Chapter 1131: Qian Furen Greets the Young Sect Master

Xiang Shaoyun made the seven youngsters kneel one after another, further escalating the incident. He had even killed a few people earlier. The puddles of blood were still clear for all to see, presenting a revolting and shocking scene. The bystanders distanced themselves and went far away, their eyes filled with admiration.

"Those foreigners are truly brazen. They dare to kill even those from the city hall? Let's see how the city hall will deal with them."

"That Young Master Qian has always been overbearing. Seems like he has provoked someone he shouldn't have today."

"The enforcers will be here soon. I wonder how this will end."

"Are those the legendary angels? I thought this race was already extinct. Why are they appearing out of nowhere?"

"That strong young man looks quite familiar. Why can't I remember where I saw him before?"


When Pudi saw the big crowd pointing and talking about them, he couldn't help but say, "Child of Light, maybe we should let it be?"

"Pudi, listen to me. In the future, when anyone insults you like this, remember to strike back mercilessly. Otherwise, they will only grow more and more arrogant. I know you are kind, but against evil, you should hold your kindness, or you will only end up being looked down upon," advised Xiang Shaoyun.

"The young master is right. You should teach them a harsh lesson," the taurus agreed.

Pudi and the other angels sank into silence. Ever since they had left seclusion, they had encountered numerous cases of discrimination. They had never done anything about it, but Xiang Shaoyun was right. The more they held back, the more others looked down upon them.

However, they would still need some time to change and adapt. At this time, a group of enforcers rushed over.

"Impudent! Who dares to create trouble in Ziling City?" roared the leader.

The leader was mounted on a demonic wolf, looking incredibly valiant and heroic. Behind him were about a dozen riders, each of them a Skysoar Realm cultivator. As for the leader, he was an Emperor.

"Help me, or I'll have my uncle remove you from your post," Young Master Qian shouted when he saw the leader.

"Don't worry, Young Master Qian. I will get you out of this," replied the leader. He then pointed at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Release them or die!"

Xiang Shaoyun didn't even spare him a glance and said, "Get Qian Furen here. This is above your paygrade."

"Audacious! You dare address the governor by his name?" berated the leader as he stabbed his spear at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun narrowed his eyes. He remained motionless, allowing the taurus to act on his behalf.

"Small fries like you people dare to make a move against my young master? Are you tired of living?" the taurus roared as he grabbed the spear and slammed the leader into the ground. He then stomped on the leader, killing the leader before he could even make a sound.

Panic broke out among the remaining enforcers. Young Master Qian and the group of youngsters pissed their pants in fear. A terrible stench spread around them. An Emperor was killed with a single move. That was too vicious.

"Th-this has nothing to do with me! Please spare me!" pleaded a woman in the group, scared out of her wits.

"Yes, yes, we are only bystanders. Please spare us," begged someone else.

Under the threat of death, these youngsters forgot all notion of loyalty. Even Young Master Qian was crying and begging for forgiveness. He was afraid that he would be killed before help arrived. The enforcers also lost the courage to do anything. They hurriedly released a signal for reinforcement. This was not something they could deal with.

With the signal, more enforcers rushed over from multiple directions. More and more people gathered nearby, curious to see just who was creating trouble. During the past few years, Ziling City had been rather unpeaceful. Thus, the people of the city were already numb to conflicts.

About 100 enforcers encircled them. None of them recognized Xiang Shaoyun. After all, these were new recruits while Xiang Shaoyun was the young sect master, someone they weren't even qualified to meet. Thus, they all assumed the group was a bunch of troublemakers.

They joined hands and attacked. However, the taurus alone beat them all to the ground. If Xiang Shaoyun hadn't made the taurus control his strength, the enforcers would have all been killed. Naturally, such a massive commotion alerted the city hall.

Qian Furen—a Sovereign—and more than 10 Emperors flew over, determined to apprehend the troublemakers. But when Qian Furen saw Xiang Shaoyun, he shivered. An ominous feeling rose in him as he broke out in cold sweat.

"Uncle, save me! Save me! This birdman is trying to kill me!" shouted Young Master Qian, who felt like his savior had finally arrived.

The bystanders all watched on, curious as to how Qian Furen was going to deal with the foreigners. After all, the way he handled this would affect his prestige in the city. But what they saw next stunned all of them.

“Qian Furen greets the young sect master," saluted Qian Furen respectfully as he got on his knees.

The people behind Qian Furen also hurriedly knelt down, not daring to remain on their feet. Qian Furen might have addressed this man as the young sect master, but everyone knew that the man was the current master of the Ziling Sect. Even Saint Realm experts had to obey his commands, to say nothing of people like them.

When Young Master Qian saw that, he fainted from fear. He had thought that his uncle would be his savior, but now, he felt complete despair. He found it incredibly hard to believe that this young man was actually the revered young sect master. Meanwhile, he was nothing but a regular silkpants. He was dead for sure now.

Xiang Shaoyun snorted coldly and said, "You have quite the overbearing family member."

"Young sect master, th-this must be a m-misunderstanding..." explained Qian Furen. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

"Those who dare to insult my friends shall be punished. Tell me, will every foreigner receive the same type of humiliation each time they come here to do business? If the sect made an enemy because of some stupid issues, are you going to be the one to bear the responsibility for it?" said Xiang Shaoyun sternly. "Deal with this and make a report to me at the sect. If you can't even handle your job as the governor properly, I'll just get a new governor."

He then ignored Qian Furen and sat on the taurus before leaving with the angels. Qian Furen's entire body turned limp. If the person beside him hadn't supported him, he would have collapsed onto the ground.

"You damn bastard!" roared Qian Furen as he looked at the unconscious Young Master Qian.

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