Chapter 1120: What's the Point Of Bullying Women?

The day of the auction finally arrived.

The instant Xiang Shaoyun stepped out of the inn with the one-eyed man, Misi walked up to him and respectfully said, "Respected Xiang Shaoyun, allow me to show you the way to the auction."

Just that pot of gold lunar liquid Xiang Shaoyun took out qualified him to receive VIP service.

Xiang Shaoyun did not refuse the offer. He nodded and said, "I'll be troubling you."

And thus, he got into the carriage Misi brought and headed to the auction. While on his way, sounds of battle erupted ahead of him.

"Apologies, Young Master Xiang. A situation has arisen on this path. Let's take a different route," said Misi.

Xiang Shaoyun did not care. But he suddenly heard the shout of a familiar voice, causing him to say, "There's no rush. Let's take a look first."

Misi replied, "It's the ironwings making a move against the foxes. I advise that you don't get involved in this mess, Young Master Xiang."

It was understandable. The ironwings were known as the strongest race in Getian City, and many people would hold back against them. Since the ironwings were blatantly attacking the foxes, it was clear they didn't intend to let the foxes off easily.

Xiang Shaoyun understood everything, but he still decided to get off the carriage and figure out what was going on. He found that Tiegata and a group of ironwings were attacking Hu Meihui's group.

Hu Meihui was a capable combatant, but her talent lay in charming and bewitching others, not fighting. The ironwings were never known as a race that would pull their punches against the fairer sex. Thus, they attacked the fox ladies indiscriminately.

"Little fox demon, I told you that you would regret it. Nobody can save you today," said Tiegata joyfully.

The ironwings formed an encirclement around Hu Meihui and her people, bombarding them with domineering attacks. The weak fox ladies were having a hard time against them.

To protect her people, Hu Meihui took on the strongest of the attacks, unleashing her remarkable fourth-stage Sovereign combat prowess. Unfortunately, there was a sixth-stage Sovereign among the ironwings who mercilessly crushed her defensive barrier. She was struck onto the ground, and she coughed up blood. As a result, several fox ladies around her were struck and ripped into mincemeat, creating a terrifying scene of blood.

"No!" Hu Meihui wailed in grief.

She had thought that she would be able to protect them. That was why she had brought them out so that they could experience the world. But she was clearly mistaken. The little strength she had was still not enough to bewitch the world and protect her sisters. The world was filled with too many experts.

"Arrest her. I will make sure she wishes she was dead," commanded Tiegata.

The sixth-stage Sovereign ironwing reached for Hu Meihui. Right that moment, a figure noiselessly appeared before Hu Meihui, forcing the sixth-stage Sovereign to stop.

"What's the point of bullying women?" asked the figure. He was none other than Xiang Shaoyun.

Originally, he did not intend to get involved in this matter. But looking at the bitterly crying Hu Meihui and recalling her bleak expression, he found his heart softening. Hence, he decided to step forth.

"Huh? A coward like you actually dares to face us? Did you hit your head somewhere today?" asked Tiegata in astonishment.

"Yes, I must have hit my head somewhere. I shouldn't have let them travel by themselves," said Xiang Shaoyun regretfully.

Although the fox race had a bad reputation, it didn't mean that they were all evil. There were definitely some good people among them.

"What a romantic. Feel free to die," said Tiegata with a sneer as he commanded his underlings to attack.

Two ironwings rushed forth, swinging their iron wings at Xiang Shaoyun. Both of them were late-stage Emperors, unleashing an astonishingly powerful might. However, their strength was nothing before Xiang Shaoyun. Standing on the same spot, Xiang Shaoyun sent two kicks out, unleashing two blades of wind.

The incomparably sharp wind blades carried with them a destructive force that sliced off their iron wings before proceeding to slice them into pieces. Ash gray blood splattered everywhere.

"It's over. It's over. How can Young Master Xiang be so reckless? He's actually killing ironwings here? This will get troublesome," said Misi anxiously.

The ironwings had never been a reasonable race. Anyone who offends them would only be met with relentless revenge. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun was basically in big trouble.

Xiang Shaoyun himself was aware, yet he had still decided to make a move. He might not be someone who always acted per his conscience, but he was definitely someone who would always act on his mood. He disliked how overbearing the ironwings were and was unhappy to see them bullying the fox demons.

"What impudence. You dare kill the people of the ironwing race? You will suffer a miserable death!" roared Teigata furiously as he attacked.

He was a second-stage Sovereign, and the energy he released was extremely powerful. As he moved, he kicked a cloud of dust. His pair of iron wings stretched out and stabbed at Xiang Shaoyun like numerous sharp blades.

The wings were extremely destructive, surrounding Xiang Shaoyun with a relentless bombardment that was tearing even the air apart. The ironwings around them hurriedly moved away before sealing all possible escape routes, preventing Xiang Shaoyun from fleeing.

Although Tiegata was only a second-stage Sovereign, his attack was comparable to the attack of a third-stage human Sovereign. After all, his iron wings had an innate boundless strength. They were akin to the most powerful of weapons and were not something regular defensive barriers could block.

This attack should be able to easily tear through a first-stage Sovereign. However, Xiang Shaoyun was not a regular person. Only those who had faced him would know just how terrifying he was.

Sensing the incoming attack, a look of astonishment covered Xiang Shaoyun's face as he thought, Looks like the ironwings really are quite capable. No wonder they can dominate this city.

When the attack was about to reach him, he clawed at the iron wings. Violent and fiery claws surged up and tore apart the energy released by the iron wings. Clanking sounds erupted as the claws and the wings clashed. Like a fiery dragon, Xiang Shaoyun charged forth overbearingly and grabbed Tiegata's iron wings before raising him and slamming him onto the ground.

The attack was quick and violent, catching Tiegata by complete surprise. Someone was actually grabbing his sharp wings bare-handed without suffering injury. He was completely helpless as he was slammed around.

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