Chapter 1101: Fighting the Kui Ox

With the Radiant Saint Sword in hand, Xiang Shaoyun slashed left and right, destroying one skeleton after another. They weren't able to harm him much. However, the bone race members were not to be underestimated. Some of their experts rushed over and unleashed waves of powerful silverbone energy that crashed into Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun was both happy and worried seeing the silverbone energy attacks. He was happy because the three-colored snake was distracted and no longer chasing him. On the other hand, he was worried because the attacks were too powerful.

It wouldn't be too bad if he could utilize his energy, but since he couldn't, he had to rely on his physical body and reaction to avoid the attacks. He quickly put his armor on as he prioritized staying alive.

Just as he was trying very hard to flee, he suddenly heard someone roar with laughter, "Hahahaha, I can finally use my energy. Excellent. Let's see who can stop me from obtaining the grotto's inheritance now?"

Not far away was a person standing before the stele. He had regained his full strength. Using his weapon, he unleashed destruction in all directions, looking incomparably bold and powerful.

The people hiding in the area were shocked. They realized that their suppression might vanish if they approached the stele. They madly rushed toward it.

The stele was probably the true location for the competition's final round. The bone race members guarding the place moved. They moved together, unleashing valiant attacks toward the intruders.

Some beasts and freaks appeared as well, and the entire scene became bustling with activity. With saint armor protecting him, Xiang Shaoyun withstood the many attacks striking him. He, like the others, charged toward the stele without hesitation.

He moved like a slippery eel, dodging left and right as he advanced. He evaded numerous attacks and constantly swung his saint sword, destroying the skeletons in his path. He did not know how many attacks he had received. Neither did he know how many skeletons he had destroyed. Eventually, he reached the stele but encountered the kui ox again. It had obviously committed him to its memory and had decided to come for him the moment it saw him again.

"Holy shit! Why are you aiming for me?" Xiang Shaoyun cursed and swung his saint sword instead of running.

Unfortunately, the kui ox was too fast. It moved to the side and dodged the attack before sending its tail whipping toward Xiang Shaoyun.


Xiang Shaoyun couldn't avoid the attack in time and was whipped across the face. A burning pain assaulted him.

"You should never hit someone's face. You're dead!" Xiang Shaoyun was infuriated. With a roar, he started madly swinging his sword at the kui ox.

He used his footwork to constantly shift his position. Each swing of his sword was carried out with his full strength as he vowed to slash this ox apart. However, the kui ox was too powerful. It was also aware of the threat the saint sword. Thus, as it evaded the attacks, it roared furiously.

The roar seemed to come from primordial times, penetrating time and space to enter Xiang Shaoyun's heart. He felt a massive impact to his heart, and he coughed up a mouth of blood as he was sent flying backward.

Fortunately, he had tempered his inner organs to the point they were akin to blazing suns. His life force was incredibly vigorous, and his flesh was tough. Otherwise, that roar alone would have probably crushed all his organs.

Xiang Shaoyun realized that even with access to his energy, he still wouldn't be this kui ox's match. His soul clone would need to be the one to deal with this ox. He wanted to release his soul clone, but there were too many bone race members around. Without access to his energy, he couldn't afford to release his clone since not even his clone would be able to do anything without energy.

The kui ox's roar threw him even nearer to the stele. He scrambled back to his feet, crashed through numerous skeletons, and rushed toward the stele. Skeletons were still swarming him from all directions, trying their very best to stop him.

Behind him was the kui ox, who was still trying to chase Xiang Shaoyun. It was somewhat impeded by the skeletons that were everywhere, allowing Xiang Shaoyun to stagger to the stele before reaching it.

Alas, the headless stone lion suddenly appeared and tackled him mercilessly. Xiang Shaoyun had just gotten free of several skeletons attacking him. Before he could regain his footing, the lion rammed into him. If he wasn't protected by his saint armor, the tackle alone would have heavily injured him.

After he was tackled, the skeletons around him continued bombarding him with attacks from their bone weapons. He was having great difficulty dealing with all their attacks. 

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun was sent flying away. He found himself admiring the person who had successfully reached the stele. He was most definitely someone with an extremely incredible combat strength.

Xiang Shaoyun naturally wouldn't sit around doing nothing. He did not intend to be killed off so easily. He tried to activate the Nether Soul Domain, but the attempt failed. He was completely out of options. It was only then that he discovered that he had heavily crashed onto the steps before the stele.

Instantly, Xiang Shaoyun regained access to his nine stars, and the energy in his meridians came to life. He had regained access to energy. He felt like a devil who had escaped suppression, finally able to vent his anger at the world.

His nine stars stirred, and his nine energies erupted at the same time. A dazzling nine-colored radiance enveloped him, making him look like a divine being. With a swing of his Radiant Saint Sword, a world-shaking attack was unleashed before him.

The powerful energy attack turned all the skeletons before him into dust. They were completely helpless against him and his weapon. After all, saint weapons were also extraordinary existences with boundless strength. With the addition of energy, it was finally able to unleash its might.

"Elders, please show yourself. These mortals that dare to disturb the master's slumber deserve death," a skeleton started praying.

The bone race members were still madly swarming the intruders without a care for their own lives. 

After swinging his sword several times, Xiang Shaoyun found that too many skeletons were in the area. Some stronger ones might appear soon as well, so he decided to wait no longer, and he continued approaching the stele.

The grotto's secret was on the stele, and it remained to be seen who would obtain the secret. Xiang Shaoyun was finally able to make use of his unparalleled speed. His figure flickered as he advanced, leaving a series of afterimages in his path.

Suddenly, two massive skeletons crawled out from the ground beside the stele. Bone wings grew out of the two skeletons. The bone runes on their skulls looked much more extraordinary than that of the regular bone race members. It was obvious these two were different from the others.

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