Chapter 1127: Curved Sword's Surprise Attack

The taurus expert was a peak Demon Sovereign with incredible combat prowess. His terrifying golden punches tore through space and collided with the pair of iron wings, creating clanking sounds and numerous shockwaves. The ironwing expert was beaten into retreat. His wings were nearly snapped by the punch.

At this time, the other ironwings rushed over and surrounded the taurus. These ironwings were all late-stage Sovereigns. When they joined hands, they were capable of terrifying might. The impact of their attacks left destruction in their surroundings.

The taurus did not dare to spend too much time here. He knew that this was the ironwings' territory. If he couldn't break free as quickly as possible, he would be in great trouble. The taurus charge through them like a hot knife through butter. The eight ironwings were completely incapable of stopping him. Two even suffered grave injuries while attempting to stop him.

It was obvious how strong the taurus was. Regular Sovereigns would not be able to keep him if he wanted to leave. The taurus moved at a rapid speed. He charged like a golden rainbow, reaching the edge of the city in several seconds.

A Sovereign trying to leave couldn't be stopped easily. Just as the taurus was about to escape the city, two figures appeared and chased after him at an even faster speed. The two figures were two peak Sovereign ironwings. Both were as strong as the taurus. With two of them making a move against him, they held the absolute advantage.

Three powerful energies clashed, creating numerous terrifying explosions. The taurus was strong enough to face multiple opponents. However, there was a reason the ironwings were the number one race in Getian City. Not only did they have terrifying offensive prowess, but they were also far faster than regular races. Currently, they were using their speed advantage to deal with the taurus, not giving him a chance to escape.

Numerous wounds appeared on the taurus' body, yet he couldn't do anything against his opponents. As the fight dragged on, he grew impatient. Xiang Shaoyun was watching the battle in concealment not far away. He was in no rush to leave. He could now keep his invisibility active for a long period of time, so he didn't mind waiting a bit longer.

For him, observing the battle was beneficial for his cultivation. He was also trying to look for a way to do something against the ironwings. 

In desperation, the taurus unleashed a terrifying sound attack, causing his surroundings to shake as the sound attack reached for his two opponents' hearts.

The taurus thought that the attack would work and create an opening for him to flee. However, the two ironwings acted like they were completely unaffected. They continued attacking him viciously.

The taurus was once again placed in a disadvantaged position. He was finding it harder and harder to escape. Eventually, he was forced to change into his true form, a sturdy golden bull. He charged madly, trying to escape because he did not dare to drag the fight out. As for the two ironwing experts, the more they fought, the more ferocious they became. They gave the taurus zero chances to escape, trying their very best to keep him around.

"Stop struggling. Hand over the gold lunar liquid, or you can leave your head here," roared one of the ironwings.

"Cut the nonsense. Even if I have to die, I will drag both of you down with me," replied the taurus unyieldingly.

"Fine, you can die," said the ironwing, deciding to attack with his full strength.

When the two ironwings stopped holding back, they unleashed attacks that were even scarier than before. Their wings were akin to sharp blades. They swung their wings repeatedly, dispersing all the clouds in the sky and creating numerous energy ripples. The impact of their attacks completely flattened the land below them.

Fortunately, they were fighting outside the city. If this fight happened in the city, many buildings would have been destroyed, and numerous bystanders would have been killed. This was a fight between peak Sovereigns, a fight capable of great destruction.

The taurus fought while escaping, but he was already reaching his limits. If this continued, he would die for sure.

"Damn it! Don't force me, or I'll really die with you!" threatened the taurus, who was getting nervous.

The two ironwings did not say anything and continued attacking relentlessly, leaving numerous wounds on the taurus' body. The taurus was completely helpless. Even if he consumed the gold lunar liquid right now, he wouldn't be able to reverse the situation.

Just as he thought everything was going to end, something weird happened. One of the ironwings was suddenly struck and killed by a black radiance. The sight stunned both him and the other ironwing.

The only thing they saw was a flash before a terrifying energy struck the ironwing, instantly killing them. That wasn't supposed to happen. The ironwings were renowned for their tough bodies, which couldn't be injured by regular weapons.

But the truth was right before their eyes, and they had to believe what they saw. To make things worse, they had no idea where the attacker was. It was as though the attack had appeared out of thin air.

"Who is it? Show yourself! You dare provoke the ironwings? Are you tired of living?" threatened the remaining ironwing as he retreated timidly.

Still in concealment, Xiang Shaoyun came behind the ironwing and swung the curved sword. Once again, chilly dark energy streaked through the air. The ironwing sensed a chilly aura behind him and instantly focused all his defenses on his back while trying to move away. Unfortunately for him, the attack was too fast. He was struck before he could move out of the way.

One of his wings was sliced off, and ash-gray blood splattered everywhere. He wailed in pain, and he was terrified because he couldn't even detect the attacker. He started fleeing at his full speed.

"Trying to flee? Dream on," roared Xiang Shaoyun. He was going to make the ironwings pay. The energy from his dark star flowed into the curved sword as he swung it at the escaping ironwing.

Chilly dark energy streaked through the air. It was as though space itself was making way for the sword, allowing the attack to instantly reach the ironwing. The ironwing was swallowed by the dark energy before he could even react.

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