Chapter 1112: Pale Lotus Fairy

The flower fairy patriarch, who had been recuperating in the race's forbidden zone, had also sensed the phenomenon. She was currently soaking within a spring where numerous high-tier flower spirits were growing. The energies of the flower spirits constantly nourished her, replenishing her life force and allowing her looks to become younger and younger.

This change was not surprising since there existed some spiritual treasures that could easily return one's youth. As the patriarch of the flower fairies, it was only right that she utilized some of the race's treasures to recuperate. Beside her was an indistinct figure standing guard. The indistinct figure was the owner of the voice that had warned all the flower fairies earlier, the race's sacred elder.

"The phenomenon of the pale lotus and moon! Our flower fairy race is destined to rise once again!" the sacred elder muttered joyfully.

The patriarch had a gratified look as she said, "Yes. After you, not a single flower fairy had triggered a phenomenon. Finally, we have received a pleasant surprise. The heavens are finally favoring our race!"

"So which youngling triggered the phenomenon?" asked the sacred elder.

"Quite a few younglings have a pale lotus companion. However, most of their pale lotuses have long entered the final form and won't be able to reach far in their cultivation. Perhaps it's that half-blood child that has been showing signs of returning to her ancestry," said the patriarch.

"The half-blood with signs of returning to her ancestry? Interesting," muttered the sacred elder. "Continue your recovery. I'll go take a look."

She then vanished from the spring. Xiang Shaoyun, who was originally in a state of enlightenment alongside Lu Xiaoqing, was pushed away from her as the phenomenon appeared, forcing him to wake up from the human heaven unity state.

When he sensed Lu Xiaoqing's changes, he was astonished. Is Xiaoqing comprehending the dao, or is she awakening her bloodline power? This is a shocking power!

The powers of the moon and pale lotus continuously blended with each other. Lu Xiaoqing was seated on a pale lotus, as though she had transformed into a pale lotus fairy. The floral symbol on her forehead started exuding an indescribable aura that brought her even closer to nature. Her strength grew at an enviable speed.

Xiang Shaoyun had thought that he had gained a lot from this meditation session, but his gains were nothing compared to Lu Xiaoqing's. Instead of feeling jealous, he felt happy for her. After all, she was his woman. As he stood guard for her, an indistinct figure noiselessly appeared beside him. He didn't even sense her approach.

"So you're the patriarch's benefactor?" asked the sacred elder.

Xiang Shaoyun jumped from fright. He would have probably shouted if he hadn't noticed in time that the speaker was a flower fairy. With his strength, he could sense even the arrival of a peak Sovereign. Since he couldn't even sense the flower fairy, it was obvious she was a super expert.

He looked over and saw an indistinct figure beside him. The aura around her fully repelled his senses, and he thought in shock, This is a Saint Realm expert! It did not take him long to recover from his shock and say, "Greetings, senior. Helping others is a source of happiness. I am merely going along with what fate has in store for me."

If the patriarch heard his words, she would probably spit blood in anger. Back then, she had begged pitifully before Xiang Shaoyun agreed to help. Now, he was here sounding all righteous and kind. It was too hateful of him.

"Um. Our race will definitely reward you generously," said the sacred elder. "You know this child?"

"Yes. She is my senior sister. We used to cultivate together when we were young. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we grew up together. We had long promised to stay together until old age," Xiang Shaoyun made his position clear.

He was intelligent, and he understood that the sacred elder was merely trying to pry about his relationship with Lu Xiaoqing before making him leave and Lu Xiaoqing stay. It was a little trick that couldn't escape his Light of Wisdom.

With an indifferent voice, the sacred elder said, "I don't care what your past relationship is, but she is now our future patriarch. She will no longer be with you. I will send you off now. Don't worry; you will still get the rewards you deserve."

The sacred elder was quite decisive as she spoke bluntly without giving Xiang Shaoyun any time.

Xiang Shaoyun replied nonchalantly, "I'm not leaving."

"It's not up to you," said the sacred elder as she reached toward Xiang Shaoyun, preparing to seal him up and take him away.

"If you proceed with this, Xiaoqing will hate the flower fairies for eternity. I am the one she loves most. If I go missing, she will know it's you. When she is done growing, instead of prospering, it will be the end of the flower fairies," said Xiang Shaoyun confidently.

The sacred elder paused and said, "Are you this stubborn?"

"Am I stubborn, or are you unreasonable?" Xiang Shaoyun shot back.

"For the prosperity of our race, being unreasonable is nothing," said the sacred elder. "You really think I wouldn't dare to kill you?"

"You do have the guts to do it, but you will pay a high price for it," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smirk.

The sacred elder could feel Xiang Shaoyun's indifference, and due to that, some fear rose in her, preventing her from doing anything to him. Xiang Shaoyun stopped talking and didn't even spare the sacred elder a glance. His gaze was completely focused on Lu Xiaoqing.

Lu Xiaoqing, the eight-leaf lotus, and the ethereal moon fused into clumps of hallowed radiance. Her strength grew constantly, and the flower spirits and spiritual plants around her were constantly nourished, their life force becoming much stronger than before.

The phenomenon lasted seven days and nights before the moon gradually faded. The pale radiance receded, leaving only a blooming pale lotus and a fairy atop it. After three more days, Lu Xiaoqing finally opened her eyes. It was as though two crescent moons were blooming in her eyes. All flowers paled before her beauty.

An eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm aura emanated from her body, and a certain mystical and ethereal aura effused from her. The aura was pure and filled with boundless elegance.

Previously, Lu Xiaoqing was a rare beauty. Now, she was a rare fairy. The former was mortal, while the latter was immortal. The two were on completely different levels, with her temperament now entirely different than before.

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