Chapter 1117: Gold Lunar Liquid's Value

A total of 280,000 high-grade spirit crystals. That was equivalent to 2,800,000 mid-grade spirit crystals. This was a huge sum for any Sovereign, but it still wasn't quite enough for Xiang Shaoyun.

When Misi saw the frown on Xiang Shaoyun's brows, his heartbeat accelerated. He hurriedly said, "We spirit ears are always fair with our price. Young master, although you are selling a lot of things, only a few are sovereign-grade items. I won't be able to offer more than 300,000 high-grade spirit crystals. That is my limit."

"Um. Take a look at these. See what you can offer," said Xiang Shaoyun as he tossed over another storage ring.

The ring contained some high-level weapons that were absolutely not low in value. After doing some calculations, Misi offered 90,000 high-grade spirit crystals for the second ring's contents. The total price offered for both rings' contents came up to 390,000 high-grade spirit crystals. This was an absolutely fair price.

Xiang Shaoyun prepared to sell them all, but he still wasn't quite happy with this many spirit crystals. He asked Misi, "I heard there would be a lot of treasures in the upcoming auction. Do you have any information you can tell me?"

Misi hurriedly said, "The many races will offer their unique treasures for sale. For example, the ironwing race's 10,000-year-old profound iron, the angel race's calming divine water, the greenman race's greenwater leaf...and my race's spirit gray fungus. All these items will appear during the auction."

The angels are here as well? thought Xiang Shaoyun. After a slight pause, he said, "Will these spirit crystals be enough to purchase those items?"

"Normally, about 400,000 high-grade spirit crystals will be enough for you to buy a decent number of items," said Misi. He lowered his voice into a whisper and continued, "However, I heard that many rare treasures would appear this year, so I'm afraid this many spirit crystals won't be enough."

"Still not enough?" Xiang Shaoyun started hesitating.

He still had some spirit crystals and a saint-grade crystal. However, he couldn't totally empty his entire stash. After some hesitation, he searched his astral cosmos sea for something he could sell.

As a result, he found some sovereign herbs. However, he would need them in the future, and he did not wish to sell them. Ultimately, his attention landed on the soul spring, flower fairy dew, and gold lunar liquid.

Of the three, the most valuable was definitely the gold lunar liquid, as this liquid could enhance the bloodline of certain races. It was akin to saint-grade liquid for them.

Fortunately, he still had a decent amount of gold lunar liquid remaining. After thinking about it, he took a pot of gold lunar liquid out and asked, "How much would this gold lunar liquid be worth?"

This was the gold lunar liquid that some white tiger bones had soaked in, so it definitely had an extraordinary origin. Otherwise, the goldmen wouldn't have spat out a considerable amount of treasures for them. The turtle and the toad had also placed extreme importance on this liquid. He was confident he would be able to sell this pot of liquid for a good price.

Sure enough, Misi's eyes lit up brightly the moment he saw the gold lunar liquid. He took the pot and started studying it. He also opened the lid and gave the liquid a sniff. With a look of intoxication, he praised, "This is pure gold lunar liquid!"

With one look at Misi's expression, Xiang Shaoyun knew that the gold lunar liquid would earn him quite a lot of spirit crystals.

"Make your offer," said Xiang Shaoyun calmly.

"To be honest, your gold lunar liquid is equivalent in value to various races' rare treasures. I suggest that you auction it off instead. Only by doing so will you be able to maximize its value. What do you think?" suggested Misi earnestly.

"Why don't you buy it and auction it off yourself instead? Won't you earn more that way?" questioned Xiang Shaoyun.

Misi continued speaking sincerely, "Any other trading firm would do this, but we of the Spirit Ear Trading Firm have always placed our customers above all. Our biggest goal has always been to please our customers."

Misi's words moved Xiang Shaoyun. This was a world filled with lies and darkness. However, a race so noble and lofty still existed. This was a truly precious value to have.

Xiang Shaoyun spoke bluntly, "Sure, I'll do as you suggested. Give me the estimated value of this gold lunar liquid so that I can at least guess how much I'll make."

"Based on the standards of our trading firm, this gold lunar liquid will be worth at least two million high-grade spirit crystals. This liquid is basically a saint-grade liquid, and you have a decent amount of it," said Misi confidently.

Xiang Shaoyun was stunned. He had not imagined that gold lunar liquid would actually be worth that much. It was no wonder that the goldmen prince had paid such great prices for some in the past. Also, the toad and the turtle had both relied on this liquid for their breakthroughs. Thus, it was understandable why it would fetch such a high price.

Knowing the value of the gold lunar liquid, Xiang Shaoyun calmed. He rejoiced that he hadn't squandered the liquid away. In the future, he would have to personally use the liquid as well. At that time, he would naturally experience just how effective the liquid was.

After recovering from his shock, he had Misi finalize their transaction. At the very least, he needed to have 400,000 high-grade spirit crystals in his hands first. As for the gold lunar liquid, he left it with the Spirit Ear Trading Firm and had them auction it on his behalf. Of course, a contract was signed to ensure that both parties would abide by the agreement.

To finalize the contract, Misi brought over a manager of the trading firm. The manager was an old spirit ear. He started talking with Xiang Shaoyun warmly and even solemnly vowed to auction the gold lunar liquid off for a good price.

The manager also gave Xiang Shaoyun a VIP card. With the card, he would be entitled to a private room during the auction. With the card, he could also obtain more preferential treatment at any of their shops.

Xiang Shaoyun accepted the card cheerfully. He asked the manager, "Since your race's trading firm is open all over the dominion and is welcomed by the various races, I want to ask about the requirements for your race to open a branch at a specific location."

"Hehe, you are wise, young master. It won't be hard to make us open a branch. Our only condition is for one to earn our trust and friendship. By fulfilling that condition, we will be willing to open a branch wherever one requires," said the manager with a friendly smile.

"Trust and friendship?" muttered Xiang Shaoyun with his eyes narrowed. Soon, he understood something.

It seemed like a simple condition, but it wasn't simple at all. To earn the trust of an entire race, one needed to have cooperated with the race for a long time to prove that one was reliable. As for friendship, it would depend on one's character. It was easy to earn a person's friendship, but it definitely wasn't easy to earn a race's friendship.

It was clear that although the spirit ear race always seemed respectful and courteous, they were proud and aloof and wouldn't easily trust a person or race.

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