Chapter 1111: The Pale Lotus and the Moon

After spending about half a day together, Xiang Shaoyun finally found out about everything that had happened to Lu Xiaoqing. When Lu Xiaoqing arrived, the flower fairies attached great importance to her due to her powerful bloodline. But the same powerful bloodline had also invited some hostility.

The hostility came from the fact that she was part human and not a pure flower fairy. There were no men among the flower fairies, and they propagated by fusion of flower spirit and fetal spring water. Since Lu Xiaoqing was born out of a human womb, she was different from them. It was natural that some flower fairies would be prejudiced against her.

"Since you're not happy here, you should leave with me," offered Xiang Shaoyun bluntly.

"I want to leave too, but..." Lu Xiaoqing trailed off, hesitating.

"Is there anything troubling your mind?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I am now a flower fairy. It will be improper for me to leave just like this," said Lu Xiaoqing.

Over these years, she had benefited greatly from staying among the flower fairies. Not only had she grown stronger, but she had also obtained many flower fairy inheritances. She was grateful and would feel bad if she left after receiving so much.

"Don't worry about it. I saved your patriarch's life, so she will definitely do me this favor," said Xiang Shaoyun confidently.

If they were unwilling to let her go, he wouldn't mind using force either.

"But I'm afraid I will scare the others when they see my current appearance," said Lu Xiaoqing, feeling somewhat inferior due to her new appearance.

After all, she was born a human yet was no longer a human. Furthermore, she now looked obviously different from a normal human. It was understandable that she would feel a sense of inferiority.

"You can't think like that. The flower fairies are renowned for their beauty. You are beautiful the way you are, so how would you scare anyone? You're not ugly at all. You worry too much," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Under Xiang Shaoyun's persuasion, Lu Xiaoqing finally agreed to leave. Although she had lived well among the flower fairies, she did not feel any sense of belonging. She was deeply in love with Xiang Shaoyun, and she was certainly willing to go with him.

In the following days, Lu Xiaoqing was in charge of showing Xiang Shaoyun around the flower fairy territory. Due to Xiang Shaoyun's unique identity, the flower fairies were very courteous. 

He saw numerous peculiar and rare plants in the territory, including numerous flower spirits. These were the flower spirits that would be chosen by the lucky flower fairies in the future. The flower fairy and the flower spirit would fuse, live together, and fight together. Furthermore, the fusion granted them inconceivable abilities.

Lu Xiaoqing had also fused with a flower spirit. In fact, after doing so, her cultivation had reached third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm in one go, surpassing Gong Qinyin's cultivation level. Her bloodline played a great role in her rapid growth.

One day, Xiang Shaoyun and Lu Xiaoqing came to an open space at the edge of the flower fairy territory. The place was filled with flowers, unique grasses, tiny birds and frolicking beasts, and a clear stream was running through it. 

A gentle breeze swept past, and several strands of hair drifted about in the wind. A pleasant fragrance rode on the wind, instantly causing one to be intoxicated with the environment.

Xiang Shaoyun was intoxicated. 

Lu Xiaoqing was intoxicated as well. 

She lay on his shoulder with a sweet smile, filling the world around them with warmth.

Xiang Shaoyun had a stalk of grass in his mouth as he enjoyed the tranquility of his beautiful surroundings. His heart was filled with tranquility, feeling completely at ease. It was as though he had transformed into a tree or a stalk of grass, his roots growing in the ground and greedily absorbing everything the land had to offer.

Abruptly, water and wood energies swirled around him, nourishing every inch of his flesh. The tiny impurities within him were cleansed, putting him in extreme comfort. His soul felt free as though it was soaring outside his body and breathing in the fragrant air. His soul power started recovering quickly, and his soul eventually made its full recovery.

Both Xiang Shaoyun and Lu Xiaoqing were completely engrossed in the blissful sensation as though they had completely merged with the world around them. If others saw them currently, they would notice that the two had entered a human heaven unity state. They were akin to the flowers and the grasses here, becoming part of the natural world.

This human heaven unity state benefited Xiang Shaoyun's physical body and soul. Even his comprehension of the profundities of water and wood and their fusion increased greatly.

Water begets wood. The seed of life would appear where water could be found. The most primordial form of life was the essence of wood that could grow into flowers, grasses, and trees, eventually growing into a beautiful world brimming with vitality.

Both Xiang Shaoyun and Lu Xiaoqing had entered the same state. Beside Lu Xiaoqing, her flower spirit was growing rapidly. Her flower spirit was a rare eight-leaf pale lotus. The eight leaves supported a spotlessly white lotus at their heart, and as the lotus absorbed the spiritual energy in the area, the leaves closed and opened constantly. 

The pale lotus bloomed with a dazzling radiance. A moon appeared in the sky and resonated with the lotus. Rays of light descended upon Lu Xiaoqing, making her look like a moon goddess. She looked divine and elegant, and all the flowers in her surroundings instantly looked bland with her in the picture.

The phenomenon alarmed the entire flower fairy race. They all came out to take a look at the astonishing scene, their eyes filled with shock.

"Th-this is the pale lotus of a certain senior of our race! A phenomenon has actually appeared! What a pure aura!"

"The pale lotus and the moon. This is a primordial phenomenon that was recorded in our clan history. It has not appeared for many years. Today, it has reappeared. The heavens are showing us favor!"

"Who triggered the phenomenon? Is it the patriarch? But I remember that the patriarch's lifebound flower isn't a pale lotus."

"The phenomenon is coming from that direction. Let's go take a look."


Just as the flower fairies were about to rush over to see the source of the phenomenon, a clear voice rang out, "Nobody is allowed to approach the source of the phenomenon. Those who disobey will be killed."

The voice was filled with dignity. It also exuded a heavy sense of oppression that caused everyone to be rooted where they stood. Shock covered their faces as they exclaimed inwardly, Sacred elder!

The flower fairies were low in number and weren't particularly powerful compared to other races. However, the fact that they still had their own territory made it clear they still had a certain amount of strength.

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