worry and said, "The toad and I had trained the little bull. This little amount of flame won't be able to harm him. Don't worry, young master."

"That's right. He has a saint body and saint bones. Even in terms of energy, he is only a tiny bit away from the Demon Saint realm. He can win this," declared the toad confidently.

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