Chapter 1103: Numerous Saint Herbs

The Bone Saint was incredibly powerful. Without the nether yin devil hands getting in its way, who could still stop its advance? Sensing the impending crisis, Xiang Shaoyun's main body rushed toward the stele with all his strength. As for his clone, he naturally started fleeing back to the main body to prevent any mishaps.

Alas, his summoning of the nether yin devil hands had infuriated the Bone Saint. The Saint roared, "Little devil, don't even think about running."

It swung its bone saber, tearing through space to arrive before the soul clone. The clone blocked the attack with the chakram and was sent crashing far away. His aura started to weaken.

He had exhausted himself too much earlier, and the gap between him and the Bone Saint was already huge in the first place. It was not surprising that he had failed to fully block the Bone Saint's attack.

Xiang Shaoyun's clone fled with all his strength. Relying on pure willpower, he escaped with his last shred of energy. The Bone Saint gave chase and swung its bone saber yet again. If the attack landed, his clone would probably be destroyed then and there.


Unable to avoid the attack, the clone was struck to the ground. Contrary to all expectations, he wasn't completely decimated. What had blocked the fatal attack for him? It was none other than the Nether Soul Dragon Headband he was wearing on his head.

At this time, his main body finally reached the stele. A unique power seemed to cover the stele's immediate surroundings, loosening the pressure he was feeling. He had a feeling that this was a place the bone race members would not approach.

Just as the Bone Saint was able to unleash another attack at his clone, Xiang Shaoyun roared, "Clone, return!"

With that, the clone transformed into a phantom. Under the Nether Soul Dragon Headband's protection, the clone drifted back toward his main body. However, the Bone Saint had still struck the phantom, giving him a dizzy spell that nearly caused him to faint.

Fortunately, his clone was able to persevere. Under the Nether Soul Dragon Headband's protection, he gritted his teeth and continued, eventually returning to the main body. Xiang Shaoyun felt emptied of energy. He plopped down onto the ground weakly. The Bone Saint rushed over, but it did not dare to approach the stele. Neither did it dare to release any attacks in the stele's direction. 

It could only curse outside the stele's range, "Little devil, get your ass out here. Do not disturb my master's slumber, or you will die a miserable death and fail to reincarnate for an eternity."

Naturally, Xiang Shaoyun ignored the Bone Saint and used the Secret Reversal Technique to quickly heal his wounds. Utilizing his wood star and profundity of wood, the Secret Reversal Technique started working its magic. His injuries healed bit by bit.

After shouting for a while, the Bone Saint left resentfully and started venting its anger on the other intruders. Two days passed. More and more intruders entered the area, but few could get through the Bone Saints. Most had either been killed or forced to retreat.

Three other individuals had managed to slaughter a path to the stele. One was a peak Sovereign with a powerful nine-layered soul foundation that emanated the power of a pseudo-Saint. Relying on a saint weapon, he had blasted a path to the stele.

The second person was a demonic beast, an eight-winged bee Sovereign who could freely change his size. Relying on this ability and his speed, he had reached the stele.

The third person was a woman from the flower fairy race. Members of the flower fairy race greatly resembled humans. However, their hair and skin were akin to flowers with floral petals, differentiating them from humans and giving them a rather unique look.

She was a peak Sovereign, and utilizing a wide variety of unpredictable and ever-changing techniques, she had reached the stele. 

After getting through the bone race, none of them focused on the stele. Rather, they all focused on recovering.

Xiang Shaoyun's injuries had recovered rapidly in the span of two days. However, his soul clone would take much longer to recover. Even with the soul raising stone and soul spring water, he still needed time to heal the clone. Only the saint soul pill would allow the clone to heal rapidly.

Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to waste another saint soul pill. The grotto wasn't a suitable place to consume a pill either. Thus, he could only consume some other herbs beneficial to the soul and slowly recuperate. Without the Nether Soul Dragon Headband's protection, his soul clone would have been destroyed by the Bone Saint, and it would have been a disastrous loss. 

The eight-winged bee Sovereign was the first to recover. He had only lost a wing, but it did not affect him much. He flew up and started studying the stele, trying to figure out the stele's secret. He was disappointed to find nothing. Just as he was about to erupt in anger, he noticed several saint herbs behind the stele. His eyes burned with greed. He rushed over and reached for the herbs. But just as he was about to touch them, a burst of energy erupted and blasted him away.

He roared in fury, "Damn it! Why are there restrictions everywhere! My saint herbs!"

His shout roused Xiang Shaoyun, the old man, and the flower fairy from their meditation. Saint herbs were too attractive. Even if they hadn't fully recovered, they wouldn't willingly give up on any saint herb they could get.

Xiang Shaoyun, the old man, and the flower fairy flew up and looked in the eight-winged bee's direction. There, they saw several saint herbs exuding thick medicinal power growing on the ground behind the stele.

"Dragonshape grass!" Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in alarm when his gaze landed on a dragon-shaped plant.

The plant was about a meter in length. It was bright green, looking like a five-clawed azure dragon trying to soar into the sky. The old man's gaze landed on a 10,000-year-old green rattan, causing his eyes to light up.

The 10,000-year-old green rattan was capable of extending one's lifespan and returning youth to one's body. If one used the rattan, one's life force would return to its peak, making this rattan an extremely valuable herb for those in old age. 

As for the flower fairy, her gaze landed on a saint flower that looked incredibly enchanting and smelled incredibly pleasant. The flower greatly enticed her.

"Let's work together to break this restriction and split the herbs among us. What do you think?" suggested the eight-winged bee.

"I have no problem," said the old man.

The flower fairy hesitated for a bit before agreeing, "Sure, but I want that flower."

"How about you, kid?" asked the eight-winged bee when he saw that Xiang Shaoyun was keeping his mouth shut.

"I'm fine," Xiang Shaoyun answered.

"Good. Let's get to work!" said the eight-winged bee.

Just as they were about to break the restriction, an indescribable power surged out of the stele, and a phantom manifested before them.

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