Chapter 1130: Conflict During the Return Journey

Hu Meihui's shout attracted many gazes from the people in the tavern.

"Is this fellow still a man? How can he abandon her after toying with her?"

"Public morals are degenerating with each passing day. Is he rejecting a beauty like this? Don't tell me he prefers those birdmen instead?"

"Many youngsters have unique preferences nowadays. You can't blame him for that."

"I'll go teach that fellow a lesson. Let me be the one to shower this beauty with love."


Abuses were hurled Xiang Shaoyun's way, causing him to feel both shame and fury.

"Hmph," he snorted coldly and unleashed his Sovereign Realm's aura.

Instantly, the tavern sank into silence. No one dared to scold him anymore. In fact, they didn't even dare to say a single word. Some even felt their bodies go limp. How would they have imagined that a young man would be so terrifyingly strong? It was too terrifying.

The few men who harbored some impure thoughts toward Hu Meihui also completely erased those thoughts from their minds.

When Hu Meihui saw that Xiang Shaoyun was furious, she stopped weeping and said, "You don't want to bring me with you? So be it. A day will come when you need my help."

After speaking, she stood up and stomped off in anger.

"Child of Light, this..." Pudi and the angels did not know what to say.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "Let her be. I really don't know her that well. I had merely decided to help when I saw her in trouble. However, I am not interested in getting tangled with her in the long term."

When the angels learned the truth, they couldn't bring themselves to say more. Xiang Shaoyun wasn't too bothered about Hu Meihui. She was also a Sovereign, so she definitely wasn't someone who could be easily bullied. It wouldn't be hard for her to return to her people from here on out.

The fox race was born cunning and innately talented in manipulating feelings. If it wasn't for that, Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't have minded spending more time with this fox princess to further strengthen his sect.

However, her eagerness gave rise to Xiang Shaoyun's vigilance, so she had naturally failed to approach him. After he and the angles finished talking, they returned to their rooms to spend the night. 

The next day, they continued their journey. Hu Meihui did not reappear before them, and they reached the next city through the teleportation formation.

After about half a month, Xiang Shaoyun finally returned to Ziling City. Everything seemed normal. The moment Xiang Shaoyun arrived with several four-winged angels, he attracted a lot of attention. Ziling City was a mid-sized city that did not have many non-human visitors. Thus, the appearance of several foreigners was extremely conspicuous.

"This is Ziling City, a city under my Ziling Sect's administration," introduced Xiang Shaoyun.

The angels looked around curiously, trying to understand more about this human city.

Before they even went far, a voice filled with scorn rang out, "Huh? Where did these white birdmen come from? This is a rare sight."

A displeased look covered Xiang Shaoyun's face as he looked at the speaker. Not far away, a group of youngsters could be seen walking toward them. They were in their early twenties, each dressed luxuriously. A bunch of attendants followed behind them as they walked in a high-spirited manner. They were observing the angels with curious and toying looks.

"Young Master Qian, if you like them, just buy them as pets. They look quite nice," said a sweet young girl.

The others also hurriedly agreed, "That's right. Young Master Qian, these birdmen are probably purebred birdmen. If you raise them well, they can be quite decent at fighting too. Perhaps you will earn more favor from your clan!"

Young Master Qian's heart skipped a beat as he listened. He waved his hand at his attendants and said, "Ask those birdmen if they are willing to follow this young master. Following me, they will be able to do as they wish in this city."

The group walked over, and one of the attendants stepped in Xiang Shaoyun's path. With a haughty look, he asked, "Hey, birdmen, where are you going? Our young master is recruiting you all. By following him, you will live a good life."

He was merely a servant, yet he dared to act so overbearing in Zilin City. From how he carried himself, it was clear just what kind of a person his master was. 

The angels' expressions turned unsightly. They might be the kindest race, but they wouldn't tolerate someone insulting them publicly like this.

Xiang Shaoyun did not even bother to say anything. He directly sent out a palm attack. The servant was slapped into mincemeat. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere, presenting a bloody scene and creating an uproar.

Now, it was the youngsters' turn to wear unsightly expressions. This was especially so for Young Master Qian. He frowned and shouted, "Impudent. Do you know where this is? Do you know which clan's territory this is? You dare commit a crime in broad daylight?"

"I really don't know which clan's territory this place is. Is it your clan?" asked Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

"Exactly. This is our Qian Clan's territory. Since you dare to kill our man here, you won't be able to leave alive even if you get on your knees right now," berated Young Master Qian.

Young Master Qian was only a Skysoar Realm cultivator. Those around him were also in the same cultivation realm. They were naturally incapable of seeing through the cultivation realms of Xiang Shaoyun's group, which was the reason they dared to act so arrogantly before them.

"Qian Clan's territory? How impressive," said Xiang Shaoyun, inwardly furious. He started walking toward Young Master Qian.

"Protect the young master!" shouted the attendants behind Young Master Qian as they rushed Xiang Shaoyun.

With a casual wave of his arm, Xiang Shaoyun sent several heads flying into the sky. The youngsters finally realized how strong Xiang Shaoyun was, and they started retreating while screeching in panic.

Xiang Shaoyun reached out and made a grabbing gesture, instantly capturing the group of youngsters. He forced them to kneel on the ground and then said, "Apologize to my friends or die."

Xiang Shaoyun had always been someone with a good temper. However, he wouldn't let it slide when the angels were insulted like this, especially when the one insulting them was a member of the Qian Clan he had looked highly upon. He even developed some resentment toward Qian Furen.

"I-impudent! I am the governor's nephew. If you dare touch me, you will die a miserable death," said Young Master Qian unyieldingly despite the fact he was kneeling on the ground.

"Very well. I will open my eyes wide and see how your lord governor intends to save you today," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sinister look in his eyes.

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