Chapter 1116: Spirit Ear Race

Xiang Shaoyun spread his senses toward the unique power, sensing that the power was akin to a raging current falling from the sky. It was a spectacular phenomenon, one that could shake anyone's heart.

When under this unique power's influence, one could quite possibly enter the human heaven unity state. Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be bothered to think too much about it for now. He decided to see the city for himself.

With a local like the one-eyed bandit leading the way, he quickly entered the city. The city was chaotic, with numerous races acting absolutely unrestrained. They were all domineering, not caring about the lives of others. If a conflict erupted, the people would group into their respective races and settle the dispute with fists.

There were no enforcers in the city, and only several locations were under private administration where fights were not allowed. As for the rest of the city, the people could do anything they wanted. The complete lack of law and order displeased Xiang Shaoyun.

He sighed and said, "What a pity that a city this large is left unattended. If the Ziling Sect was near this place, I could have taken over this city."

When the one-eyed man heard his words, he hurriedly said, "Master, you can't casually utter those words here. If someone hears you, things will get troublesome."

"Oh. By the way, you mentioned that the strongest race here is the ironwing race?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

The one-eyed man nodded and said, "They are very domineering and self-proclaimed to be the kings of this place. However, they have never bothered to actually manage this place and have never allowed anyone else to claim rulership. It's better if we don't talk about them."

Xiang Shaoyun kept that in mind. He might be strong, but he did not want to easily provoke a powerful race. The ironwings were natural-born warriors. They were fierce and disliked talking about reasons. They believed in the rule of might, and they were definitely a race that shouldn't be easily provoked.

Xiang Shaoyun and the one-eyed man headed toward a trading center. He was planning to sell the treasures he no longer needed. This particular trading center was operated by the spirit ear race. The spirit ears were known for their business acumen. They were usually fair in their dealings and had a good reputation.

That was why Xiang Shaoyun had decided to sell off his treasures at their place. Each spirit ear was born with a pair of spiritual ears that allowed them to hear everything, including the truth in one's words. This was their race's unique ability. Thus, it was inadvisable to lie to them.

At the spirit ear territory, nobody dared to cause trouble. The spirit ear race was a powerful race. They wouldn't have been able to spread their business all over the dominion otherwise. They were also a race that numerous organizations had always wanted to recruit. 

However, the spirit ears had always maintained neutrality and had never involved themselves in the conflicts between various races and organizations. Because of their neutrality, they were tasked by the various races to hold the upcoming auction.

The spirit ears were humanoid, but they also looked completely different and were easily recognizable. Each spirit ear had a pair of big eyes, no eyebrows, a pair of sharp ears, a pair of long arms, a slim figure, and light green skin. 

At the trading center was a row of shops belonging to the spirit ears. Numerous materials were being sold and purchased. Each customer would be served by a friendly smiling spirit ear. Just from the spirit ears' attitude alone, one would easily form a good opinion of them.

At this time, a spirit ear walked up to Xiang Shaoyun and cupped his hands in greeting. "Greetings, young master. Misi is here for your service. Are you here to buy or sell? Here, we provide the best service regardless of your business."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and said, "I intend to sell some things."

"No problem. Please come to the lobby for a cup of tea. We can talk there," invited the spirit ear politely.

Xiang Shaoyun and the one-eyed man followed Misi into the lobby of a shop.

After tea was served, Misi asked, "What do you wish to sell, young master? How do you intend to sell them? We will do our best to satisfy you."

Xiang Shaoyun asked, "I have a lot of things for sale. Do you want me to take them out here?"

Misi's eyes lit up as he said, "Please come to the VIP room. We can talk inside."

They then went to the shop's rear court. At the rear court were numerous private rooms prepared for private transactions with VIP customers. Misi brought Xiang Shaoyun to one of the rooms. There, Xiang Shaoyun had the one-eyed man wait outside. Inside the room, he took out a storage ring from his astral cosmos sea. The things he didn't need were already stored in it.

These were things he originally intended to leave at the Ziling Sect as part of the sect's wealth, but since he was here, he might as well sell them all for spirit crystals. He did not wish to miss out on any treasures he might encounter during the auction. 

Misi accepted the ring and spread his senses inside. Instantly, shock covered his face.

"There are a lot of things inside. I need some time to look over them. Please wait for a moment," said Misi respectfully.

Misi had not expected that the young human who looked to be in his early twenties would actually have such an amazing collection of treasure. He grew incredibly excited. Just this transaction alone would be able to considerably elevate his status in the shop. This was great for him.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and started enjoying his tea, giving Misi the time to evaluate his goods. Not all the things in the ring were substandard items. In fact, there were quite a few treasures inside, such as the yin wind grass, goldblood stone, and coiling dragon flower.

He had gathered some of it himself, but most of the items had been plundered from the enemies he killed. Apart from herbs, he also had some materials suitable for refining weapons, devil materials, and demon materials. As a whole, the contents in the ring were very valuable.

Misi worked without rest as he calculated the value of the ring's contents. He might be able to count fast, but he still had to create a proper list to clearly show Xiang Shaoyun the price for each individual item. That was part of his job. After about four hours, he finally finished.

"Young master, sorry for making you wait. The value of everything you're selling is here. Please take a look. If you find any price unsuitable, we can discuss," said Misi as he handed the list to Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun swept his gaze through the list before tossing it to the side. "Just tell me the total price."

"Everything totaled to 280,000 high-grade spirit crystals," said Misi cautiously.

He seemed nervous that Xiang Shaoyun would be dissatisfied and that the transaction would fail.

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