Chapter 1140: Honorable Challenge

"Honorable challenge?" Xiang Shaoyun blanked out.

The other Ziling Sect members also blanked out. They were confused as to what the Dragon Society was trying to do.

"That's right. With the honorable challenge, there is no need for an all-out war and excessive casualties on both sides. We will have five matches. The side to accumulate three wins first will be the victor. If we win, your Ziling Sect will submit to us. If you win, we will consider us even and promise to not invade for 10 years," said Liang Cairen.

At that explanation, everyone finally understood the Dragon Society's intentions.

"Doesn't this feel like an unfair challenge?" said Old Yao.

"That's right. Why aren't you submitting in the event of your defeat?" asked someone else, dissatisfied.

"Haha, that is a good question. Because our Dragon Society is stronger than your Ziling City. You have undergone quite a few tribulations in the past 10 years. In fact, there was a period of time where you were known as the Di Sect. We all know that. About a year ago, even Ziling City's Ma Clan and Qingxiu City's Qingxiu Manor tried to rebel against your rule. It is clear your foundations are becoming unstable. You can't even contend against us anymore," said Liang Cairen, roaring with laughter.

His words were blunt, but he was speaking the truth. Since the Dragon Society dared to march against them, it was clear they looked down on the Ziling Sect. Apart from the Ziling Sect's lack of personnel, the other reason for their confidence was their ability to become a tier-8 organization soon. The Ziling Sect didn't even know what to say. After all, Liang Cairen was speaking the truth.

"The Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor only rebelled because they were misled. I really want to see if they still have the guts to stand against us now. Sure, we have experienced some hard times, but if the Dragon Society wants to swallow us, you will have to pay a high price," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sinister look on his face.

"I'm just an emissary. You can decide if you agree or not. I'm only here to pass on the message," said Liang Cairen calmly.

Xiang Shaoyun lightly knocked on the armrest of his chair and said, "I can agree to your challenge, but I need to add an additional condition. If you lose, you need to pay us 10 million high-grade spirit crystals as compensation."

"Have you gone mad?" Liang Cairen said.


"Courting death!"

When the Ziling Sect people heard Liang Cairen cursing at Xiang Shaoyun, they berated him. They even wanted to attack, but Xiang Shaoyun stopped them. He said, "I have not gone mad. But the conditions favor your side too much. These 10 million spirit crystals are nothing. Piss off and make your report. If you agree, we fight. If not, don't even dream of returning to the Dragon Society alive."

As Xiang Shaoyun spoke, images of dragon and tiger manifested around him as an overbearing aura unfurled from his body and pressed down at Liang Cairen.

Liang Cairen had the sensation that a dragon and a tiger were roaring and pouncing on him. He hurriedly released his peak Sovereign aura, trying to stop the suppression. The two auras collided. Liang Cairen's aura was unable to withstand even a single blow, instantly collapsing due to the aura of dragon and tiger. He was sent rolling out of the hall, coughing blood.

"This is your lesson. Remember, this is the Ziling Sect, not your Dragon Society. There is no place for you to act unbridled here," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Liang Cairen crawled back onto his feet and looked at Xiang Shaoyun with horror before leaving at his top speed. The members of the Ziling Sect felt greatly satisfied seeing Xiang Shaoyun pushing out Liang Cairen so brutally.

Liang Cairen had been too arrogant. He indeed deserved a lesson. But apart from Xiang Shaoyun, who among them could so easily teach that lesson? 

After rushing away from Ziling City, Liang Cairen a place in the wilderness. A group of people was stationed there, and everyone in the army was in high spirits. Near them, beasts like jiao, luan, and so on were waiting. Their army was quite terrifying.

These people were none other than the Dragon Society's 108 generals, the society's top experts. Three among them were more prominent than the others. 

One of them was a white-haired old woman wielding a dragon staff and wearing a luxurious outfit that clearly displayed her extraordinary status. 

The other was a handsome middle-aged man with a dragon crown on his head and a golden dragon robe on his body. His eyes exuded boundless haughtiness. 

The third person was a youth about 27 or 28 years old. He had a heroic face and an imposing temperament, as though he was the son of a dragon. He was so good-looking that all women would be infatuated with him.

The three were respectively the Dragon Society's old lady, deputy society master Jin Junyi, and young society master Long Yufang. Each was an individual of extraordinary status in the society. One could see that the Dragon Society had prepared well for this campaign.

When Liang Cairen arrived, he saluted them respectfully before saying, "Old lady, deputy society master, young society master, the Ziling Sect young sect master has accepted the challenge. But he proposed that we pay 10 million high-grade spirit crystals if we lose. If we disagree, they will fight us to the death."

"Young sect master? Looks like Xiang Yangzhan is still missing," said Jin Junyi with a sigh. From the sharp look in his eyes, it was clear he held a thick enmity toward Xiang Yangzhan.

"Yes, he's still missing. Based on what I see, the young sect master is his son. Back then, he was chased off by Di Batian. Subsequently, he moved to our Soaring Dragon Province, but we were oblivious to it. He eventually ended up in the Dragon Phoenix Academy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to rise up in only 10 years. His strength is deep and unmeasurable," said Liang Cairen.

"Oh? Is Elder Liang scared of this young sect master?" asked Long Yugang.

"It's embarrassing, but I was overwhelmed by his aura," said Liang Cairen with a self-mocking tone.

The old lady opened her eyes and said, "You have been at ninth-stage Sovereign Realm for so many years and are even qualified to attempt a breakthrough into the Heaven Battling Realm. A boy like that managed to overwhelm you?"

Liang Cairen wore a bitter smile. "Old lady, he gives off an entirely different feeling. Facing him is like facing a Heaven Battling Realm expert. That sense of pressure can be felt clearly."

"Looks like Xiang Yangzhan has quite a capable son," said Jin Yijun coldly.

"So do we agree or do we rush them?" asked Long Yugang.

"We're here to annex the Ziling Sect. If we destroy them, all this would be for nothing. We will agree. Ten million high-grade spirit crystals isn't that high a price. In any case, they have no chance of getting it anyway," decided the old lady.

"Let's do it," Jin Yijun agreed.

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