Chapter 1124: Obtaining the Greenleaf Juice

The greenleaf juice's price continued rising, and the bidding only slowed down when it reached one million high-grade spirit crystals. That was a massive sum of wealth, one that few people could afford.

"1.1 million high-grade spirit crystals. Is there a higher bid?" asked the auctioneer.

"1.2 million high-grade spirit crystals," Xiang Shaoyun finally made his move.

He was trying to do the same as Pudi, scaring away the other bidders by increasing the bid greatly.

However, this greenleaf juice was different from the damaged saintly radiant pearl. Someone immediately countered his bid, "1.2 million high-grade spirit crystals."

"1.3 million high-grade spirit crystals," a different person shouted.

Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to waste more time, so he offered 1.5 million high-grade spirit crystals. With that, the number of bidders started dropping.

"1.6 million high-grade spirit crystals," said someone from one of the VIP rooms.

The bid caused Xiang Shaoyun to be gloomy as the price was nearing the value of his gold lunar liquid. If this continued, it would probably reach a point where he was merely exchanging the gold lunar liquid for this greenleaf juice.

But he could sense a strong longing from the little tree of life in his body, so he clenched his teeth and continued bidding. Eventually, Xiang Shaoyun won the bid at a price of two million high-grade spirit crystals.

"Damn it. I'm practically burning money," Xiang Shaoyun cursed.

He had always viewed himself as a wealthy person. After all, he had excavated a mine before and had also plundered a lot of his enemies. Buying things had never been an issue for him.

But after rescuing Scarlet Flame Monarch, Scarlet Flame Monarch had refined two-thirds of his spirit crystals. As for the rest, he had used them himself and didn't have much left.

He had thought that the gold lunar liquid would give him enough confidence to comfortably participate in the auction. But he learned that this greenleaf juice alone had neutralized the wealth his gold lunar liquid was supposed to bring him.

He thought, No wonder the first thing any organization does after taking over a territory is to search for spirit crystal mines, develop their territory, and manage their subordinate organizations. It was all for wealth so they could afford to purchase any treasures they might need.

The auction continued. Toward the end, even more precious treasures appeared, each more expensive than the previous. At this point, Xiang Shaoyun could only watch in envy.

"Now that we're done with the high-quality products, it is time to move on to the three most valuable treasures we have this time. Let's see who will be the one to ultimately gain these treasures. Be ready," said the auctioneer. "Let us welcome the first item, gold lunar liquid. Everyone here should be clear about this liquid's functions. It can not only enhance one's gold energy but also greatly strengthen one's bloodline. In fact, it can even awaken the talents and abilities of one's ancestors. Do not miss out on a great treasure like this. The starting bid will be 1.5 million high-grade spirit crystals. Each increment can't be lower than 100,000 high-grade saint gold crystals."

Next, a pot of golden liquid was brought out. Everyone's eyes lit up in excitement.

"It's really gold lunar liquid! Someone has actually decided to auction this liquid! What a madman!"

"For such a big pot of gold lunar liquid, 1.5 million is totally worth it. Even a saint crystal will be worth it. This liquid is mine."

"Excellent. This time's auction actually has a treasure like this. It will belong to us, the taurus race."

"Haha, a treasure like this will naturally go to the highest bidder. I offer 2 million high-grade spirit crystals."

"2.15 million high-grade spirit crystals."

"2.25 million high-grade spirit crystals."


The gold lunar liquid's price rose rapidly. Xiang Shaoyun grew excited as he witnessed the bidding war. He had not imagined that the gold lunar liquid would be worth so much. The gloominess he felt earlier completely vanished.

There were a lot of gold cultivating races in the auction hall. For them, this gold lunar liquid was an extremely important treasure that they had to get regardless of cost. Thus, the price continued rising in an astonishing manner.

Xiang Shaoyun noticed that even the ironwings were participating in the bidding war. In fact, the ironwings were offering large bids. At this point, the price had already reached 3.7 million high-grade spirit crystals.

"We of the ironwings are interested in this gold lunar liquid. Please do us this favor," coldly said an ironwing in a VIP room.

He was clearly trying to pressure the other races into backing off from the competition.

"So what? I offer 4 million high-grade spirit crystals!" Xiang Shaoyun changed his voice and said with scorn.

Since he had offended the ironwings, he naturally wouldn't let them have an easy time. His provocative words caused the ironwings to have unsightly expressions.

"Very well. Not many people dare to challenge the ironwings in Getian City. We will remember this. 4.1 million high-grade spirit crystals," said an ironwing resentfully.

"The ironwings are truly nothing special. I offer 4.2 million high-grade spirit crystals," said an expert from the taurus race.

Several other voices also called out their bids, pushing the price far beyond the gold lunar liquid's value. However, due to how rare the gold lunar liquid was, this price was worth it for all these bidders.

Ultimately, the taurus race won the gold lunar liquid with a bid of 5.5 million high-grade spirit crystals. The ironwings were so infuriated they threatened to teach the taurus race a lesson.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun felt incomparably joyful. The gold lunar liquid's price had gone far beyond his expectations. Fortunately, he still had some left, but he definitely didn't plan to sell what he had left.

Perhaps he would find some use for the liquid in the future. He would only consider selling it if he found himself short on money again. After auctioning off the gold lunar liquid, the second of the last three treasures was taken out.

It was a fossilized phoenix wing that still looked vivid and lifelike. Each feather of a wing like this was incredibly valuable. Alas, the wing had fossilized. Perhaps it was something incredibly ancient and had only been found recently. Because of that, its value had dropped greatly. Otherwise, nobody would be willing to sell a fresh phoenix wing.

Even so, the phoenix wing still had a terrifying starting bid of 3 million high-grade spirit crystals. The various winged races started bidding. Some flame cultivators were also unwilling to miss out on this treasure. Because of that, the price of the wing rose steeply. Eventually, the peacock race won it with a bid of 7.3 million high-grade spirit crystals.

The peacock was the race closest to the phoenixes. Thus, they were willing to pay whatever it took to purchase the wing.

"Alright. Let us move on to the final treasure. Be sure to not miss it," said the auctioneer as the final treasure was brought out.

When the black cloth above the treasure was pulled off, an ancient curved sword was revealed before everyone. The sword wasn't long and was the length of half an arm. Its design was somewhat crude and ugly, yet it exuded a chilly aura that caused one to feel like one had dropped into an ice cellar.

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