Chapter 1100: Kui Ox and Three-Colored Snake

The kui ox was supposed to be an extinct species. They were primordial beasts that were terrifyingly powerful. As this kui ox charged him, a raging deluge followed its path while ox roars that were extremely uncomfortable to hear resounded in the air. The kui ox arrived with a ferocious momentum and was definitely a much scarier beast than the headless stone lion. This was a beast in the highest of tiers.

Since Xiang Shaoyun had no access to his astral energy, relying on his physical strength to deal with this kui ox would probably be difficult. However, he also didn't want to miss out on the object on the stone lion. Left with no choice, he drew his saint weapon, preparing to end the fight as quickly as possible.

But the moment he drew his saint weapon, numerous bone race members appeared in his vicinity. An encirclement had formed around him, giving him a fright. He quickly put the weapon away and fled.

"Damnable mortal, you dare intrude upon our territory? Get lost or die!" roared the leader.

Naturally, Xiang Shaoyun ignored the skeleton and ran as fast as he could.

"Grab him!" roared the leader before it started humming an odd tune that sounded like an ancient summoning ritual.

Sure enough, numerous skeletons burst out of the ground and swarmed Xiang Shaoyun. If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun's rich experience in dealing with the many skeletons at the academy's Back Graveyard, he might have been creeped out by the skeletons running around all over this paradise-like place.

A pair of skeletal hands caught his legs, slowing his escape and causing him to curse. He applied some force to his legs and crushed the skeletal arms only to be greeted with more skeletons. Escaping the swarm wouldn't be easy.

Xiang Shaoyun attacked in all directions, clawing, punching, and kicking as he tried to create a path of escape and send the skeletons flying away. The skeletons did not have any consciousness and were still in the growing stage. Thus, they were much easier to deal with.

But as Xiang Shaoyun was trying to escape, the kui ox arrived. An overwhelming deluge of power rippled out of its single leg toward Xiang Shaoyun. He had no way of dodging the deluge, and he was instantly swept off the ground. The world spun around him, and the sensation of his body being torn assaulted him.

If he hadn't tempered his body with the Limit Stimulation Technique, the kui ox's move alone would have been the end of him. 

Xiang Shaoyun was thrown onto the ground, but he still maintained a clear mind. There were no longer any skeletons around him since they had also been smashed out of the way.

Confident that Xiang Shaoyun must have died, the kui ox didn't even bother chasing after him. Xiang Shaoyun, instead of getting back on his feet immediately, stopped breathing and focused on sensing his surroundings. He discovered that he had been swept into a valley.

Boulders and bushes surrounded him. The bushes seemed to contain some spiritual objects that were releasing a fragrance into the air. Xiang Shaoyun slightly opened one of his eyes and saw a sparkling flower not far from him. The flower was split into three parts that were different in color. One was blue, one was green, and one was brown. Each color emanated a different aura. When Xiang Shaoyun saw the flower, his pupils constricted, and a look of astonishment covered his face.

"Th-this is the three-colored auspicious flower!" he exclaimed in shock.

The three-colored auspicious flower was extremely rare. It was only an emperor plant, but it was of the highest quality within the grade and had a unique medicinal effect.

The blue petal could greatly enhance one's water star and help in the comprehension of water profundity. The green petal was extremely helpful in healing. The brown petal was incredibly toxic. Not even the gods could save someone who had consumed it by accident.

The three-colored auspicious flower was extremely picky with its environment. It wouldn't grow in any regular environment. This flower's presence signified that the valley was probably an extraordinary place. 

Sure enough, after observing his surroundings, Xiang Shaoyun noticed a towering stele within the valley. Behind the stele was a massive graveyard.

Skeletons were standing guard all around the graveyard. They were the most devoted guards, protecting the graveyard with airtight security. Nobody would be allowed to take even a single step inside.

At this time, someone appeared in the area with a saint weapon in hand. A large number of skeletons were chasing the intruder. Some never-before-seen beasts and some lifeless beings also showed themselves, causing massive chaos in the area.

All of them seemed to be guarding the graveyard, and they were incredibly powerful. They could easily deal with the intruders, who were basically Sovereigns crippled of astral energy. There also seemed to be even more dangerous beings hidden in the area. They had merely been keeping still because the intruders weren't worth their time.

After this realization, Xiang Shaoyun realized that the deluge had sent him to the most important place within the grotto. His heartbeat accelerated.

When he was about to reach for the three-colored auspicious flower, he saw a three-headed snake slowly slithering over from a cave. Like the flower, the snake had three colors. Each head had a different color, giving the snake an incredibly unusual appearance. Its heads were flat, making it obvious that the snake was highly poisonous.

A pseudo-Saint three-colored snake? thought Xiang Shaoyun, his body going limp. This snake was basically the overlord of vipers, the most poisonous snake in existence. Anyone encountering this snake would consider retreating, including Saints.

Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to move, and he even used his bloodline ability to turn invisible. He was afraid that the snake would discover him. The three-colored snake was an intelligent beast. Its tongues went in and out of its three mouths as it constantly scanned its surroundings. Its six eyes were shining with a sinister glow.

One pair of eyes suddenly looked in Xiang Shaoyun's direction. Xiang Shaoyun was so frightened he shivered and prayed inwardly, Please don't notice me. Please don't notice me.

Alas, the snake had indeed discovered him. It slithered over with its tiny body and spat highly poisonous venom at him. It was clear to Xiang Shaoyun that his invisibility had failed him yet again. Like a bullet, his body shot away as he fled rapidly. He rushed out of the valley only to encounter many members of the bone race.

"Bring it on! I have a rich experience in exterminating skeletons!" Knowing that he could no longer escape, Xiang Shaoyun roared and charged the skeletons with his  Radiant Saint Sword in his hand.

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