Chapter 1125: Extreme Chill Curved Sword

"This is an Extreme Chill Curved Sword forged by the humans. It is probably a pseudo-saint weapon. It might even be an actual saint weapon. It has the power of extreme chill. No ordinary person can wield it. This is the best treasure of this auction, starting at 5 million high-grade spirit crystals," said the auctioneer.

This time, the participants were in no rush to make their bids. Everyone started studying the Extreme Chill Curved Sword with doubt in their eyes. They could feel that the Extreme Chill Curved Sword was emanating an extraordinary aura, but from its design, it was too crude. Its edge was also blunt, so it didn't look like a formidable weapon.

More importantly, the energy of extreme chill it was emanating felt weird. It was different from regular chill energy as it also had dark and corrosive properties. No matter how they looked at it, the sword felt like an ominous sword.

When the auctioneer saw that everyone was cautious, he hurriedly said, "This is at least a pseudo-saint weapon. It is boundlessly powerful. It will be a pity to miss out on a weapon like this."

Someone asked, "If it's a saint weapon, why does it have a thick aura of death around it? This is definitely a weapon that curses its owner. Without a way to remove the deathly aura, nobody will dare to use it."

"Hehe, since nobody likes it, we of the soulhorn race will be taking it. Five million high-grade spirit crystals," a sinister voice rang out.

"We of the cadaver race are also interested in this weapon. 5.1 million high-grade spirit crystals," said a cadaver race expert.

The moment someone broke the silence and made a bid, someone else joined in. However, due to the high price, the many races adopted a cautious attitude. Thus, the bidding war wasn't as intense for the weapon.

In his room, Xiang Shaoyun was also studying the sword. He enlarged the sword's image in his head, taking a clear look at its shape. He found that the extreme chill energy around the sword wasn't the frost energy. Rather, it was a type of chilly dark energy.

The energy was incredibly similar to the dark origin energy in his body. The two seemed to resonate with each other, giving him the urge to bid for the sword as well. Furthermore, the crude blade of the sword also attracted his attention. He felt like he had seen this design from an ancient book somewhere.

Inwardly, he thought, This curved sword definitely has an extraordinary origin. I need to get it.

Unfortunately, he was troubled by his lack of spirit crystals. He had spent 2 million high-grade spirit crystals for the greenleaf juice. After deducting it from the 5.5 million high-grade spirit crystals he got for the gold lunar liquid, he only had 3.5 million left. Coupled with what he had on him, he had a total of 4 million high-grade spirit crystals to spend. He couldn't even meet the sword's starting bid, let alone get involved in the bidding war.

"How many spirit crystals do you have left?" Xiang Shaoyun asked Pudi and the others.

Pudi replied, "The high priest sent us here with 1 million. Adding what we got from selling the calming divine water and deducting what we spent on the pearl, we still have 1.7 million high-grade spirit crystals."

Xiang Shaoyun slapped his forehead and hesitated. That was far from enough. At this point, the Extreme Chill Curved Sword had reached a price of 6 million high-grade spirit crystals.

"If you need spirit crystals, I can lend you some. I have about 3 million here," said Hu Meihui, who had been busy recovering from her injuries.

"I can't take your spirit crystals," Xiang Shaoyun refused resolutely.

"I'm not giving them for free. You need to escort me out of Getian City safely, and all the spirit crystals will be yours," said Hu Meihui firmly.

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and agreed, "Ok. Deal!"

She then tossed a storage ring over. Within the ring were 3 million spirit crystals. Xiang Shaoyun accepted the ring without hesitating. After taking a quick look at the ring, he joined the bidding war.

Right now, the Extreme Chill Curved Sword had reached a price of 6.7 million high-grade spirit crystals. The price wasn't really rising too fast, but its price was still high enough to make everyone present feel pressured.

"7 million high-grade spirit crystals!" Xiang Shaoyun offered a high price, trying to see if he could push other competitors away.

His bid pressured a lot of the participants. A few of them sighed and gave up on the bidding war. However, the cadaver race seemed extremely interested in the sword. They made another bid, pushing the price to 7.5 million high-grade spirit crystals. It was clear they weren't willing to give up on the sword. Xiang Shaoyun suffocated when he heard the price. It was nearing the maximum price he could afford.

"8 million high-grade spirit crystals," said Xiang Shaoyun after clenching his teeth.

That price alarmed everyone in the auction hall. Even the cadavers hesitated.

Suddenly, someone else called out, "8.1 million high-grade spirit crystals!"

It would seem like that person wasn't willing to let Xiang Shaoyun win the Extreme Chill Curved Sword easily. Xiang Shaoyun hesitated.

This sword greatly resembled the legendary sword he knew, but he wasn't sure if it was actually the same sword. What if it wasn't?

"8.1 million high-grade spirit crystals going once. Any higher offers?"

"8.1 million high-grade spirit crystals going twice."

One more count and someone else would own the sword.

"8.5 million high-grade spirit crystals!" Xiang Shaoyun decided to throw all caution to the wind.

Since this was something that had piqued his attention and he could afford it, he wasn't willing to miss out on it. Finally, nobody bid against him, and he won the sword. With that, the auction ended. Those who had bought something from the auction were required to stay. They could only leave after paying and completing the transaction.

Xiang Shaoyun remained in his room, waiting for someone from the spirit ear race to send him what he bought. He had his spirit crystals prepared. Before long, Misi arrived with an attendant and handed over the vein stone, saintly radiant pearl, greenleaf juice, and Extreme Chill Curved Sword to them.

"Congratulations, Young Master Xiang, for obtaining so many rare treasures," said Misi earnestly.

"Don't congratulate me so fast. Hand over the spirit crystals from my gold lunar liquid first. Otherwise, I won't have enough to pay you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a helpless smile.

"Don't worry. I have everything here. We only need to check the amount. Also, the auction hall will be charging you 3 percent for your profit. You will have to pay for it separately," said Misi.

"No problem. Let's get this over with," said Xiang Shaoyun as he hurriedly handed over the spirit crystals.

He was also paying with what he got from Hu Meihui and Pudi. After completing the transaction, he didn't have much left. After receiving the treasures, he impatiently picked up the curved sword. Chilly and baleful energy instantly invaded his hand, corroding and turning his arm black.

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