Chapter 1139: Dragon Society Causes Trouble

The Dragon Society and the Ziling Sect could be considered neighbors. Although they were based in two different provinces, they weren't too far from each other. The two organizations would frequently get into conflict over some resources. Their conflicts back when Xiang Yangzhan founded the sect were even more intense. At the time, Xiang Yangzhan was unrivaled, killing many Dragon Society members and establishing a grudge that couldn't be erased between the two organizations.

After Di Batian became the sect master, the Dragon Society had not done anything against them. But the moment Xiang Shaoyun drove Di Batian away, the Dragon Society started stirring again.

Di Batian was the reason for that. He had released information that the Ziling Sect was suffering grave internal issues. Because of that, the Dragon Society was trying to take this opportunity to advance against the sect, giving rise to further conflicts between the two organizations.

The Dragon Society had wanted to snatch the Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor from them, but the attempt had been suppressed by the three Saints Xiang Shaoyun had sent. Now that the Dragon Society was returning and heading straight for the sect, the Ziling Sect had to take them seriously.

In the grand hall, Xiang Shaoyun sat on the main seat and coldly looked at the people before him. He asked, "Where did the news come from? Is it reliable?"

An Emperor said, "Young master, this subordinate is the one who brought the news. I personally saw the 108 generals of Dragon Society coming our way. They were advancing in their carriages, traveling day and night in our direction. In fact, they were advancing with great fanfare as though they were afraid that nobody would know they were from the Dragon Society."

"Since they were traveling with such speed, how were you able to reach the sect before them?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

The Emperor replied, "They seem to have some misgivings and had established a camp in the wilderness. They seem to be waiting for an opportunity. Or maybe they are only doing this to provoke us. I'm not really sure."

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and asked, "Anyone know what they intend to do?"

"Young sect master, whatever their intention is, it is clear they are hostile toward us. We need to respond immediately, or they will think that we have no capable individuals in the sect," said Pang Tongyuan.

The others also voiced their agreement, "That's right. Please give the order, young sect master. We are willing to battle the Dragon Society to the death."

While everyone was offering to fight, someone said, "Reporting, the Dragon Society emissary is waiting outside."

A look of astonishment covered their faces. They had not imagined that the Dragon Society would be so bold, sending their emissary straight to their doorstep.

"They are too unbridled. Let me behead this emissary," shouted someone.

Another person shouted, "That's right. First, we kill him. Next, we kill their 108 generals."

A different person opposed, "Emissaries are never killed during war. We need to maintain the grace our sect should have."

"That's right. We should see what he has to say. Maybe he's here to apologize," said someone, somewhat innocently.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Let the emissary in."

"Yes, young sect master," answered the subordinate before leaving to bring in the emissary.

Shortly after, a middle-aged man with a goatee strolled into the hall nonchalantly with his hands clasped behind him. His head was raised haughtily, and he looked at everyone in the hall with contempt.

Of course, the middle-aged man had the strength to back his pride. Although his aura was withdrawn, Xiang Shaoyun could still sense that he was a peak Sovereign. The Ziling Sect people were infuriated when they saw his attitude.

"Who is this? Bow to the young sect master!" berated a Ziling Sect elder.

"Is this the way your Ziling Sect treats your guests? Where is your master? Why are you getting a little boy to meet this emissary?" said the middle-aged man, his voice laced with scorn.

His name was Liang Cairen, and he occupied an important position in the Dragon Society.

"Audacious! This is our young sect master! He is already showing you a lot of respect by meeting you personally, yet you're still acting in such an unbridled manner?" berated Pang Tongyuan.

Unfortunately, due to his crippled cultivation, his voice was rather weak. As a result, he didn't sound particularly imposing. In fact, he looked like a sickly old man, and as an extension, the entire sect looked weak.

Liang Cairen gave Pang Tongyuan a glance and said with disdain, "Looks like your Ziling Sect really doesn't have any talents left. Even trash like this can enter the grand hall—"

"Enough. If you're only here to run your mouth, you can get lost. If you stay even a moment longer, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself from killing you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sharp glint in his eyes.

The moment Liang Cairen met Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, he felt a great sense of oppression descend upon him. He was forced to circulate his energy to resist the pressure. 

He already has such a bearing at second-stage Sovereign Realm. When he matures in the future, he will become a second Xiang Yangzhan! thought Liang Cairen inwardly.

He calmed himself and said, "This emissary is here to talk about something important. We might be able to end the hostility between our two organizations once and for all."

All the Ziling Sect people were stunned. They muttered, "Is the Dragon Society here to sue for peace?"

Not even they could believe that. After all, the Ziling Sect was the weaker party.

"Go ahead," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Our Dragon Society is going to become a tier-8 organization soon. Thus, your Ziling Sect can instead choose to submit to us and become an ally. As long as you offer us yearly tributes, we won't mistreat you," said Liang Cairen.

All the Ziling Sect people had overcast expressions, and they started cursing.

"Dream on! How can our Ziling Sect submit to your Dragon Society? Are you stupid?"

"How ambitious. Your Dragon Society isn't much better than us, yet you're trying to annex us? You guys should be the ones submitting."

"That's right. The Dragon Society is too ambitious. Things won't end well for you."

"We should just drag him out and behead him. He's becoming more and more of an eyesore."


Liang Cairen stood silently and ignored everyone else. His gaze was focused on Xiang Shaoyun, awaiting a reply.

Xiang Shaoyun gestured at everyone to stop talking and said, "This is not possible. Leave before I lose my temper, or you'll really die."

Such an audacious suggestion ignited a raging flame in Liang Cairen's heart.

"Hehe, there is no rush. Let me finish my words. After that, I'll leave even if you want me to stay," said Liang Cairen. "It's fine if you disagree. We will have a fight outside. If you win, we will let this end. If you lose, submit. What do you think?"

"So you're here to start a war. Why don't I just kill you here before going out to kill all 108 of your generals?" said Xiang Shaoyun as he stood up.

Liang Cairen's expression changed as he hurriedly said, "Do not misunderstand. This is an honorable challenge, not an all-out war."

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