Chapter 1136: Yellowvein Layered Stone

Little White had stayed deep in the Buried Monarch Mountain Range for about a year. Since he had left with an old Demon Saint and several Demon Sovereigns, Xiang Shaoyun wasn't worried about his safety. Right after leaving his seclusion, Xiang Shaoyun received such an update. It was understandable why he grew so excited.

The so-called draconic land was a unique land that could give rise to natural draconic aura and dragon liquid. It was also a place where draconic transformation was possible. Generally, the moment such a place was discovered, massive battles would erupt between numerous organizations over the land because it was an excellent place of cultivation where one could snatch the fortune of the world itself. Nobody would want to miss out on such a good piece of land.

After Little White's group entered the mountain range, they encountered numerous powerful demonic beasts. Using his unique white tiger's aura, he subdued many types of demonic beasts. Of course, they had also encountered the opposition of some powerful demonic beasts. Only after numerous intense battles did they manage to penetrate deep into the mountain range.

At the depths of the mountain range, a group of demonic beasts called heaven-burying canines could be found. They were an ancient demonic beast race that was supposed to have gone extinct long ago. Surprisingly, some of them were actually surviving and living within the Buried Monarch Mountain Range.

After an intense battle with the heaven-burying canines, Little White's group found the draconic land. However, there was a terrifying old demon among the heaven-burying canines. That old demon alone nearly obliterated Little White's group. The old demon had only spared Little White out of respect for his identity as a white tiger.

One could say that Little White's group had returned in defeat. They hadn't been able to occupy the draconic land. When Xiang Shaoyun heard the full story, the excitement in his heart was extinguished.

"Are the heaven-burying canines really that powerful?" Xiang Shaoyun asked curiously.

"They are really strong. There are not a lot of them, but each one is a freakishly strong combatant. They have preserved an extremely pure bloodline. I need to use all my strength even when facing one with the same cultivation level as me. Ordinary demonic beasts won't be a match for them," said Little White.

"Looks like we can't lay hands on the draconic land," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh.

If not even the old demon beside Little White could do anything to the heaven-burying canine, there was no way he could take the draconic land for himself.

"Don't worry. Just wait until my clan establishes a foothold in the Buried Monarch Mountain Range. It will only be a matter of time before I snatch that place up and subdue the heaven-burying canines," said Little White.

Xiang Shaoyun said in astonishment, "Your clan is settling here?"

"Yeah. Since your organization is here, I am naturally moving over as well. Of course, I still need to return and tell them all about this. In any case, the Buried Monarch Mountain Range compares to our Hundred Beasts Mountain Range. In fact, it is even slightly better. I'm confident the patriarch will also agree with using this place to strengthen my race," said Little White in an optimistic manner.

Xiang Shaoyun clapped and said with a smile, "Good, very good. If you really do move here, I will naturally welcome you with open arms."

If Little White's clan moved here and formed a relationship of mutual assistance with the sect, he would no longer need to fear the Dragon Society.

"This is not something that will happen immediately. I still need to convince those old fellows, so it might take a while," said Little White as he scratched his head awkwardly.

"It doesn't matter. It will be good as long as it happens. We brothers will then be able to meet frequently," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Sure. I'll return to the Hundred Beasts Mountain tomorrow," said Little White with a nod. "Also, in our travels, we have also discovered some other things."

As he said that, a yellow stone appeared in his hand. On the stone were numerous odd veins that exuded a heavy aura, giving off the feeling that it was no ordinary stone.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw the stone, his pupils contracted as he exclaimed, "This is a yellowvein layered stone?"

"That's right. We found it during our travels, and the place we found it is not too far from here. There are quite a lot of them in the mountain range. Perhaps they will be useful to you, boss," said Little White.

"Of course they will be useful. Your discovery is like delivering charcoal to someone while it's snowing," said Xiang Shaoyun as he patted Little White's shoulder in excitement.

"Boss, those are only some emperor-grade materials. Why are you so excited?" asked Little White in confusion.

"You will never understand how hard it is to run an organization. Your boss is going mad from poverty. I'm going to be a miner," said Xiang Shaoyun in an exaggerated manner.

"Are things really that bad? Do you want me to give you a sponsor? I'm not rich, but I still have some wealth to spare," offered Little White magnanimously.

"Little White, I am happy enough that you're willing to stay here with me. I'll solve other issues myself," said Xiang Shaoyun in a gratified manner. "Tell me the yellowvein layered stones' location. I will send someone to start gathering them."

"The yellowvein layered stones can be found in the yellowvein leopard territory. If you go, you will be attacked by them. Let me bring you there personally before I leave," said Little White after giving it some thought.

"Sure. I'll gather some men. We'll go immediately," said Xiang Shaoyun as he rushed away to gather people.

A group of Emperors and two Sovereigns were gathered. A group like this should be strong enough to hold their ground. He aimed to first scout the place and check if the yellowvein layered stone mine was big enough before deciding if he should send some miners over. 

Then, Xiang Shaoyun followed Little White into the depths of the Buried Monarch Mountain Range. Traveling at full speed, they arrived in about three days. In truth, reaching their destination in three days could be considered fast. Without Little White leading the way, they might have taken more than seven days.

After all, they encountered many demonic beasts on their way. Since Little White had spread his reputation as a nobility of the white tigers during his early travels, none of the demonic beasts dared to impede their path.

Before long, they reached a mountain ridge where small trees grew. The earth was light yellow. From afar, the soil looked like sand, but when one got near, it looked like mud.

Numerous yellowvein leopards could be found in the area, their eyes gleaming with a vigilant light. The moment Xiang Shaoyun's group approached, they roared. This was their way of asking for reinforcement. Numerous yellowvein leopards charged out of caves, and a thick demonic aura surged into the sky.

"This prince has arrived. Are you trying to revolt?" berated Little White as he released his demonic aura.

A yellowvein leopard expert prostrated on the ground and said respectfully, "Greetings, prince. Please forgive our lack of manners. We were unaware of your arrival."

The other yellowvein leopards also didn't dare to be disrespectful. They all prostrated on the ground, presenting a rather spectacular scene.

"Um. You may all rise. I have something for you to do," commanded Little White haughtily.

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