Chapter 1122: Angel Helpers

Once the voice rang out, several figures appeared and rushed toward Xiang Shaoyun. When Xiang Shaoyun saw them, a warm smile appeared on his face. The newcomers were several angels here for the auction. Xiang Shaoyun was the Envoy of Light and the Child of Light. He had long earned their acknowledgment. Now that someone was trying to kill him, the angels would naturally help him.

The leader of the group was the same four-winged angel in charge of protecting the tower when Xiang Shaoyun had first met the angels. Around him were other four-winged angels whom Xiang Shaoyun had vague memories of. He had probably seen them during his appointment ceremony. 

The six four-winged angels saluted Xiang Shaoyun in a manner unique to their race, and Xiang Shaoyun returned the salute.

"Pudi, why did you come out?" asked Xiang Shaoyun, completely ignoring the ironwings.

He knew that the angels were living in seclusion from the rest of the world in a sealed space. Thus, he was surprised to find them here.

Pudi replied, "Child of Light, the high priest sent us out. He said that it is time for us to show ourselves to the world again. Surprisingly, we get to see you here."

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to speak, the eighth-stage Sovereign from the ironwings roared furiously, "Kill these damn feathered people. It's disgusting to look at them."

Xiang Shaoyun and those on his side instantly braced themselves for conflict.

At this time, a different voice sounded, "No fights are allowed in front of the auction hall. Those who disregard the rule will be killed."

The voice carried a powerful, suffocating pressure. Nobody knew where the voice came from, and none of them dared to disobey. The voice was the voice of a Saint. The ironwings' expressions turned unsightly. Although they were the local tyrant, they still didn't dare to disrespect the spirit ears publicly.

"Very well. I'll wait for the auction to end before taking the lives of you and these feathered people," said the eighth-stage Sovereign.

He then led the ironwings away.

When he next showed himself, he would come with more ironwing experts. After all, Xiang Shaoyun was no longer alone. 

Xiang Shaoyun had a heavy look on his face. If he was alone, he could always flee if he wasn't their match. With six angels here, he couldn't. They were all Sovereigns, but they still weren't strong enough to face the ironwings' wrath.

"Young Master Xiang, time to enter," reminded Misi.

His reminder woke Xiang Shaoyun from his contemplation. He brought Hu Meihui and the six angels into the auction hall. The auction hall was a large circular place capable of holding thousands of people at once. On the second floor were dozens of private rooms.

"We're late. All seats are taken," said Pudi gloomily.

"Misi, how many people can my room hold?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"Your room can easily hold 10 people," replied Misi.

"Good. Come with me," invited Xiang Shaoyun.

"How can we do that?" Pudi said.

"We're like family. Don't worry about it," said Xiang Shaoyun before gesturing at Misi to show the way.

Pudi and the other angels were moved by his words. They proceeded to follow Xiang Shaoyun. Soon, they arrived at a room where they could see the entirety of the ground floor. It was an excellently positioned VIP room, one that couldn't be purchased even with money. Only a major client like Xiang Shaoyun who had earned the spirit ears' favor would be given such a room.

Xiang Shaoyun handed some spirit crystals to Misi and said, "Thank you, Misi."

Misi accepted the spirit crystals without hesitating and said, "Thank you, Young Master Xiang. Be careful when you leave. The ironwings are known to always hold their grudges."

He then exited the room.

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Pudi and said, "I might have attracted some trouble. You need to be ready for it."

"We angels might be kind, but that does not mean that we will allow others to bully us," said Pudi solemnly.

The other angels also voiced their agreement, making it clear that they weren't afraid of the ironwings.

Xiang Shaoyun was happy to see their reaction. He said, "Um, it's good that you're aware of the situation. This isn't really that bad. Just follow my lead when the time comes. I will ensure that all of you leave safely. By the way, are you here to sell the calming divine water?"

Xiang Shaoyun also had some calming divine water, but he did not have too much of it. He only knew that the calming divine water could be used to cleanse one's soul and would be helpful when his soul was invaded by something evil. Apart from that, the calming divine water was excellent for cleansing the soul. Many Saints would keep some for emergency purposes.

"Um. The calming divine water is something we never lack," replied Pudi.

"What do you intend to buy?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"The high priest did not specify anything. We are allowed to bid for anything we deem useful," said Pudi.

"Um. We'll wait and see," said Xiang Shaoyun before shifting his gaze to the ground floor.

The ground floor was bustling with noise and excitement. Members of various races were discussing the auction spiritedly, awaiting the treasures that would be shown during the auction.

The auctioneer, a spirit ear, entered and started controlling the noise in the hall, "Friends, please reduce your voice. The action will formally start. I'll be reciting the auction's rules so that everyone can be clear about them..."

The auction had simple rules. The highest bidder would win, and fake bids were prohibited. Those who failed to produce money after bidding would be killed. After a short speech, the auctioneer went straight to business.

As this was an auction where the treasures of various races would be sold, many excellent treasures would be making an appearance. The first item for sale was the demonic lions' pseudo-saint herb, a herb that could help one cultivate the Lion's Roar Technique.

It was rather valuable, but it wasn't too popular. Only some humans and weaker races were bidding for it. Since the herb wasn't useful for the other races, they didn't do anything. Instead, they waited in anticipation for the appearance of more treasures.

Xiang Shaoyun was similarly in no rush. He would only make a move for something that had truly caught his eyes. Otherwise, he would have sold his own stash for nothing. It wasn't long before something that caught his attention appeared.

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