Chapter 1123: Saintly Radiant Pearl

The third item for auction was the shadowrune race's vein stone. Vein stones were extremely rare materials for weapon forging. So long as it was mixed with other forging materials, it would allow better fusion of the materials and would create patterns on the forged weapons. These weapons would have much better workmanship than normal weapons.

Vein stones were the beloved material of many refiners and couldn't be bought with money. And now, a top-quality vein stone had appeared in the auction. This stone would be very helpful when forging sovereign—or even saint—weapons. Thus, its starting price was 10,000 high-grade spirit crystals.

The price rose rapidly, quickly reaching 45,000 high-grade spirit crystals. There was no lack of expert refiners among the various races. Thus, all of them wanted to get their hands on a vein stone of this quality, and this caused its price to rise quickly. After all, few people could establish a friendly relationship with the shadowrunes. Thus, obtaining some vein stones was difficult.

Xiang Shaoyun also couldn't help but participate in the bidding war. He called out his bid, "50,000 high-grade spirit crystals."

The others were making their bids in increments of 1,000 spirit crystals, but Xiang Shaoyun had actually increased the bid by 5,000 spirit crystals in one go, causing the other bidders' expressions to become unsightly.

Xiang Shaoyun wanted the vein stone to fix his Overlord Skyslaying Saber. It was a material he couldn't lack. With the increasing price, the number of bidders dropped. Eventually, he won the bid with a price of 80,000 high-grade spirit crystals.

Normally, this vein stone would only be worth 20,000 to 30,000 high-grade spirit crystals. In this auction, it had multiplied. This was the beauty of auctions. 

One treasure after another appeared, and the level of excitement in the auction hall surged.

Xiang Shaoyun obtained the chance to see with his own eyes some treasures that he had only heard of. For example, the dwarven race's inch root, the beastmen race's soul transformation spring, and the mermaid race's fish scale armor.

Many of these items were unique and odd, but each had its own unique effect. Thus, the bids never stopped, and each item was able to be sold off at an astonishing price.

"Alright. Next, we have some truly high-quality goods for sale," said the auctioneer. He left the crowd waiting for a bit before he announced, "Let us welcome the ironwing race's 10,000-year-old profound iron."

A pitch-black lump of iron was carried onto the stage. This was a saint-grade material, the 10,000-year-old profound iron of the ironwing race. 

A fierce bidding war erupted, each bidder making their bids in increments no smaller than 10,000 spirit crystals. The starting price was only 150,000 high-grade spirit crystals, but it instantly reached 200,000 high-grade spirit crystals.

Even Xiang Shaoyun was astonished by the speed the price rose.

Just a single material can reach such a price. I have finally realized just how poor I am, sighed Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

He did not participate in the bidding war. This particular item wasn't too attractive to him. 

Subsequently, several other treasures were unveiled. Among them was a radiant pearl that seemed to have suffered some damage and was quite dim.

"Child of Light, we need to buy this!" said Pudi in excitement.

"Do it, then," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Ok," Pudi answered. "We offer 300,000 high-grade spirit crystals!"

His bid frightened Xiang Shaoyun. One ought to know that the pearl's starting price was only 100,000 high-grade spirit crystals. Since the bidding started, its price had only gone up by 150,000 high-grade spirit crystals. Pudi was actually pushing the price significantly, causing the entire auction hall to sink into silence.

From the tone of the bidder, it was obvious he was incredibly wealthy. While everyone was stunned, the auctioneer made the three calls for the bid. Nobody came out with a new bid, and with that, Pudi won the damaged pearl.

Pudi and the other angels grew excited.

"Is this a special pearl?" Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help but ask.

"I'm still not sure if it's the saintly radiant pearl. If it is, then this would be a great profit," replied Pudi.

"Oh. If that's the case, this price is definitely worth it," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Anything with the word "saint" in it would be excessively valuable. All these valuable treasures that had been auctioned so far were not even true saint-grade items. They were merely pseudo-saint items. If a true saint item appeared, one would only be able to buy it with saint crystals. 

The next item up for auction was the angel race's calming divine water. Its starting price was 200,000 high-grade spirit crystals, even higher than the 10,000-year-old profound iron's starting price. Xiang Shaoyun had no idea this calming divine water was worth that much. 

Before long, the water's price rose to 500,000 high-grade spirit crystals. 

Various powerful races were taking part in the bidding, such as the soulhorns, the greenmen, the icemen, and the one-eyed demons. All these races were incredibly wealthy and competing furiously for the calming divine water. Ultimately, the water was sold to the soulhorn race for one million high-grade spirit crystals.

The excitement of the auction all reached a new high, and all the participants became filled with excitement. Very few races could produce such a large number of spirit crystals. Many of the people in the auction hall started wondering if a day would come when they were this wealthy as well.

Next, several other treasures were auctioned off. Xiang Shaoyun remained silent, but he was somewhat disappointed. These items are decent, but they are not really useful for me.

When the greenmen's greenleaf juice appeared, Xiang Shaoyun's attention was finally piqued again. Or, to be precise, the little tree of life in his astral cosmos sea was the one attracted.

All this while, the tree had been at the growing stage. After absorbing a decent amount of wood energy in the ancient forest, it had remained still until now. For it to display a reaction to the greenleaf juice, it showed that the juice was definitely something useful for the tree.

The greenleaf juice had an extraordinary origin, as it was pseudo-saint water gathered from the dew on the leaves of the greenmen's guardian saint tree. This water could help someone on the verge of death to rapidly make a full recovery. It could also extend one's lifespan and was an amazing water that could save one's life.

Very few saint-grade spring waters could help one make a full recovery in a short period of time. This greenleaf juice was capable of that. During an intense battle, the juice could even reverse the result of the battle.

The pot of greenleaf juice had a starting price of 500,000 high-grade spirit crystals. Because the juice could save even peak Sovereigns, this was the highest starting price so far. The juice was worth this much. 

The moment the bid started, the people started madly bidding.

"I offer 510,000 high-grade spirit crystals!"

"I offer 520,000 high-grade spirit crystals!"

"I offer 530,000 high-grade spirit crystals!"

"I offer 540,000 high-grade spirit crystals!"


The price rose rapidly. Before long, it surpassed 600,000 high-grade spirit crystals. Its price continued rising, and even Xiang Shaoyun started feeling a headache over its price. Once again, he realized just how poor he was.

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