Chapter 1107: Yin and Yang Offensive

The sword sliced through the air gently, looking completely unassuming. However, there seemed to be a certain law contained within the sword strokes as the powers of yin and yang moved in accordance with the sword. The sword dance looked completely disorderly, yet it also looked exceptionally profound. The more one looked at it, the more complicated it seemed.

Xiang Shaoyun was testing out the offensive ability of the dao of time. He followed the flow of his sword and moved alongside the yin and yang dragonfish. His speed kept rising, his range of motions kept increasing, and his sword's might become increasingly terrifying as strands of yin and yang energies swirled around him. It was as though he was wielding a certain power of nature itself, demonstrating mastery over a dreadful power.

A Yin Yang Diagram manifested with him at the center. He exuded an indescribable bearing, as though he was a grandmaster of cultivation. After an indeterminate amount of time, an incredibly stunning sword strike shot out and sliced through the air. The slice seemed to have separated yin and yang and stopped time itself.

This was an offensive technique utilizing the powers of yin and yang—Instant Tempo!

Xiang Shaoyun was not done comprehending the dao of time. He continued dancing with his sword, trying to seek techniques that suited him more. After more time, yet another stunning sword strike was launched. The slash carried with it the fragments of time. It seemed to accelerate the flow of time and was an attack nobody could hope to stop.

The slash could steal time and make one age rapidly. It was a terrifying sword strike that could kill an opponent before the opponent even knew what was happening.

The name of this technique was As Time Goes By.

Not long after, Xiang Shaoyun created a new technique after referencing the previous two techniques—Time Rewind!

This was a technique created based on the concept of returning to one's youth. But instead of doing so, the technique would give one a misconception that time had reversed, giving one a feeling of deja vu.

A slight misconception like this could easily sink an opponent into confusion, creating an opportunity for one to eliminate one's opponent.

Of course, all these techniques barely scratch the surface of the dao of time. If Xiang Shaoyun could comprehend the profundity of time, he would be capable of truly rewinding time.

Whether he could accomplish it in the future would depend on the growth of his strength and comprehension of the dao of time. After comprehending the three new techniques, he stopped in satisfaction.

The three techniques worked in accordance with the intricacies of time. He only needed to deepen his comprehension of the three techniques, and he would eventually be able to accomplish countless possibilities with them.

"The dao of time is unfathomable. I never expected to obtain such power. This trip has been totally worth it," said Xiang Shaoyun.

In his opinion, comprehending the dao of time was much more valuable than the saint herbs here. Even if someone was to offer some saint herbs for his comprehension, he would refuse.

At the thought of saint herbs, he finally remembered the old man, the eight-winged bee, and the flower fairy. He exclaimed in alarm, "I wonder how they are?"

He then leaped off the stele. The instant he leaped off the stele, the stele collapsed, giving him a fright. The stele was something that had gone through the baptism of time. It was supposed to be able to stand against the passage of time and last for eternity. But it had actually collapsed.

Xiang Shaoyun was in disbelief. That was the same stele he had just obtained the time inheritance from.

"The seed of the Spacetime Stele has been planted, and the Spacetime Grotto shall cease to exist. Everything shall disperse," a primordial voice suddenly rang out.

The spacetime door then appeared noiselessly yet again and opened. Xiang Shaoyun knew that the time to leave the grotto had arrived. He charged toward the door without hesitation. In any case, he had already obtained what he wanted from the grotto. Whatever that was left in the grotto could be neglected compared to what he had gained.

At this time, a weak voice rang out, "P-please h-help me..."

Xiang Shaoyun turned around and saw an old woman struggling to her feet. The old woman was none other than the flower fairy. Xiang Shaoyun sent his senses sweeping over and found that the old man and the eight-winged bee were now part of the earth. They couldn't be more dead. It was clear now that the restriction's power of time truly existed and was not an illusion.

As Xiang Shaoyun looked at the dying flower fairy, his heart softened. He reached for the flower fairy and pulled her as he rushed through the spacetime door. If he waited until the door shut, he would no longer be able to leave.

The bone race members and other beasts in the grotto no longer attacked them. Furthermore, Xiang Shaoyun and the others were no longer subjected to any restrictions, and they could now fly freely in the grotto. After charging through the spacetime door, Xiang Shaoyun returned to the Spacetime River. The bone ships had all vanished, and only the surging water of the Spacetime River was present.

Xiang Shaoyun could feel the flow of the river trying to bring both him and the flower fairy somewhere else. Perhaps they would be brought to an unknown space or time if they followed the current.

He tried to stabilize his position in the river, but he found himself unable to go against the current. He was confused and disoriented, nearly letting the flower fairy go in his confusion.

"Spacetime River, spin, time and space!" Xiang Shaoyun had a sudden inspiration as he immediately circulated the energies of yin and yang. 

The yin and yang dragonfish surfaced from his soul foundation and wrapped around him, protecting him from the Spacetime River. Sure enough, the powers of yin and yang could affect the river currents. The water now brushed past him instead of flushing him down the river. 

Xiang Shaoyun did not have the luxury to give this much thought. He hurriedly charged out of the river. It was time to leave this god-forsaken place. He did his utmost to charge upward. He encountered no obstructions and smoothly left the river.

After emerging from the river, before he could catch his breath, he found that the river was gradually vanishing before his eyes. The place he was in started turning smaller and smaller, giving him a great sense of oppression. Relying on his senses, he took out his chakram and charged in the direction he had come from.

The chakram was worthy of being a saint weapon. He split space itself as he flew, allowing him to move at a rapid speed. He did not know if he could leave before the river fully vanished, but he knew he couldn't afford to stay any longer. 

After an unknown amount of time, Xiang Shaoyun finally saw a dot of light in the distance. Without hesitation, he rushed toward it.

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