Chapter 1121: It's Getting Real Troublesome Now

The ironwings were furious. The sixth-stage Sovereign was the first to rush over, and he threw an iron punch that was akin to a mountain of stone at Xiang Shaoyun. Even when facing the powerful punch, Xiang Shaoyun did not let go of Tiegata. Rather, he lifted Tiegata and slammed him into the incoming fist, frightening the sixth-stage Sovereign.

The Sovereign hurriedly pulled his punch, not daring to harm Tiegata, who had a rather high status among the ironwings. Seeing that the sixth-stage Sovereign was afraid, Xiang Shaoyun decided to use Tiegata as a weapon and swung him at the other ironwings.

Xiang Shaoyun attacked rapidly, smashing the helpless Tiegata into an ironwing that couldn't react in time. Tiegata felt incredibly sullen, but eventually, he could no longer feel anything because he had fainted from the pain. The sixth-stage Sovereign tried several times to attack Xiang Shaoyun, but he found he couldn't at all match Xiang Shaoyun's speed. It drove him wild with anger.

"Let go of the young master, or you won't be able to leave Getian City alive!" shouted the sixth-stage Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun sneered and said, "Sure, catch."

He then threw Tiegata at the sixth-stage Sovereign. The sixth-stage Sovereign was forced to catch Tiegata while watching out for Xiang Shaoyun. Unfortunately for him, his vigilance was pointless because Xiang Shaoyun was too fast. 

Instantly, Xiang Shaoyun appeared behind him and unleashed a storm of attacks.

The sixth-stage Sovereign and Tiegata were beaten up badly. Injuries covered their bodies, and they couldn't even fight back. Of course, Xiang Shaoyun was still holding back and did not kill. Only when the two were lying helplessly on the ground did he stop the beating. 

The people secretly watching the fight were all stupefied. They were surprised to see someone brave enough to beat up the ironwings. This human was truly too courageous. Although the human race was doing decently in Getian City, this was still not a place where they could claim hegemony.

Right after Xiang Shaoyun was done with the beating, Hu Meihui charged over and stabbed the sixth-stage Sovereign and Tiegata with a snow-white weapon in her hand. Xiang Shaoyun had just landed on the ground and did not expect Hu Meihui to make a move. He also hesitated to stop her, thinking it would be good for her to vent her anger. To his surprise, Hu Meihui went straight to killing.


Two heads flew into the sky.

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly before he smiled helplessly. "It's getting real troublesome now."

He had enjoyed himself when giving out a beating, but once the beating was delivered, the big shots were killed. He immediately realized that things would only get more difficult for him.

"Leave immediately, or you won't be able to leave the city," Xiang Shaoyun reminded Hu Meihui.

She smiled and said, "Since you have helped me, I will only follow you. You'll need to kill me if you want me to stop."

One ought to say that Hu Meihui possessed the cunningness the fox race was known for. She knew that since Xiang Shaoyun dared to provoke the ironwings, he definitely had a reason for his confidence.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw Hu Meihui's pale face, he couldn't bring himself to be angry with her. He said indifferently, "Whatever."

He then walked toward Misi and said, "I have caused trouble for you. Why don't you return? I'll go by myself."

"Young Master Xiang, are you insulting us of the Spirit Ear Trading Firm? Since I have agreed to send you over, I will complete the task. Come on," said Misi with a helpless smile.

He knew Xiang Shaoyun was in great trouble, but since he had accepted the task, he had to complete it. Xiang Shaoyun got on the carriage again, and Hu Meihui followed him without hesitating.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't bring himself to chase her off, so he let her do as she wished. Hu Meihui was also too tired to say anything. She took out a stalk of some herb, swallowed it, and started recovering.

She had suffered great injuries from the sixth-stage Sovereign. She knew very well that she wouldn't be able to escape even if she wanted to. Since that was the case, she might as well stick with Xiang Shaoyun.

Misi traveled at full speed. Soon, they reached the auction hall. As soon as Xiang Shaoyun and Hu Meihui alighted the carriage, several powerful auras locked down on them. 

Several ironwings with sturdy builds descended from the sky, emanating chilly killing auras. They were all Sovereigns, with one of them being an eighth-stage Sovereign. Their appearance caused the atmosphere to turn nervous.

Misi knew they were here for Xiang Shaoyun and Hu Meihui. He wore a gloomy expression but still braced himself and said, "Lords, this is one of my race's VIP guests. He is here to participate in the auction. Please move aside."

"Piss off, spirit ear brat. Otherwise, we will kill you as well," roared the furious eighth-stage Sovereign. He looked at Xiang Shaoyun and Hu Meihui as he said, "How audacious of you two. You dare kill my nephew? You can either commit suicide right now or I'll make sure you die a miserable death."

Misi was about to say something when Xiang Shaoyun patted his shoulder. He looked at the ironwing and said, "Yes, we are the killers. Bring it on. Others might fear the ironwings, but this young master doesn't."

He wasn't left with any other choice, so he could only throw caution to the wind. In any case, he could leave anytime he wanted. Who could stop him? He was only regretful that he couldn't participate in the auction.

Standing behind Xiang Shaoyun and looking at his rear profile, Hu Meihui suddenly felt like Xiang Shaoyun's figure had grown much loftier. She had not imagined that someone who looked so gentle and refined like Xiang Shaoyun would actually be so domineering. The curiosity she had for him transformed into admiration and a positive opinion.

The women of the fox race loved strong men. Hu Meihui was originally attracted by Xiang Shaoyun's handsome appearance. Now that he had demonstrated such strength, her opinion of him improved greatly. If she wasn't feeling guilty over the death of her sisters, she would have probably rushed over to give him a hug.

"What an arrogant person. I'll remove your head and hang your corpse above the city wall. You will die without a burial site," said the eighth-stage Sovereign with thick killing intent.

"Cut the bullshit. Bring it on. With this many people, I might not be the one to die," said Xiang Shaoyun as his battle intent surged.

"I don't think that's a good idea. The auction is starting soon. It won't be good if the fight affects the auction," said Misi. He had no idea how he could stop the fight.

"We can kill him in the blink of an eye. The auction won't be affected. Go," commanded the eighth-stage Sovereign.

Right as the ironwings were about to make a move, a voice rang out, "Trying to make a move against our Child of Light? Have you asked for our permission?"

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