Chapter 1126: Departing Through Invisibility

The terrifying dark power was almost impossible to guard against. It directly invaded Xiang Shaoyun's arm, entering his flesh and meridians. It was trying to invade even further into his body. The angels and Hu Meihui were alarmed.

"Child of Light, you need to purify this evil power with the power of light!" reminded Pudi.

"Young Master Xiang, put the sword down," Misi also advised anxiously.

However, Xiang Shaoyun acted like he didn't hear anything. He stood silently and circulated his dark origin energy. The two dark energies fused, and before long, his arm returned to normal.

Instantly, the energy stopped hurting him, and he gained full control of the curved sword. Holding the sword, he could sense the sword automatically withdrawing its energy, turning into a regular crude curved sword. The angels, Hu Meihui, and Misi were stunned. The first thing they thought was if the sword was trying some unknown trick.

Xiang Shaoyun ignored all of them and put the sword away. He then smiled and said, "Don't look at me like that. I'm fine. Let's get ready to leave."

"Young Master Xiang, I think you should wait. The ironwings are waiting for you outside. If you go now, things will get dangerous," advised Misi, worried.

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and asked, "How many of them are here?"

"Not many, but every one of them is extremely strong. Also, they have a Saint that can appear at any time, but it will be improper for my race's Saint to make an appearance because it would harm the relationship between races," said Misi.

Xiang Shaoyun thought about it and said, "Fine, I'll wait for a bit. You can wait outside. I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Misi nodded and left the room. Only Xiang Shaoyun, the six angels, and Hu Meihui were left in the room. He instantly placed a seal around the room to prevent others from detecting what was happening inside.

"Child of Light, are we really hiding here?" asked Pudi.

"Don't worry, Child of Light. With our strength, we can smash a path out of here. They won't be able to do anything to us," said a different angel.

It was obvious they would rather fight to the death than hide like cowards.

"There is no rush. I have a way to bring everyone out of here safely. Of course, you need to listen to me for that to happen. Doing it my way, none of us will suffer any harm. We won't have to face them head on either," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

"You have a way?" Hu Meihui asked, hope in her eyes.

She had spent 3 million spirit crystals on him, so she naturally hoped that he could keep her alive. Initially, she had only hoped that he wouldn't abandon her. But now, it seemed like they might really be able to leave safely.

"Of course. I have no interest in dying here," said Xiang Shaoyun. "Relax your willpower. When my senses sweep over you guys in a bit, do not resist. I will bring all of you into a mysterious space. When it's safe, I will release all of you."

They were all doubtful, but since he was being so serious, they decided to trust him. Xiang Shaoyun then swept his senses over them and pulled them all into his astral cosmos sea.

"Stay where you are. Don't move around. This is an extremely dangerous place. Moving around randomly can be fatal," Xiang Shaoyun's voice rang out in their minds.

Xiang Shaoyun placed them in an isolated space within his astral cosmos sea where no primal inception energy could be found. That way, they wouldn't be able to figure out where they were. After all, he still had to be cautious. He might be able to trust the angels, but he still didn't trust Hu Meihui that much yet.

He then removed the seal around the room and walked outside.

Misi had been waiting not far away. When he saw Xiang Shaoyun, he walked up to him and asked, "Young Master Xiang, are you leaving?"

"Yes. You don't have to come with me. Thank you for your care all this while," said Xiang Shaoyun.


Xiang Shaoyun interrupted Misi, saying, "The ironwings are nothing. Don't worry. I hope we can meet again in the future, friend."

After patting Misi's shoulder, he walked out of the auction hall.

Misi was stunned for quite a while. When he recovered, he entered Xiang Shaoyun's room only to be stunned again. He exclaimed, "Where are the others?"

As Xiang Shaoyun slowly walked out of the auction hall, his body vanished. The people in the area wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.

That person was clearly walking over, but why did he vanish into thin air? Xiang Shaoyun's talent of invisibility was naturally the reason he was so confident he could leave. So long as he didn't encounter those with unique eye abilities, he had no fear that he would be discovered. He could easily strut out of the city.

However, he had no way of using the city's teleportation formation while invisible, so he had to change his plan.

After leaving the auction hall, he unsurprisingly found eight ironwing experts waiting. They completely blocked the way out of the auction hall. Nobody could leave without going through them.

However, they were unaware that Xiang Shaoyun was also walking out. He sneered inwardly, What's so special about the ironwings? You are nothing before me.

Just as he was about to strut off, a powerful aura erupted, and a loud voice rang out, "Are you waiting for me?"

A radiant golden radiance accompanied a sturdy middle-aged man as he walked out. On his head were two golden horns emanating a sharp aura. This man was none other than an expert from the taurus race, the same person who had purchased the gold lunar liquid.

"Hand over the gold lunar liquid, and you will be spared from death," demanded an ironwing expert.

"You are still not qualified to bully others with your strength. Come at me. If you can beat me, you can take the gold lunar liquid," said the taurus expert unyieldingly.

"Stupid and stubborn. Die," shouted the ironwing expert as he charged over and stabbed at the taurus with his sharp wings.

The pair of wings cut through the air and instantly arrived before the taurus.

The taurus' eyes shone with a flickering gold radiance as he threw his fists out, causing the pair of wings to bend from his punch.

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