Chapter 1118: Fox Princess

Under Misi's lead, Xiang Shaoyun rented a room at an inn run by the spirit ears. Experts of numerous races were residing in the same inn. They were all here for the auction. By staying in such an inn, they could avoid any unnecessary trouble. After all, this was a chaotic city where peace was hard to come by.

With the experts of the spirit ear race here, not even the powerful ironwing race would dare to create trouble at their place. Instead of going straight to his room, Xiang Shaoyun sat down at a table. He ordered some food and drink and started drinking alone. As for the one-eyed man, he was on guard duty at the side instead of sharing the table.

Xiang Shaoyun was young, had a remarkable temperament, and was a human. Thus, the sight of him sitting and drinking alone attracted the attention of the other races. They all felt that he was an extraordinary youth. From his absolute calm, one could see he was confident. He wouldn't have been able to sit so comfortably among the various races' experts otherwise.

In the inn were also several women from the fox race. When they saw Xiang Shaoyun, their alluring eyes rippled with light. The women of the fox race were open-minded. They enjoyed copulating with powerful members of other races. By doing so, they could absorb the essence of their male partners and enhance their cultivation. They also loved pretty young men like Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, the sight of him excited them.

"Princess, look at that human. He's so handsome. You definitely don't want to miss out on him," said one of the fox ladies to a fox lady with a veil covering her face.

Within the inn was a group of fox ladies. They were dainty and alluring, their every fiber giving off an allure that could bewitch anyone. The fox race was known for being seductive. Few men could resist their seduction.

Among the fox ladies was one certain fox lady dressed luxuriously. She had a muslin veil on her face, revealing only a pair of bewitching eyes and her sleek forehead. Her long hair cascaded down to her waist, giving off an otherworldly sensation. She was dressed in a snow-white fox-fur outfit that slightly revealed her tender snow-white skin.

This was the fox princess, Hu Meihui. She was born with a bewitching physique granting her incomparably good looks. While sipping on a glass of wine, she glanced at Xiang Shaoyun. Her eyes rippled as a thick sense of curiosity rose within her.

Xiang Shaoyun seemed to have sensed the gaze as he looked in her direction. His entire body went stiff as though he had just been electrocuted. When Hu Meihui saw that, a slight look of contempt appeared in her eyes.

But just as that happened, Xiang Shaoyun recovered and stopped looking at her. He continued drinking. In truth, he had had to suppress the flame burning within his body as he exclaimed inwardly, That girl's charm is truly terrifying. I nearly fell for her.

Although he had strong willpower, if it wasn't for his powerful soul power, even he wouldn't be able to escape the fate of being bewitched. 

A flabbergasted look surfaced on Hu Meihui's face as a melodious laugh came out of her mouth. She muttered, "Interesting."

She then picked up her wine pot and walked toward Xiang Shaoyun. Xiang Shaoyun pretended he didn't see her and continued drinking. Meanwhile, the others in the inn became excited.

"Hey, fox lady, come have a drink with me."

"Over here. I have a lot of empty seats. In truth, I have long admired your race's culture. Why don't we have a proper exchange of culture?"

"Fox lady, look at my sturdy body. I guarantee that you will thoroughly experience my masculinity if I have the chance. Come, grab a drink with me."


The males of the various races grew excited, all of them wanting to develop a relationship with this beautiful fox lady. For them, if they could spend a night with her, even death would be worth it. However, Hu Meihui completely ignored them. She stopped before Xiang Shaoyun's table, assaulting Xiang Shaoyun's nostrils with a certain smell.

It was not the stench of a fox. Rather, it was an extremely refreshing and pleasant fragrance—and incredibly bewitching. It could give one the urge to grow intimate with the person exuding this smell.

"Young master, may I have a drink with you?" asked Hu Meihui with an enchanting look in her eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun gave her a glance before standing up politely. He made an inviting gesture and said, "It would be my honor."

He replied courteously, his will not wavering despite Hu Meihui's beauty. His actions only served to deepen Hu Meihui's curiosity. She had come in contact with many young nobles, but every single one of them had been completely bewitched without fail.

She sat down in a leisurely manner and poured both Xiang Shaoyun and herself a glass of wine. She then raised her glass and said, "This one is called Hu Meihui. Cheers."

She then drained her glass of wine in a carefree manner.

"This one is called Xiang Shaoyun," replied Xiang Shaoyun as he did the same.

"Xiang Shaoyun. That's a good name. A youth who soared like the clouds, someone with boundless prospects, handsome and carefree. You are making my heart beat faster," said Hu Meihui as she looked at him with her seductive eyes.

Her voice was melodious, capable of penetrating one's heart and making one feel incomparable pleasure. The expression in her eyes, her voice, her every move exuded charm and grace; her temptation was irresistible. 

Even with his strong willpower, Xiang Shaoyun was forced to chant the Clearheart Mantra in his heart to calm his raging blood. After all, he was still a young man filled with vigor. If he felt nothing at all when facing her, perhaps he would need to worry for himself.

"Thank you for the generous praise, young lady. You are also incredibly beautiful. In fact, you are so beautiful it feels unreal. Look at the friends around us. They all wish to tear me alive now," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

"Hehe, young master, you truly are humorous. How am I that beautiful?" said Hu Meihui with a giggle, shooting him a playful glare.

Her playful glare was fatally seductive. Some other people in the inn immediately bled from their noses the moment they saw it. It was undeniable that the women of the fox race were boundlessly alluring.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "Each woman of the fox race is an incredible beauty. That is a publicly acknowledged fact. I was merely stating the truth."

He still had some time to burn, so he didn't mind having the company of a beauty like this. The longer the conversation went, the more Hu Meihui was interested in Xiang Shaoyun. This was her first time encountering a young man so hard to conquer.

However, someone couldn't watch on anymore, and a hoarse voice rang out, "Little vixen, come grab a drink with this master."

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