Chapter 1109: Flower Fairy Territory

To the south was a mountainous area. Atop one of the mountains was a waterfall cascading from the mountain peak. From afar, the majestic waterfall looked like the Milky Way. The water gushing down was fierce and rapid, looking incredibly spectacular. The droplets of water splashing up were sparkling and translucent, giving one the urge to rush into the waterfall for a nice shower the moment one laid eyes on it.

However, if a regular person attempted to shower underneath the waterfall, one would probably be instantly crushed to death by the water's weight. After all, the water currents were too violent.

With the flower fairy by his side, Xiang Shaoyun landed and spread his senses in all directions. He found numerous devilish plants in the area, or to be precise, spiritual plants. Different from devilish plants, spiritual plants were benign in nature, and they each had a low level of wisdom. Unlike devilish plants, they wouldn't attack anyone who approached.

Spiritual plants could also serve as herbs, but they were also very different from regular herbs. They weren't particularly effective for humans, so people rarely disturbed them. As a result, spiritual plants were able to grow in peace. After growing for a long time, they would eventually develop intelligence.

After setting the flower fairy on the ground, the fairy did not tell him where her race was. Rather, she absorbed the spiritual energy from the spiritual plants in the area, nourishing both her and the flower beside her with the unique energy found within the spiritual plants.

Xiang Shaoyun watched on and did not stop her. In any case, the plants in the area still hadn't developed too high an intelligence. Thus, they could only helplessly wither away as they had their spiritual energy absorbed. But perhaps it was also their fate to be completely helpless against the strong.

After absorbing the energy from their surroundings, the flower fairy and the flower had recovered considerably. Their life force was now strong enough to be sensed by an outsider.

"Finally, my life is saved," said the flower fairy after she was done. She heaved a long breath of relief, looked at Xiang Shaoyun, and said, "Don't worry. People of my race will arrive soon. At that time, I will give you the reward I promised."

"This is what I have been waiting for," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

Sure enough, he saw the majestic waterfall splitting into two not long after. Several graceful figures flew out from behind the waterfall. The newcomers were none other than flower fairies. They greatly resembled the flower fairy Xiang Shaoyun rescued, with the difference being they were much younger and prettier.

After coming out of the waterfall, they rushed over and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun and the flower fairy. One of them demanded, "Who are you? Why are you intruding upon the flower fairy's territory?"

They weren't particularly strong, with the leader only an Emperor. The rest were all in the King Realm. 

The flower fairy brought by Xiang Shaoyun said, "It's me. Quick, help me back inside."

As she spoke, she revealed her lifebound flower. Although the flower had withered significantly, the patterns on it still radiated an extraordinary elegance.

"Y-you're the patriarch?" the flower fairies exclaimed in alarm after seeing the patterns.

"Cut the nonsense," snapped the flower fairy patriarch.

The other flower fairies shut their mouths in fear. They hurriedly helped the patriarch back inside. Naturally, Xiang Shaoyun tried following them. Inwardly, he was crying in alarm, She is the flower fairy patriarch? No wonder she could survive the passage of time.

Under the flower fairies' manipulation, the waterfall split once again, revealing a cave before them. They flew straight into the cave. Xiang Shaoyun also flew inside, and soon, he reached the other side of the cave. A paradise was presented before him, and it was extremely pleasing to the eyes.

He had arrived at a world of flowers. Flowers of all colors could be seen everywhere, a scene that was dazzling and incomparably beautiful. Every now and then, spiritual birds would fly through the air. The chirping of birds would resound in the air, and a gentle breeze would glide through, enveloping everyone in a comfortable sensation.

Not far away, elegant bamboo houses dotted the landscape. Vines with blooming flowers crawled all over the bamboo houses, giving the houses a refined look. Whoever came to this place would want to spend some time here. It was a place that soothed one's soul and cleared one's mind.

Even Xiang Shaoyun felt his nerves loosening. This was a pure and peaceful place, a place without any danger. However, there was a saying that the more beautiful a place was, the more dangerous it was. Even so, he would rather blindly believe that it was safe, as it was just too beautiful.

"Mister, this way, please," invited a flower fairy, waking Xiang Shaoyun from his reverie.

Only then did he notice a tiny path amid the sea of flowers, leading toward the bamboo houses. At this time, a decent number of flower fairies of all ages rushed over. It was clear that they were all here to welcome back their patriarch.

Xiang Shaoyun found that the flower fairy race was filled with beauties. Fortunately, his willpower was strong, and he maintained a calm mind before all these alluring beauties. When his gaze landed on a certain flower fairy, he was stunned.

The flower fairy in question was also stunned when she saw him. At that moment, it was as though there were only the two of them in the entire world. Everyone else was still busy paying their respects to the patriarch.

Only after they were done did they notice that something was off with Xiang Shaoyun and a certain flower fairy. 

An elderly flower fairy berated the flower fairy, "Hua Xiaoqing, why are you not kneeling and paying your respects to the patriarch?"

The flower fairy recovered and hurriedly did as told. The patriarch wasn't bothered. She waved her hand and dismissed them, not bothering to say anything. The other flower fairies misunderstood the patriarch's gesture and assumed that the patriarch was displeased with Hua Xiaoqing.

A different elderly flower fairy commanded, "Take her and imprison her in the Devouring Garden. We will decide her fate at a later time."

"Yes, grandma," answered someone before advancing toward Hua Xiaoqing.

Hua Xiaoqing did not dare to resist. She lowered her head, not daring to even look at Xiang Shaoyun anymore. It almost seemed like she feared him.

Just as she was about to be taken away, Xiang Shaoyun couldn't hold back anymore. He said, "Hold on. You can't take her."

The elder flower fairy ignored him and asked the patriarch, "Patriarch, who is this?" 

"He is the person who had saved my life," said the patriarch. She looked at Xiang Shaoyun and asked, "Benefactor, do you know her?"

"She is my woman. How can I not know her?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a trace of fury in his voice.

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