Chapter 1115: Getian City

Xiang Shaoyun spent three additional days among the flower fairies, staying by Lu Xiaoqing's side in a peaceful manner. During the three days, he did not waste any time cultivating, nor did he monopolize Lu Xiaoqing for himself.

Of course, the main reason for him not monopolizing her was due to the sacred elder constantly monitoring him and not giving him the chance to try anything. He was fuming with anger but was completely helpless.

After the period of three days ended, Hua Yu delivered some sovereign herbs and a bunch of emperor herbs to him. She even gave him some flower fairy dew.

They were all rare herbs that couldn't be easily encountered elsewhere because they were all exclusive to the flower fairies. This was especially true for the flower fairy dew that had the effect of preserving one's youthful complexion, something fatally attractive to women.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hold back and accepted all the herbs. He even had a displeased look as he grumbled, "Is this all your patriarch's life is worth?"

The flower fairy in charge of delivering the herbs felt like crying. Just what was she supposed to say in response? 

Hua Yu came up resentfully and gave him even more treasures before she could finally shut his mouth.

"What a greedy human," Hua Yu cursed.

After receiving all the treasures, Xiang Shaoyun happily bid his farewell to Lu Xiaoqing. When he was about to leave, Lu Xiaoqing bawled. She looked so pitiful that anyone's heart would ache for her.

Xiang Shaoyun wiped her tears and said, "Don't worry. I'll visit you when I have the time. You can also come visit me at the Ziling Sect when you're free. Before long, we will be able to get together officially."

He then left resolutely. He had been away from the sect for a while. The situation within the sect was still unstable when he had disappeared. He had to return as quickly as possible, and it was now the time to put romance aside. Additionally, he also wanted to know if anything had happened to the abyss behind the sect after the grotto closed. He had to return and take a look, or he would remain uneasy.

Using the flower fairies' teleportation formation, he left their territory. He appeared somewhere outside the flower fairies' large expanse of wilderness and only needed to head west for two days to reach a place called Getian City.

Getian City was an independent city that did not fall under any organizations. It was one of the top 10 cities in the Southern Wasteland. Here, the foreign races were the majority. Numerous races could be seen trading their specialty products for what they needed.

Due to the complicated demographics, violence was common in the city. Someone weak would not dare to easily enter this city. Since Xiang Shaoyun needed to return to the sect as quickly as possible, he could not avoid Getian City since it had a teleportation formation to the Celestial King Province. 

The city was chaotic, but rare treasures of various races could be found easily. The demand for these treasures was quite high.

Xiang Shaoyun himself was also rather interested in these treasures, so he completely overlooked the city's chaotic situation. With his current strength, nobody below the Saint Realm could pose a threat to him. He hurried to the city, but he encountered bandits before he was even there.

"This mountain was nurtured by me, and this tree was planted by me. Pay the passage toll, or you can die as a headless corpse," shouted the bandit aggressively.

The one speaking was a one-eyed bandit. He wielded a massive saber and was an Emperor. Behind him stood his underlings, who were Emperors and Kings. There were 23 of them in total. Each was seated on a different mount and looked incomparably valiant.

Alas, these people were blind. When they saw Xiang Shaoyun's youth, they assumed he was a fat lamb that had been separated from his flock. Hence, they came delivering themselves to death.

Xiang Shaoyun showed no mercy and directly killed many of them. The one-eyed man pissed himself in fear.

"Y-young master, please spare me. I-I won't ever do something like this ever again," the one-eyed man timidly and hurriedly begged for forgiveness.

Xiang Shaoyun left the one-eyed man alive. He placed the man under his control and made the bandit tell him everything he knew about Getian City. The one-eyed man was completely helpless. He transformed into his loyal servant and told Xiang Shaoyun everything he knew.

Xiang Shaoyun was rather disinterested in most of the news he heard. The only thing that caught his attention was the massive auction that was going to be held in a few days. The auction was named the Races Treasures Auction, and it was jointly held by the most powerful organization and numerous races.

The Races Treasures Auction was held annually, and now was that time of the year again. Various races would gather at the city, and numerous rare treasures would appear in the market. Each treasure had unique effects and was its respective race's exclusive treasure. These treasures could only be bought at high prices.

In fact, this one-eyed bandit was also taking advantage of the auction to make some profit off the fat lambs heading to the auction. Unfortunately for the bandits, the first person they tried to rob was Xiang Shaoyun. It would seem like luck wasn't at their side.

"Let's go. Take me to the city," said Xiang Shaoyun, whose interest was piqued.

"Yes, master," replied the one-eyed man obediently.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't quite wealthy at the moment, so he needed to find himself some spirit crystals if he wanted to participate in the auction. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to buy anything he set his eyes on.

After rescuing Scarlet Flame Monarch, he had exhausted a large portion of his wealth for him. Although he had gained a considerable amount of wealth after taking over the Ziling Sect and killing the Sovereigns trying to stop him, he still felt like he didn't have enough. After all, Di Batian alone had taken away a large portion of the Ziling Sect's wealth. The little he left behind had been used by Xiang Shaoyun to rebuild the sect. 

Looks like I need to take out some of my collection, sighed Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

He had accumulated quite a sizable amount of treasures over the years. Some had been used, but he still had a lot remaining. If he sold some of them, he could replenish his supply of spirit crystals.

Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the Getian City with the one-eyed man. Getian City was an ancient city. From a distance, it looked like the city was blanketed by the sky itself. Power emanated from the sky above the city, causing the convergence of a large amount of spiritual energy in the city, supplying the city with an unending supply of energy. The city was quite a sight to behold.

With the strange power in the environment here, one's cultivation in the city would be much more effective. Thus, this strange power was supposed to be something numerous organizations would fight for. And yet nobody had been able to, as though this power would only work in this city.

Now and then, Saints could be spotted in the city. They were mostly here to comprehend the dao. The unique power here allowed one to easily enter the human heaven unity state, which helped one's comprehension of the great dao. This was a holy land for comprehending the dao.

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